Yanjiao Metro has started construction, will the property market pick up?

Can it pick up? Let’s talk about it later

Looking back on the past few years, what is the worst real estate market under the purchase restriction regulation? It is undoubtedly the real estate market around Beijing.

The real estate market in Beijing, represented by Yanjiao, was once crazy. Housing prices have risen to new heights, and money may not be available for purchase.

And now it can be said to be wailing, the house price is almost cut in half, many people have already lost the down payment, it is really miserable if it is not selling miserably

The”cold heart” is that there is no sign of recovery yet.

Recently, the news about the start of the Yanjiao Metro on June 11 was released, which has become a gimmick for many unscrupulous real estate practitioners to advocate a recovery in housing prices.

Yes, Yanjiao’s subway shouldn’t be considered a good one. To be precise, it should be a slot.

Get back to business

First of all, I’m not looking at the empty pie

Then the house price can be To warm up, my answer is:no.

The reasons are as follows

1. The skyrocketing before Yanjiao and even Huanjing is a concept of driving up. The moisture is too large because the price is irrational. It has only been a few years since the real estate market in Beijing has been on the right track, and no one dares to make mistakes.

2, it is good for overdraft, and the subway and other rail transit have been mentioned for many years. It has long been a hot topic. It will not be a substantive opening day for the public to benefit and recognize. Therefore, it is hopeless for house prices to recover in the short term

To sum up:in the final analysis, all the benefits have already diluted Yanjiao’s house prices! There is no hope for a recovery in a short time