“Heroes in troubled times are everywhere, and if you have a gun, you are the grass head king.” From the end of Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, modern Chinese society was in extreme turmoil. Due to the decline of the central government, bandits spread all over the country. The Northeast was one of the most severe areas of banditry in China at that time. Since the Qing Dynasty opened the”wicker border”, a large number of immigrants from outside the customs have poured into the three provinces. This group of immigrants can be described as a mixture of fish and dragons, and there are not only good people who abide by the law, but also a large number of lawbreakers. These fanatics lurked between the white mountains and black waters, free and easy, making a living by robbing houses and extorting kidnappings. Due to the aggression of the Japanese and Russian imperialists and the corruption and incompetence of the Qing government and the Republic of China government, banditry in the Northeast became more and more fierce.

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From the end of Qing Dynasty to the period of the War of Liberation, many worlds appeared in the Northeast The famous gangster. Among these thugs, there is no shortage of women. Among all the female gangsters, Zhang Suzhen, nicknamed”Camel Dragon“, is one of the best.

Zhang Suzhen was born in Liaoyang County in Liaoning Province in 1901. She lost her mother since she was a child and lives with her father. Because she was born in troubled times, the 16-year-old Zhang Suzhen, born and beautiful, was targeted by traffickers, but was abducted to Changchun and sold to a brothel as a kiln sister, nicknamed”Cui Xier.”

In the brothel, Zhang Suzhen is very popular with guests. Because she has learned”Erren Zhuan” since childhood, has a good voice, and can sing local opera very well. Seeing that she was very talented, the old bustard specially asked her to learn piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, so that she could earn a lot of money in the future.

In 1919, Zhang Suzhen was 19 years old, and she was born tall and graceful. It can be described as a tender flower in bloom. At that time, near Changchun, banditry was very serious. Among them, there was a group of”beards” (called”Benevolence and Righteous Army”), whose commander was Wang Futang, a fierce bandit nicknamed”Dalong”.

One day, Wang Futang came to Zhang Suzhen’s brothel to have fun and asked to find a girl to play with. Among the many girls, Wang Futang saw the extraordinary-looking Zhang Suzhen at a glance. However, the old bustard thinks that Zhang Suzhen is of high value, and Wang Futang, the thief leader, is not worthy of her, so the boss is unwilling. However, Wang Futang was not easy to provoke, he immediately tied the old bustard’s son. Under the heavy pressure, the old bustard had to submit, before calling Zhang Suzhen over.

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After a night of getting along, Wang Futang and Zhang Suzhen met each other late. The wildness and stubbornness in Zhang Suzhen’s bones made Wang Futang fascinated, so he immediately decided to redeem Zhang Suzhen with a large price and let her be his own press village Madam.

In order to express his determination, Wang Futang ordered the second boss Wang Fuqiang (nicknamed Erlong) to give Zhang Suzhen a special gift-two brand-new German Mauser barge guns. Ordinarily, as a woman, she should prefer flowers and jewelry in the token of love. However, Zhang Suzhen was quite different. Seeing these two guns, there was only light in his eyes. Perhaps this woman is naturally suitable for mixing in the green forest.

In this way, Zhang Suzhen joined the”Benevolent and Righteous Army” with Wang Futang and became the wife of the village. However, Zhang Suzhen is more than just a vase. Among the bandits, she quickly learned how to shoot a cavalry, and she learned how to shoot a hundred shots. At the same time, Zhang Suzhen also mastered a fluent quack. Among the bandits, mastering martial arts and slang is even”comprehensive in both civil and military skills”. Zhang Suzhen’s delicacy made Wang Futang and other bandits full of praise, and the”Benevolent and Righteous Army” all convinced her.

With the assistance of Zhang Suzhen, the strength of the”Benevolent and Righteous Army” has increased from more than 800 to more than 2,000.

According to the slang of the bandits in the Northeast, robbing houses and robbing houses is called”pull the kiln.” Because of the seriousness of banditry, the wealthy families in the northeast are all living together, with high walls and deep fortifications, and they are fully armed. Therefore, this weaponized”kiln” is called”Xiangyao”.

In Dehui County on the outskirts of Changchun, there is a Ji’s compound. They are well-known wealthy households. They never cultivate land and rely on land rent for their livelihood. The courtyard has a high wall, and earthen cannons are installed around the wall. Dozens of family members are armed with long and short guns, which are very difficult to deal with. At the same time, Ji’s family also soaked the bricks with kerosene as a night lighting equipment to prevent bandits from attacking at night.

In August 1923, Wang Futang’s”Benevolent and Righteous Army” focused on the Ji Family Courtyard. The Northeast underworld robbery is mainly divided into”three ways.” The first one is the robbers who enter the hospital, the second one is to defend the first one and transfer the looted materials to the third one; and the third one is responsible for transporting the looted things back to their hometown, and at the same time, they are responsible for the aftermath. Resist the people and the army who came to support. The responsibility of the Three Ways is very heavy, and it is related to the success of the”kiln pulling out”.

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And this time, the”Benevolent and Righteous Army” is the third The cowardice of the Taoist made a big somersault. At that time, Wang Futang led the bandits to launch a fierce attack on the courtyard wall of the Ji’s compound. However, the Ji family were not easy to provoke. They used the artillery on the wall to stop them. Although the bandits were superior in number, they were still unable to break through the courtyard with many casualties. wall.

At this moment, the nearby officers and soldiers rushed to support, the third team could not resist, and had to flee. Wang Futang saw that the situation was not good and prepared to take the first and second team to escape. However, they couldn’t stop the attack from inside and outside. Many brothers fell in a pool of blood, and Wang Futang was shot several times and killed on the spot. It was really a steal.

After that, Zhang Suzhen led the remnants to the Wujiayao area and stopped. Because Wang Futang was dead, the bandits elected Zhang Suzhen as the leader of the bandit. Because Zhang Suzhen holds two guns and is nicknamed”Camel Dragon”, she is also known as the”Double Gun Camel Dragon”. She was brave and proficient in fighting, rushing from left to right, and repeatedly defeated the officers and soldiers who were encircling and suppressing them, so she became famous in Guandong and annoyed the officers and soldiers.

Under the leadership of Zhang Suzhen, the strength of the”Benevolent and Righteous Army” has been restored. So she turned her gaze to the Ji family compound again, because she had vowed long ago that she would destroy the Ji family and avenge her husband.

One year later, Zhang Suzhen regrouped. Following the old route, she touched the Ji family compound again. At this time, the Ji family thought they had defeated Wang Futang, so they took it lightly. On that night, Zhang Suzhen led the men and horses to surround the Ji’s compound, and then shouted in a fierce and sharp voice:”Suppress me! (“Charge” in the black language)”

Then Zhang Suzhen Holding two guns, take the lead and shoot while galloping. The gangsters saw that the leaders were so brave, who would dare to be cowardly. The Ji family were shocked when they saw that the bandits were powerful. Not long after, the courtyard wall of Ji’s family was breached. Afterwards, Zhang Suzhen vented her hatred wantonly. She yelled viciously:

“No If you are a treasure of gold and silver, give your grandmother your anger.”

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In this way, dozens of people in Ji’s family were killed by bandits, and the woman among them was raped by bandits. However, Zhang Suzhen still felt that she hadn’t killed enough. She still remembered that the villages around the Ji’s compound had come to support them. They were also the”murderers” who killed her husband. So she struck the iron while it was hot, and ransacked all the surrounding villages, such as Liutiaogou, Weishagou, and Daqingbei.

Zhang Suzhen killed innocent people so indiscriminately. Some people called her a”chia girl” because of her good looks. She really has no conscience and forgets righteousness. According to historical data, although the camel dragon was born in a humble background and had a bitter life experience, it did not have the slightest sympathy for the people. Whenever it captures a village, it will inevitably indulge in the burning, looting, and adultery of women. Wherever it goes, it can be said to be cocky and crying. Loud.

After the”Eastern Wasteland Murder” was created, Zhang Suzhen was not prepared to stop the knife like this. For antisocialists like Zhang Suzhen, murder and arson can be addictive. After killing the Ji family, Zhang Suzhen suddenly thought of the old bustard in Changchun Brothel. Back then, he was sold a brothel and was forced to lose his life. This enmity had to be reported.

So Zhang Suzhen carried a box cannon, sneaked into Changchun City in disguise, and touched the old bustard. The old bustard glanced intently, isn’t this the Cui Xier of the year? Before the old bustard could speak, Zhang Suzhen took out the box of cannons””boom” and”boom” are two shots.

Not long after, Zhang Suzhen turned his attention to the Wu family compound and the Bai family compound. After all, she had more than 2,000 criminals waiting to be fed. After the battle began, Zhang Suzhen divided the troops into two groups, and she personally led a team to attack the Bai family compound.

The Bai family compound is afraid of bandits, and has long been prepared. The surrounding wall of the Bai’s compound is jointed by glutinous rice soup. It is about 3 meters high and has a wall pillow on the top, one or two meters wide. It is rammed with soil and is very strong and difficult to cross. At the same time, the walls of the Bai’s compound are quite thick, and can even be used for horse racing. Therefore, the Bai family compound is definitely not easy to deal with.

At the beginning of the battle, Zhang Suzhen held two guns and ordered the bandits to move forward bravely. The Bai family arranged various weapons on the cannon and bravely resisted. The cannon head of Baijiachengtou was born as a dart master, who was brave and good at fighting, and his brothers also possessed special skills and made extraordinary moves. They relied on the city’s defense and smashed the bandits to the ground one by one. Seeing this, Zhang Suzhen was furious. She took the lead and ordered her subordinates to rush forward regardless of casualties. As a result, dead bodies were left all over the floor.

In the end, due to outnumbered, the Bai family compound was finally broken. All the old and young of the Bai family were slaughtered, and the cut heads were hung on the branches of an old tree. It was really horrible. At the same time, the Wu family compound was also breached by bandits and suffered the same ending as the Bai family.

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Although the”Benevolent and Righteous Army” bandit succeeded, it was because Zhang Suzhen’s irrationality and vitality were greatly injured. The Skynet was restored and neglected, and Zhang Suzhen, who had been rampant for a while, finally ushered in her doomsday.

In the winter of 1924, Fengjun Zhang Zuolin mobilized 20,000 horses and ordered his subordinate Li Du to encircle and suppress the”Benevolent and Righteous Army.” So why did Zhang Zuolin spend so much time and effort to eliminate Zhang Suzhen.

On the one hand, Zhang Suzhen robbed the house and killed people and set fires too much. On the other hand, the Renyi Army provoked the Japanese Kwantung Army and killed several Japanese soldiers. Of course, the”Benevolent and Righteous Army” killed the Kwantung Army, not because they had patriotic sentiments, but because they were ignorant.

In many self-media articles, Zhang Zuolin always behaves upright to the Japanese. But in fact, Zhang Zuolin still made big concessions to Japan, betraying a lot of rights. Now that the backstage boss is killed, how can Zhang Zuolin dare to neglect?

At this time, the”Benevolent and Righteous Army” was already exhausted and morale low. Under the encirclement and suppression of the Fengjun, the militia and the Kwantung Army, the rabble under Zhang Suzhen’s hands became the birds and beasts scattered. Desperate Zhang Suzhen dismissed the tribe and fled to Gongzhuling alone.

Except for murder and arson, Zhang Suzhen has no other talents. In order to make a living and hide her identity, Zhang Suzhen decided to return to her old career and enter the brothel to do skin and meat business. However, Li Du, who was in charge of hunting her down, was not idle. He followed the vine and pried her out from Zhang Suzhen’s mouth.

On January 8, 1925, after several months of investigation, Li Du finally discovered that Zhang Suzhen was hiding in the Chunxiang Pavilion brothel in Changchun. Li Du understands that Zhang Suzhen is not an easy opponent with high martial arts and strong anti-reconnaissance awareness. If you try to catch it, I’m afraid it will startle the snake and let her escape.

So Li Du found Zhang Zuolin’s old subordinate, an officer nicknamed”Old White Dragon”. This”Old White Dragon” was also a”beard” and spoke fluently in black.”Old beard” will be”female beard”, what effect will it collide with?

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One day, the old white dragon pretended to be a”Chaoyang Sheng” ( Wealthy businessman) moved into Chunxiang Pavilion and pointed out the main point”Begonia Spring” to accompany, and this”Begonia Spring” was Zhang Suzhen. Seeing Lao Bailong dressed in mink and making an extraordinary shot, the old bustard was overjoyed, so he called Zhang Suzhen and asked her to accompany the God of Wealth.

After seeing Zhang Suzhen, the old white dragon fairy gave her a”speaking peace”, indicating that she was from a rivers and lakes. Subsequently, Zhang Suzhen began to undress the old Bailong. After taking off a coat of mink, Zhang Suzhen was surprised to find that Lao Bailong was pressing a pistol, and she knew not well.

Later Bailong calmly said:”We are all pebbles and Liuzi (we are colleagues), walk with me, bye bye True Buddha, I can keep you complete (preserving your life) The true Buddha sees you”spring” (birth, identity), you”return to the mountain” (golden basin to wash your hands), the true Buddha It is not necessary to investigate the past.”

Zhang Suzhen pretended to be calm and said:”Okay! I have to change my clothes. I have already taken off my old things in the past (forgot).” After that, Zhang Suzhen was going to open a leather suitcase.

Lao Bailong, as an old river and lake, naturally knew that Zhang Suzhen wanted to find a gun to resist, so he held the gun in one hand and held down Zhang Suzhen’s suitcase with the other. No need to change.”

Next, he shouted to the soldiers outside the door:”Liu Yesheng (soldier) will take the God of Wealth (human criminal) up.” Afterwards, the plainclothes soldiers waiting outside the door swarmed up and abducted Zhang Suzhen away. Before leaving, Li Suzhen quietly said to Lao Bailong:

“My”soft rice seed” (woman) is considered a”live in a soil shop” (dead) It’s under your hands.”

After Zhang Suzhen was taken away, the old Bailong inspected Zhang Suzhen’s suitcase and found two pistols that had been loaded. As long as he takes a step slower, blood will be splashed on the spot. So he was afraid and said:”It’s dangerous, I took a life today.” After Zhang Suzhen was arrested, she was detained at the Military Law Office of Changchun City. Later, Li Du received two telegrams, one was sent by the marshal Zhang Xueliang; the other was his direct boss, Ba Miancheng Wu Junsheng Sent it. Both telegrams asked Li Du to send Zhang Suzhen to their station.

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Li Du believes that Zhang Suzhen is beautiful, and Zhang Xueliang is charming First name, Wu Junsheng is an old world, and I am afraid that Zhang Suzhen will be let go because she is young and beautiful and can speak well. If it is really like that, then the tiger will return to the mountain, and there will be endless troubles. Therefore, Li Du decided to suppress the telegram and rectify Zhang Suzhen on the spot. At the same time, Li Du took a picture of Zhang Suzhen and sent it to Shenyang and Bamiancheng respectively, which was considered to be a errand for his boss.

On January 19, 1925, Zhang Suzhen was escorted to the execution ground. On that day, Zhang Suzhen was given a special dressing and dressing. She was dressed in a purple cloak and a black woolen cap. She had beautiful eyes, like a fashionable official’s wife on the streets of Shenyang. People in Changchun have seen executed prisoners for many days and have never seen such a beautiful prisoner. Many people feel sympathy because they don’t know what he committed.

Along the way, many merchants gave her wine and meat, asking her to be a ghost. When she walked to a jade shop, a boss also put a big jade bracelet on her hand.

When we arrived at the execution ground, facing the onlookers, Zhang Suzhen yelled:”I am the camel dragon, you can do it!” After hearing only one shot, the camel dragon Zhang Suzhen was killed on the spot, ending her sinful life. . When Li Suzhen died, he was only 24 years old.

After Zhang Suzhen’s death, she was beautified as a chivalrous girl who helped the strong and the weak, robbed the rich and helped the poor, and even became the object of praise by many playwrights. For example, Cheng Zhaocai, the master of drama creation, produced Pingju-“Shoot the Camel Dragon”. In 1949, the Hong Kong director Wang Yuanlong filmed the film”The Camel Dragon”. In recent years, there has also been a”Firework Female Camel Dragon” released.

It is worth mentioning that the only photo left by Zhang Suzhen has been missing. It wasn’t until a foreign student surnamed Tang, who was traveling east to Japan in 1997, found a batch of original photo albums of Japan’s invasion of China. On August 26, 2008, when Mr. Tang was collating photos, he found a photo of a woman with handcuffs. The woman in the photo was wearing a robe with a beautiful face and a strong murderous look was revealed between her eyebrows. Judging from the words marked above, it is the camel dragon Zhang Suzhen who was executed that year.

Perhaps after the September 18th Incident, this commemorative photo was collected by the Japanese invaders and taken to Japan. It wasn’t until decades later that we knew Zhang Suzhen’s true face.