Someone asked:I’m in my early 30s and I don’t need anything else, what should I do?

Actually, everyone has their own pace of development, and there is no standard of”what do you want to be at 30″.

Obama retired at 55, and Trump became president at 70. You Can you say who won?

However, by the age of 30, some changes should be made, as Bai Yansong said:

“People are around 30 , Is the important time to do another subtraction after doing a series of additions and running around.”

In other words, at this time, the important thing is not you” What you want”, but knowing what to do and how to do it.

So what exactly should I do?

In the book”Value” by Zhang Lei, the founder of Hillhouse Capital, I found it in my heart The answer.

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Zhang Lei, born in the 70s, like most people , I knew”Crazy Fun” since I was a child, and almost didn’t even pass the high school entrance examination.

After experiencing this setback, Zhang Lei seemed to suddenly understand”what should I do”, and then he was admitted to the Finance Department of the National People’s University along the way, and read Yale, returned to China to start a business… In 2005, he founded Hillhouse Capital.

16 years later, Hillhouse’s capital scale has grown from 20 million U.S. dollars at the time of its inception to 500 billion yuan, investing in The total market value of enterprises has already exceeded 2.5 trillion yuan. Among them, the existing Internet giants Tencent, large e-commerce takeaway companies Jingdong and Meituan, as well as the real industry leaders Gree Electric and Belle International.

Let’s put it this way, WeChat for chat today, Jingdong for shopping, Douyin for before going to bed, and Baidu, the Meituan used for ordering meals, has a common name behind it-Gao Ling.

As the founder, Zhang Lei made his first effort last year experienceSummarize in a book and publish to the public. In the book, he once revealed:A person only needs to do three things well, even if he is poor now, he will become richer and richer in the future. I will share it with you today. What determines the height of your future life is not what you have now, but whether you can do these three things well.

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01 Reject short-term temptation

Someone once found a group of children and asked them to share a room with”delicious snacks” , And told them:”I will come back later, if these snacks are still there, you will get twice the reward.”

As a result, the researchers found that children who can endure longer, usually There will be better life performance. For example, better test scores, better physical fitness, or a higher salary or position.

This experiment coincides with Zhang Lei’s first suggestion, which is to make a”Long-termist”.

Reject the temptation of short-term benefits and focus on long-term benefits.

The reason is not difficult to understand, but how to use it is not something everyone can do.

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For example, Buffett is”long-termism ”, but the stocks in his hands also include IBM, which he has held for 6 years and discarded when he was not profitable.

Does this contradict the”long-term”? It’s not.

The so-called long-term is not literally”long” and”short”, but is the time scale you consider when making decisions.

Ma Yun once said that he rarely thinks about the things that can be successful in three to five years, but has to do things that can only be done in ten years.

This is the long-term thinking.

When Zhang Lei was a hill, he also upheld the concept of long-termism. Although he invests in the primary market, he can still not sell after the company is listed. It has been accompanied by the growth of the company and the long-term reaping of the value brought by the company. This alone is very visionary and structured.

So, What you are considering now is how to arrange tomorrow, how to live this year, or how to achieve success in the next ten years?

People without long-term worries must have near-term worries.

Why don’t you temporarily ignore the difficulties, but consider 5 years, 10 What kind of state should I be in the next year?

From big to small, step by step deduce what you should do most now, and the problem will be solved.

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For example, someone said to complain The leader is too thief, the dirty work is done by the subordinates, and when he receives the credit, he will be on the job. How to do?

If you look at the long-term, ten years later, you definitely don’t want to continue to struggle with this kind of leadership, then the most you should do is to enhance your value and get better treatment. Good, a more interpersonal working environment.

At this time, look at the work you are doing. It will be clear which ones contribute to this goal, and which ones can be done or not.

Once you can do this, you will have won at the starting line.

02 Create a moat that will not disappear

“There is only one moat in the world, which is to create long-term value frantically.”——Zhang Lei

For individuals, The skills that can create value for the company and society are your moat.

Last year, due to the impact of the epidemic, many companies started to lay off employees, cut salaries, or even close down.

Countless people lost their jobs overnight, cut off their incomes, and got stuck in their lives.

But there are also people who, because they have an irreplaceable moat, still live well in the epidemic, and even have greater development.

This is what Zhang Lei called”the moat that will not disappear.”

Unlike Buffett, Zhang Lei instructs us to look at value creation”dynamically”.

Following the development of the times, keep improving your own skills to keep you Under any impact, he can retreat unscathed.

So, you must find your own moat that will not disappear.

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How can I find it ?

Xinyaner gives you two suggestions:

One is find the people you want to be and be friends with them.

As the saying goes, people are divided into groups and things are gathered together.

What kind of people you are with, you will be influenced by them and become the ideal way.

However, please note that you must make sure that the other person is really”what you want”, not”just talk without practice”.

In this way, under your mutual supervision and support, it is also difficult for you to stop the pace of progress and follow others to build a moat.

In addition, you have to constantly explore the boundaries of your abilities.

Of course, you must have a very proficient profession, but the times are changing all the time. The consequence of eating your own money is that your moat will soon lose its effect.

So you have to regularly try things outside of your ability and try to create new value, so that you can continue to build barriers to competition and form Unique competitiveness.

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03 draw nutrients from difficulties

There is no absolute smooth sailing in a person’s life. The unsatisfactory things in life are nine out of ten.

Encountering frustration is not terrible, the terrible thing is that you have been In the crisis, there is no way to break the game.

The best way to break the game is to find out where you are wrong by summarizing and reviewing the game, and then make improvements and adjustments, step by step out of Adversity, take off against the wind!

Zhang Lei said:”Every time a crisis occurs, it provides us with a rare stress test and investment review opportunity.”

Just like a fractured place, after recovery, it will be stronger and stronger than before.

Every time a person grows, it is also inseparable from the training of setbacks.

Facing crises and suffering correctly, and seeing your own shortcomings through reflection, can not only cultivate your resistance to stress, but also allow you to quickly improve your ability and become more valuable!

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Because of being bitten by a snake, it has been If you dare not touch it, you will die of thirst sooner or later.

If you have been flooded, you start to reflect on why you can’t swim, and then start to learn diligently and slowly master this skill. Next time you encounter water, you will not be afraid, and you will even achieve greater success.

For smart people, there is no adversity at all.

Every time they encounter difficulties, it is an opportunity for them to improve themselves.

So, what difficulties have you encountered, what experience can you learn from it, and what skills can you strengthen?

You might as well start from now, don’t waste any frustration experience, let yourself become strong in the difficult situation, and it is irreplaceable.

04 Written at the end

A person’s life is really short, so don’t just keep your eyes closed!

Especially after the age of 30, you should turn your eyes from the outside to the inside, from others to yourself, and consciously examine your own thinking, actions, and mentality of dealing with difficulties.

Make trade-offs between value and meaning, grasp what must be grasped, let go of what should be let go, and you will succeed.Wealth is getting closer and closer!

For example, have you learned the 3 diligent wisdom of Zhang Lei shared today?

I am helping you to make your career simpler and closer to the money. Welcome to leave a message and continue to talk in our discussion forum~

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