On the evening of January 19, at the”2021 WeChat Night” event of the WeChat Decade, Zhang Xiaolong, president of Tencent’s WeChat business group, delivered a speech entitled”WeChat Product Thinking in Ten Years”. In the view of Zhang Xiaolong,”WeChat is doing the underlying connection”, which is the infrastructure.

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He said that “simple” and “connection” are the core of WeChat, official accounts and mini programs are the connection between content and services, and WeChat payment is the connection of currency, and “video accounts will become many foundations. facility”. Zhang Xiaolong believes that the great value of WeChat lies in being a”social and communication ID”. With this ID similar to an ID card, users can use various services including payment.

In his speech, Zhang Xiaolong used several sets of data to prove the strength of WeChat’s infrastructure:1.09 billion users open WeChat every day and 330 million users make video calls ; 780 million users entered Moments and 120 million users posted Moments. Although he did not disclose the data of the video account in this speech, Zhang Xiaolong once posted a Moments dynamic when the video account exceeded 200 million daily, stating that”If you don’t mark it, it will be 340 million.”

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Not just Zhang Xiaolong and WeChat, in the past few years, Ma Huateng It has also repeatedly stated that Tencent will provide basic Internet facilities and services for all walks of life. At the 2017 China”Internet+” Digital Economy Summit, Ma Huateng said that under the trend of”Internet+”, Tencent Such as the provision of water and electricity infrastructure to supply water and electricity for all walks of life.

WeChat’s ten-year development and growth has also witnessed the process of Tencent becoming China’s most valuable company. Among the top five Internet companies in China by market capitalization, apart from Ali, there are four All of them are Tencent. According to Tencent Holdings’ third-quarter financial report as of September 30, 2020, the monthly activity of WeChat and WeChat has exceeded 1.2 billion. Industry insiders believe that Tencent will have to make additions to accelerate ecological integration and business expansion based on content platforms such as WeChat when the user scale has reached the ceiling of the Internet industry.

As an infrastructure, Tencent has a decisive influence on the entire Tencent ecosystem and the entire Internet industry. How to make the information infrastructure more inclusive? Using the advantages of infrastructure to combat competitors has also become a hot topic in the industry.

Liu Xu, a part-time researcher of the Intellectual Property and Competition Law Research Center of Tongji University, published in”China Business News wrote an article that although WeChat is a product of private enterprises, in fact, it has become the infrastructure of domestic instant messaging and social networks. The reason why WeChat can achieve this status is not only related to Tencent’s investment in innovation, but also the result of the combination of the demand for mobile social networking by the massive number of Internet users in my country during the demographic dividend period and the WeChat network effect.

Qilu Evening News·Qilu One Point reporter Gao Han