On May 24, 1976, Zhou Bingde was not in a hurry to go home after get off work. Instead, he got on the 103 tram directly to Zhongnanhai Xihua Hall.

She is going to visit the seventh mother Deng Yingchao.

Since Premier Zhou passed away, the West Flower Hall suddenly fell silent and filled with trees. Deng Yingchao always falls into grief and contemplation outside of work.

As the younger generation of Premier Zhou’s and his wife’s closest relationship, Zhou Bingde is well aware of the pain of Qi Ma, so he visits Deng Yingchao in Xihua Hall from time to time.

On this day, when Zhou Bingde walked into the Xihua Hall, Deng Yingchao was sitting in the room meditating, with an old black wallet in his hand.

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Picture:Premier Zhou, Deng Yingchao, and Zhou Bingde’s three siblings

Seeing Zhou Bingde entering the house, Deng Yingchao put down the wallet, stood up and stretched out both hands to pull Zhou Bingde and sat down next to him, then picked up the wallet and said:

“Bingde, this is a relic of your uncle. During the Anti-Japanese War, we worked in the Kuomintang Controlled Area. Important party documents are stored in this small wallet. At that time, the working environment was dangerous and spies were rampant, so this small wallet has been placed close to your uncle for more than ten years. After entering the city, it has been placed in your uncle. I’ll give it to you as a memorial.”

This is not the first time Deng Yingchao gave his niece Premier Zhou’s relic. Actually Before the first half month, Deng Yingchao asked the staff to sort out ten pieces of Premier Zhou’s relics and gave them to family relatives including Zhou Bingde. At that time, Zhou Bingde got Premier ZhouSeveral Chinese tunic suits worn by and a towel nightgown.

After half a month, Zhou Bingde did not expect Seven Ma to give her another relic. After hearing Deng Yingchao’s words, Zhou Bingde knew that the black wallet was a very special relic. And Deng Yingchao gave her this black wallet, which made her flattered.

However, Zhou Bingde did not directly reach out to pick it up. She saw that Deng Yingchao still had things to do. Sure enough, Deng Yingchao opened the black wallet and pulled out three letters from it.

Three letters with yellowed letter paper.

They were all written by Premier Zhou to Deng Yingchao, but for some reasons, these letters were not sent out in the past. Later, after seeing Deng Yingchao, there was no need to take them out again. So it has been cherished in the black wallet.

These three letters were all written by Premier Zhou to Deng Yingchao in the 1930s and 1940s, and one of them was written by Zhou Enlai to Deng Yingchao in the Soviet Union.

In July 1939, Zhou Enlai fell from horseback and fractured his right arm. Medical conditions in Yan’an are limited, so Zhou Enlai went to the Soviet Union to treat his right arm in September. Soon after the operation, Zhou Enlai wrote this letter to Deng Yingchao.

There are also two letters written by Zhou Enlai to Deng Yingchao on the way to northern Shaanxi. They were not sent out for some reasons, but they were still preserved by Premier Zhou. Put it in a black leather clip and carry it with you.

Deng Yingchao told Zhou Bingde about the past of these three letters. This is a letter from Premier Zhou to Deng Yingchao. Although it was not sent at the beginning, it belonged to Deng Yingchao, so she Instead of leaving these three letters to Zhou Bingde, he took the letters out and handed the black wallet to Zhou Bingde.

Zhou Bingde took the black wallet and opened it in front of Deng Yingchao. There was nothing inside, but Zhou Bingde still found a Photo.

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Picture:Zhou Enlai’s black wallet

A photo that has turned yellow. The person in the photo is both familiar and unfamiliar to Zhou Bingde.

Familiarity is because the person in the photo is herGrandpaZhou Yineng, unfamiliar because Zhou Bingde has never met Zhou Yineng. All her knowledge about grandpa comes from her parents, uncle and seventh mother.

Zhou Bingde was very excited when he saw this photo, and blurted out :”Isn’t this a photo of my grandpa.”

After speaking, she looked at Deng Yingchao, but Deng Yingchao did not respond to her niece. She seemed to be caught in a certain memory, or she might just be too tired, with a sad expression on her face.

Zhou Bingde originally wanted to ask if there was anything to say about this photo, especially when she saw the words”Daddy’s Portrait” written on the back of the photo.

This gives Zhou Bingde a very strange feeling. This photo seems to have some unknown stories. Otherwise, why is Premier Zhou so precious to this photo?

Zhou Bingde knew that her uncle was filial. Although she did not see the picture of her uncle being filial to his grandfather, she knew how his uncle was filial to Grandpa Liu, Grandma Liu and others after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

But she still can’t imagine what kind of father-son love between her uncle and grandfather will enable her to cherish his grandfather’s photos after his death. In the black wallet used to store important documents, they were kept in the safe after the founding of the People’s Republic of China?

Or, what story is there between them?

Zhou Bingde is not willing to bother Deng Yingchao with these questions. If Qi Ma is willing to speak, then she will listen. If Qi Ma does not take the initiative to speak, Zhou Bingde will not ask. , Asking is a memory, a possible unbearable weight.

But Zhou Bingde still wanted to know the story between Premier Zhou and Zhou Yineng, so she later inquired about it and learned a lot of the story behind this photo, as well as Premier Zhou. The pain and regret hidden in my heart.

Zhou Enlai was Zhou Yineng’s eldest son and Zhou Qikui’s eldest grandson. When he was born, the Zhou family had actually fallen away. Just a year before Zhou Enlai’s birth, Zhou Qikui passed away. He was a magistrate in Huai’an before his death, but he was not involved in production. Apart from the big house he lived in and the cemetery outside the city, he had no business.

So after Zhou Qikui’s death, the Zhou family inevitably declined. Although he had four sons, the third child was a paralyzed disabled person, and the fourth child fell ill all the time. The wife died not long after she married, and the eldest (Zhou Yigeng) and the second child (Zhou Yineng) both made a living out of town.

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Picture:Zhou Enlai in his youth

The burden of the family fell on the ten-year-old Zhou Enlai after the death of Zhou Enlai’s biological mother and heir. He started to be a housekeeper, managing the family’s firewood, rice, oil and salt, going out to socialize and so on.

So, what was the situation of Zhou Yineng’s father at that time?

Zhou Yineng once had a talent test, and later donated a”national student” and”principal title”. After Zhou Qikui died, he left home to make a living.

Although he is a scholar, he is loyal and honest, not good at words, and not strong in ability. So when he is making a living, he has worked as a janitor, a concierge, an assistant, and a family. Teachers, etc. The salary for each job is not high, and the salary is not more than 30 yuan when the salary is highest.

Such income minus his own daily expenses, there is very little left, so there are very few that can be taken back home.

Zhou Enlai’s mother Wan Dong’er died that year, Zhou Yineng couldn’t even spend money on funerals, so he could only temporarily put Wan Dong’er’s coffin in a temple until In 1935, he finally saved enough money for his wife to settle down.

He can neither assume the responsibilities of the patriarch at home, nor can he send enough money back to the family for family expenses. To a certain extent, his father It’s really not that qualified.

Zhou Enlai, eleven or twelve-year-old, was relying on borrowing to maintain a family life at home. That kind of life was really uncomfortable, but fortunately, this kind of life did not last long. .

In 1910, the uncle Zhou Yigeng who was far away in Fengtian asked Zhou Enlai to goNortheast Living and studying. After living in the Northeast for three years, Zhou Enlai followed Zhou Yigeng to Tianjin to live.

In Tianjin, Zhou Enlai was admitted to Nankai School.

It can be said that Zhou Yigeng pulled Zhou Enlai out of a declining feudal family, and later Zhou Yigeng brought Zhou Enlai’s younger brother Zhou Enshou to study with him.

In this process, Zhou Yineng is a transparent person to a large extent. He is too busy to take care of himself, how can he take care of his son?

But even if Zhou Yineng could not survive in the officialdom, he was not a cowardly person, especially after Zhou Enlai participated in the revolution, Zhou Yineng began to really care about his son, and he always paid attention to him in the Northeast. Zhou Enlai’s movement, looking for clues about Zhou Enlai from the newspaper.

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Picture:Zhou Yineng

1927 , Shanghai After the April 12 incident, the party is in a very dangerous situation, facing the situation of being arrested and killed at any time , They had to go to the ground to work.

After Zhou Yi was able to learn about this from the newspaper, he quit his job and ran to Shanghai. After getting in touch with Zhou Enlai, he stayed with his son. He also used his identity to do it for Zhou Enlai. Some liaison work.

Until the end of May, Zhou Enlai was leaving Shanghai for Wuhan, while Zhou Yineng returned to Jilin to find another job to earn a living, and continued to pay attention to his son who was engaged in revolution.

In 1930, Zhou Yineng once again saw Zhou Enlai’s news in the newspapers. He knew that Zhou Enlai’s situation in Shanghai was very difficult, especially in January 1931. Party members began to be arrested and killed one after another. Zhou Yineng put down his job again and ran to Shanghai.

Many people may have a question. The enemy can’t find Zhou Enlai in Shanghai. Why is Zhou Yi, who is not familiar with Shanghai and has not discussed with Zhou Enlai in advance, can find Zhou Yi in Shanghai? Zhou Enlai?

In fact, Zhou Yineng had a fixed residence in Shanghai, namely a three-story building at No. 44 Yonganli, Sichuan North Road, Shanghai. This is the second room of Zhou Enshou’s home, Zhou Enshou He is the youngest of Zhou Jiaen’s character, and the youngest brother of Zhou Enlai in seven rooms.

Zhou’s second and seventh houses have always been closely related, so the Zhou Enshou’s house in Shanghai has become a hidden stronghold for Zhou Enlai and a channel for Zhou Yi to find Zhou Enlai.

In February 1931, Zhou Yineng once again went to Shanghai to live in Zhou Enshou’s home. After he arrived in Shanghai, the situation in Shanghai became more tense, especially when Gu Shunzhang’s arrest was in April. The arrest made Zhou Enlai’s situation even more difficult for the party members, because Gu Shunzhang quickly rebelled after his arrest.

He was originally Zhou Enlai’s subordinate, and he had a lot of information about the party. His rebellion was undoubtedly a great loss to the party.

He not only betrayed a lot of party members, but also in”Report“,”Times, Republic of China Daily” and other major newspapers in Shanghai Catch Zhou Enlai’s emergency notice, and still offer a huge reward.

Zhou Enlai had to hide deeply and continue to lead the party organization in Shanghai in a harsh environment to fight. During this period, he and Deng Yingchao lived in Zhou Enshou’s home, and Zhou Yineng also did his best to do some contact work and provide cover for Zhou Enlai.

After Zhou Enlai arranged the relevant comrades properly and handled the relevant matters, he also left Shanghai in December and went to Ruijin and Mao Zedong to meet. Zhou Yineng also left Shanghai and returned to the north.

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Picture:Premier Zhou and Yingchao Deng

Speaking of it, Zhou Yineng was not a capable person and could not even feed his family, but because Zhou Enlai was in danger at all times, and neither accident nor tomorrow knew which one would come first, so He dared to risk his life to go to Shanghai to help his son.

This is the heart of a father who loves his son. Zhou Enlai is his weakness and his armor. Because of his son, he is willing to be brave, even if his energy is limited. Will do it too.

Zhou Yineng, who returned to the north, refused to go to the northeast to live with his third son, Zhou Enshou, in order to be able to read the news of Zhou Enlai in the newspaper, but stayed in Hebei instead.

Later, after the general environment improved, in the spring of 1938, Zhou Enlai wrote a letter so that Zhou Yi, who was making a living in Tianjin, could live together in Wuhan. Since then, Hong Kong from Wuhan to Chongqing In Yan Village, Zhou Yineng has been living with Zhou Enlai.

The father and son finally lived together. They really felt a lot of peace of mind. On the other hand, Zhou Enlai, as one of the party leaders, was very busy and didn’t see anyone every day. .

At that time, Zhou Yineng was over 60 years old. He was very lonely in his old age. In addition, he could not see his son and daughter-in-law, so Zhou Yineng was very much in Hongyan Village. Lonely, and still unspeakably lonely, he can’t always blame his son and daughter-in-law for not coming to accompany him, right?

Zhou Enlai is very filial. Although he is busy, he also knows that his father must be very lonely in Hongyan Village by himself, so he specially asks the staff around him if he has time If you do, go and relax with the old man.

But in fact, everyone is busy. When I saw Zhou Yineng, he just said hello and said two words and left. Once, Zhang Ying fell ill. With a short break, she thought of Zhou Enlai’s request to chat with Zhou Yineng.

Zhang Ying’s arrival made Zhou Yineng very happy. The two chatted a lot. Zhou Yineng also complained against Zhang Ying. It’s not that Zhou Enlai was too busy to take care of him. On the contrary, he was very dissatisfied with Zhou Enlai’s refusal to let him drink. He would rather have a meal than not drink.

But he also knows that Zhou Enlai is for his good. After all, he has high blood pressure. Drinking alcohol is really bad for your health. If you fall or get lost, the problem will be Big.

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Picture:Zhou Yineng

Zhou Yineng is natural Knowing this, he didn’t want to distract Zhou Enlai, so he just complained to Zhang Ying. When Zhang Ying was about to leave, Zhou Yineng still said to her:Go back, don’t mention drinking, I’m fine, let him not worry.

This may be the inseparable affection between father and son.

If two people have been good, even if they don’t see each other often, it’s a kind of happiness to care about and care for each other, but this kind of happiness is a luxury for them. .

In the summer of 1942, in the fourth year of their reunion, Zhou Enlai suffered an intestinal hernia. He was admitted to Geleshan Hospital and was about to undergo surgery. Zhou Yineng’s, he couldn’t stand the stimulation when he was old.

As a result, Zhou Enlai has not been discharged from the hospital. Zhou Yineng developed a high fever on July 5, and the high fever persisted. He was admitted to the hospital, but the two of them did not live. In the same hospital.

Zhou Yineng After hospitalization, Deng Yingchao went to see He, at this time Zhou Yineng was thinking of Zhou Enlai, and kept asking Deng Yingchao:Why didn’t my son come to see me?

Where did he know that Deng Yingchao and others had to conceal their health for the sake of their health, so the father and son did not know the other party’s illness and hospitalization.

On July 6, Deng Yingchao did not visit Zhou Enlai because he had to take care of Zhou Yineng. Zhou Enlai wrote a letter to Deng Yingchao.

Zhou Enlai told Deng Yingchao in the letter that his plan to be discharged from the hospital on July 11 was broken and had to be postponed for two or three days. The reason why he wanted to be discharged from the hospital on July 11 was because that day was Zhou Yineng’s birthday.

Zhou Enlai wanted Deng Yingchao to discuss with the old man to see if the old man had his birthday on July 11 or if he was willing to wait for him to make it up after he was discharged from the hospital. If the old man wants to celebrate his birthday that day, let Deng Yingchao take care of the old man.

After reading Zhou Enlai’s letter, Deng Yingchao struggled in her heart. She didn’t want to keep Zhou Enlai’s secrets, so she sent Zhou Enlai a letter back to cover Zhou Yineng’s condition. I told Zhou Enlai and said that the doctor had diagnosed malaria and she would take good care of her father in the hospital, so Zhou Enlai was relieved.

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Picture:Premier Zhou

Zhou Enlai Knowing the body of the old man, how can he feel relieved, he once again wrote a letter to Deng Yingchao, the letter is like this:

I’m not very relieved of his illness, and I hope you can tell him to take a good rest. I pray silently for his Corning here. In addition to malaria, Daddy’s symptoms should also be noted that his age is high. Although his physical strength is good, he is overly fond of drinking, and it is inevitable that he will not suffer from internal losses. Therefore, the way to treat him is to clear the internal fire, eliminate accumulated food, and sleep peacefully. Eating less things, the better. The food you eat must also pay attention to digestion and nutrition, such as milk, soy milk, Don’t eat noodles such as rice soup and biscuits. If the fever does not go away and the stool is still blocked, a light enema should be performed, and you should not be a malaria doctor.

Since Zhou Enlai learned that his father was hospitalized, he asked Deng Yingchao to concentrate on taking care of his father. Instead of visiting him, they communicated by letter. However, where did Zhou Enlai know that when Deng Yingchao saw this letter, she couldn’t help crying.

Because Zhou Yineng did not survive the moment Deng Yingchao got the letter, and the next day was his 68th birthday.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of suffering Zhou Yi could have in the last five or six days of his life. He wanted to see his son, but everyone said Zhou Enlai was busy. Take time out to see him.

In the past few years, he has been like this all the time. He has no ability himself, and always feels that he has not taken on the responsibility of a father and helped his son in the past. Not big, he is guilty.

On the other hand, he knows that Zhou Enlai is busy, knows his difficulty, and knows that Zhou Enlai really has no time to take care of him.

However, when he was hospitalized, when he felt that his life might have come to an end, he still hoped that his son could visit him and talk to him, even if only Take a look and say a word, he is also content.

He tried to open his eyes and stared at the door, hoping that at that moment, his son suddenly appeared.

However, he did not wait. He never saw his son walk into his ward. He was too tired and fell asleep forever.

The moment he closed his eyes, Deng Yingchao didn’t know how to tell Zhou Enlai, who was hospitalized in another hospital, and also received Zhou Enlai’s concern for his father. The letter of the body made her more uncomfortable.

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Picture:Premier Zhou and Yingchao Deng

Zhou Enlai is a very filial and affectionate person. If you tell him the news of Zhou Yi’s death, he may be greatly stimulated mentally, which is very detrimental to his recovery.

And if you don’t tell him and keep it secret for the time being, then when he knows in the future, he still doesn’t know what kind of pain and regret it will have.

Deng Yingchao didn’t know what to do for a while.

At this time, Dong Biwu took the letter from Deng Yingchao and read it out loud. Everyone was silent after listening. Dong Biwu looked at everyone and said what he thought was in his heart. He meant to conceal the matter for the time being. After everyone discussed it, he also felt that it would be better to talk about it when Zhou Enlai got better.

The matter was settled, and Deng Yingchao also agreed. After all, Zhou Yineng has passed away, and Zhou Enlai’s body can no longer be in any condition, so everyone decided to hide it. Following this incident, Zhou Yineng’s coffin was temporarily parked in Hongyangou, and the funeral would be held after Zhou Enlai was discharged from the hospital.

Everyone discussed how to hide Zhou Enlai, what to say when visiting him, and what not to mention.

But what a keen person Zhou Enlai was, he quickly noticed something.

On July 13, Zhou Enlai learned of his father’s death in the hospital bed and knew that his father had passed away for three days.

He couldn’t stand the shock. He was still very weak and did not recover well. After learning that his father had passed away for three days, he suddenly became pale and fell from the hospital bed. When he got to the ground, he burst into tears. He didn’t expect his father to pass away like this. He hadn’t had time to see him.

He really can’t forgive himself. If he is not hospitalized, if he is discharged early, if…

but where What if?

Zhou Enlai could no longer stay in the hospital. He had to be discharged immediately. The staff around him helped him back to the office.

At this time, he could no longer control his emotions. The grief in his heart almost overwhelmed him. He loudly asked Qian Zhiguang, the director of the office, why he couldn’t Notify him the first time?

Qian Zhiguang couldn’t say anything. It seemed that everything was wrong, and it couldn’t heal Zhou Enlai’s pain.

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Picture:Portrait of Zhou Yineng

Zhou Enlai Knowing that it’s useless to blame Qian Zhiguang in this way, he walked up to Deng Yingchao and furious at her :”Why are you hiding such a big matter from the old man’s passing? You have been with me for so many years without knowing me?”

Deng Yingchao was speechless and could only shed tears in silence.

No one is wrong, no one is uncomfortable.

Zhou Enlai drove everyone away and sat in the mourning hall by himself, guarding his father’s spirit. Everyone loved him but couldn’t stop him. They could only let him do it. Zhou Yi can watch the spirits all night.

The next day, Zhou Enlai specially published an obituary in the Xinhua Daily. There are eight words in the obituary that make people feel uncomfortable. :The most grief,Hold hate all the time.

These eight words were also used in the telegram sent to Mao Zedong:

“After returning, I knew that my father had passed away. I was so sad that I would hold my hate all the time. I should be buried the next day.”

Wait for Zhou Enlai to bury Zhou Yineng , He treasured up one of his photos, and wrote the words”Daddy’s Portrait” on the back. This photo became Zhou Enlai’s last thought.

He always takes him with him, and later, in order to facilitate his work, he bought a black wallet to store important party documents, and this photo was also included. Take it with you in the black wallet.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Zhou Enlai was inconvenient and no longer needed to carry the black wallet, so he put it in the In the safe.

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Picture:Deng Yingchao and Secretary Zhao Wei

The key to the safe is the same as the key to the office. Zhou Enlai never leaves his body. He usually puts it in the closet and puts it under the pillow when he sleeps. He will only give the key to Deng Yingchao when he goes abroad or goes to other places for inspection. custody.

But Deng Yingchao only keeps it. She never opens the safe. In fact, the contents of the safe were kept and taken by Premier Zhou himself, even Deng Yingchao. I don’t know what’s in the safe. This shows how much Premier Zhou cherishes this photo.

Moreover, the lock of this safe is difficult to open. Later, Zhou Enlai gave the key to the secretary Zhao Wei and asked Zhao Wei to open the safe. She was shocked. It was sweating profusely that he didn’t open it. It was Premier Zhou himself who directed him to let Zhao Wei open the safe.

At that time, Zhao Wei was ordered to open the safe to retrieve things. It also seems that Premier Zhou deliberately allowed people other than himself to open the safe in case of emergency .

Of course, before Premier Zhou’s death, Zhao Wei opened the safe once. When she opened the safe for the second time, it was already after the death of Premier Zhou in 1976. She opened it to pack up Premier Zhou’s belongings.

At that time, there were no more valuables in the safe. Premier Zhou had already explained the valuables inside before he was alive, and the black wallet was handed in. To Deng Yingchao.

Deng Yingchao is very familiar with this black wallet, but she doesn’t know what’s inside the black wallet. When she finally opened the black wallet, it was already May 1976. month. She took out the three letters inside, and then gave the photos and black wallets inside to Zhou Bingde.