On June 24, Yonggang Modern Engineering Co., Ltd. issued an obituary on its WeChat official account, expressing its deep mourning for Mr. Zhao Qing, President of Yonggang Modern Holding Group, and Miss Zhao Jiayin, his daughter-in-law.

Mr. Zhao Qing was the president of Yonggang Modern Holding Group, the general manager of Yonggang Modern Engineering Co., Ltd., the director of Yonggang Modern Science Park, and the chairman of Yongchuangbang Capital before his death. Co-chairman of Ningbo Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute, etc. Committed to the construction of business incubation parks, and made important contributions to the Ningbo venture capital and incubation industry.

The memorial and farewell will be held at the Qianqiu Hall of Ningbo Funeral Home, No. 80, Dawuli, Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, Ningbo at 5:45 on the morning of June 26 meeting.

getUrls?link=22c3aa73c01e11ec0e41b2d1805323c5 - Zhao Qing, President of Ningbo Yonggang Hyundai Holdings Group, passed away due to an accidental car accident. The memorial and farewell meeting will be held on June 26

Image source:Yonggang Modern Engineering Co., Ltd. WeChat official account

According to the WeChat public account of”Ningbo Youth Entrepreneurship Innovation Association” on June 22, Zhao Qing, executive vice president of Ningbo Youth Entrepreneurship Innovation Association (Ningbo Entrepreneurship Alliance) and chairman of Yonggang Modern Group On the morning of the 22nd, due to an accident in a car accident, he was sent to the hospital and passed away unfortunately.

Previously, according to Ningbo, Zhejiang Yinzhou emergency management Announcement, at around 8:30 am on June 22, there is a The pile driver collapsed onto Fangcao Road on the east side, causing a black car to be crushed , 2 people were trapped in the car. According to the latest news, two people were trapped in the car and died after being sent to the hospital. Right now, the cause of the accident is still being investigated. ​