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getUrls?link=f8273cd5d35aba5d1423b395c464f7e4 - Yulin High-tech Zone was approved as National Torch Characteristic Industrial Base

January 13, Technology Ministry of Torch Center newly approved 5 industrial bases as national torch characteristic industrial bases. National Torch Yulin High-tech Zone coal chemical industry characteristic industrial base is among them, becoming the 8th national torch characteristic industrial base in Shaanxi.

Shaanxi now has 8 national torch characteristic industrial bases, including:Xi’an Biomedical Industry Base, Xi’an Aviation Characteristic Industrial Base, Baoji Titanium Industrial Base, Baoji Petroleum Drilling Equipment Manufacturing Featured Industrial Base, Baoji Caijiapo Heavy-duty Truck and Parts Featured Industrial Base, Xianyang High-end Rubber Featured Industrial Base, Xianyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Featured Industrial Base, Yulin High-tech Zone Coal Chemical Industry Featured Industry base.

The national torch characteristic industrial base refers to the industry in a certain geographical range, aimed at the sub-industrial areas encouraged by the state, through the guidance of government organizations, the convergence of advantageous resources from all parties, and the creation of a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. An industrial cluster with regional characteristics and industrial characteristics, and with significant support and driving effect on local economic and social development. Since the start of construction in 1995, after more than 20 years of construction and development, the characteristic industry base has become an important carrier for cultivating and promoting the development of characteristic industries in the region, especially the county, and an important industrial gathering place for the large-scale, characteristic and cluster development of high-tech industries. , An important force for the sustainable development of the regional economy, and an important starting point and platform for the local science and technology departments to directly serve the regional economic development.

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