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Customs officers inspect cross-border commodities

getUrls?link=6ba69588d4c349856dd797367d43de0e - Yantai cross-border e-commerce"transcript" released in 2020, cross-border e-commerce imports and exports of 1.84 billion yuan

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Yantai Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Public Network·Poster News reporter Yuan Feifei Correspondent Mou Xiaolong reported from Yantai

On the 20th, the reporter from the city business The bureau was informed that since the approval of the national cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has accelerated the promotion of policy innovation, system innovation and service innovation, and guided the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce models and businesses. In 2020, the import and export of cross-border e-commerce will reach 1.84 billion yuan, an increase of 1887.2 times compared with 2019, the largest increase in the province.

Yantai expands the import and export of Peiqiang 9610 and 1210, breaks through the development of 9710 and 9810 exports, and realizes the full coverage of cross-border e-commerce in the city. The proportion of general trading companies carrying out online marketing reached 53%, and 519 companies used Ali International Station to grab 2 billion yuan of orders. The company’s recruitment has achieved remarkable results. Atomy signed a contract with Dongshu E-commerce and entered the Yantai Comprehensive Bonded Zone. More than 2 million online users were added, and the sales scale quickly reached a new level; Wanguo Winery, Yangtao International, Zebra Import and Export A batch of cross-border e-commerce companies have landed in succession, driving the “original” cosmetics, alcohol, textiles and apparel and other affordable consumer goods from Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, Australia and other countries to “fly” to all parts of the country through Yantai, effectively improving the domestic consumption structure and increasing consumption Grade, injects”Yantai vitality” into the development of”international and domestic dual cycle”.

Yantai takes the Free Trade Zone and Comprehensive Bonded Zone as the core to accelerate the construction of cross-border e-commerce offline industrial parks. Cross-border e-commerce warehousing and logistics facilities have increased by 43,400 square meters, and the total area will be realized within one year”Double” to 84,000 square meters; 2 new cross-border e-commerce inspection lines, totaling 7 lines, cross-border e-commerce O2O offline experience center and integrated integrated service platform started construction and achieved breakthroughs. Cross-border e-commerce training and publicity activities in 15 districts and cities have achieved”full coverage”. Alibaba One Datong, Made in China and other well-known cross-border The e-commerce platform has added more than 400 registered enterprises, Zhifu District cross-border e-commerce park expansion project,”quality machinery Laizhou manufacturing” machinery industry The industrial belt project, the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive industrial park project in Fushan District, and the “new media live e-commerce base” project in the high-tech zone are progressing smoothly. Support enterprises to actively and steadily accelerate the construction of overseas warehouses. The city has added 5 new overseas warehouses, reaching a total of 17, covering more than 10 industries such as machinery manufacturing, biomedicine, household appliances, food processing, textiles and clothing.

In addition,”Smart Logistics” has also accelerated its expansion. The city’s logistics service companies have reached more than 3,000, including 75 national A-level logistics companies, and 7 provincial-level urban and rural high-efficiency distribution backbone enterprises, ranking first in the province. One. The efficiency of customs clearance has been continuously improved. Cross-border e-commerce companies have achieved independent filing, and the processing time has been shortened to less than 30 minutes; the entire customs clearance process has been realized without paper, and the”cross-border e-commerce fast customs clearance channel” can achieve”second release” for the list of no-issue e-commerce”; Konghai Port can carry out cross-border e-commerce return business. Promote the reform of tax facilitation, accelerate the improvement of”green channels”, accelerate the implementation of cross-border e-commerce retail export tax rebates, tax exemptions without invoices, and income tax verification and collection policies; implement”refund upon entry” for overseas warehouses, and export products to”overseas warehouses””For sales processing, the export tax rebate (exemption) can be processed first, and the foreign exchange collection and write-off will be performed the following year after the goods are exported; the coverage of”Tolerance Office, Online Office” is continuously expanding, and the tax processing of cross-border e-commerce enterprises is being changed by” The transition from”run only once” to”not run once” hastened. International mail express delivery companies have rapidly improved their warehousing, customs clearance, transit, and transportation capabilities. In 2020, more than 3.5 million Class B express shipments will be imported, with a total value of 560 million yuan, which has become a new engine driving the development of cross-border e-commerce.