getUrls?link=06da45603c65980f3e4fbd5781388d4f - Xunfei input method is removed from the whole network? Reporter's test:Apple Android and other application markets are no longer available for download

Beijing News Shell Finance News (Reporter promised ) On June 11, the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter searched the Apple App Store and the app stores of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo, and found that news Fei input method is no longer available for download. In the App Store, the app can’t be searched; in the vivo app store, it displays”This app is temporarily not available for download according to relevant policies”; in the Xiaomi app store, it displays”the app is being optimized internally, not yet Available for download”.

In the morning of the same day, the stock price of HKUST IFLYTEK suddenly collapsed and once fell to a limit. After the market opened in the afternoon, the stock price recovered slightly. As of press time, it had fallen by more than 4%. Earlier, a screenshot of a document titled”Notice on the Punishment of Xunfei’s Input Method APP Being Removed by Major Application Markets” was circulating on the Internet, pointing out that the incident of Xunfei’s input method business violated the”Personal Information Protection Management Regulations””, and punished the relevant responsible persons and the senior leaders in charge of the group.

The staff of iFlytek currently contacted by the Beijing News Shell Finance and Economics cannot prove the authenticity of the screenshots of the above-mentioned documents. However, it is believed that the stock price limit in the morning should be related to the removal of iFLYTEK’s input method by major application markets. The data for the spring of 2021 released by a research institution a few days ago shows that the market share of active users of third-party mobile phone input methods in my countryFor Sogou input method, Xunfei input method and Baidu input method accounts for more than 95%of the entire market share.

In early May of this year, the National Internet Information Office organized a test on the personal information collection and usage of some apps that are commonly used by the public, such as input methods and map navigation. According to the notification, HKUST Xunfei Co., Ltd.‘s Xunfei input method APP (version:10.0.11 ), there are problems such as violating the necessary principles and collecting personal information that has nothing to do with the services provided. According to the requirements, App operators should complete the rectification within 10 working days from the date of this announcement. Those who fail to complete the rectification within the time limit will be dealt with.