While writing this article, I couldn’t help but look up and look out the window. The tall buildings stand tall and glitzy. I stopped my finger on the keyboard and moved the pointer on the clock back, circle after circle…

Back to April 1929 On this day on the 7th, with a clear cry of a baby, a baby boy descended on the world, but his father only had time to look at him and hurried to the front. When the boy was less than three years old, he did not have a name because his father evacuated with the army and moved to Sichuan and Shanxi. And no one thought of this difference, and missed the boy’s entire childhood and youth.

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The Kuomintang reactionaries made a comeback and launched a frantic search and persecution of the families of revolutionary comrades. The young boy fled his hometown with his mother and aunt, and was forced to start wandering and begging. Life was very embarrassing. The Kuomintang reactionaries once raided the base area. The boy was taken by his aunt and hid in the mountains. After three days and three nights, he didn’t get in and didn’t dare to move a step. Later, the tension eased slightly, and the aunt went down to beg for a few hard nests to come back to solve the temporary food and clothing problem. This hard-won hard nest almost choked the young boy to death. Fortunately, timely measures were taken.

At that time, the life of the boy and his family was extremely difficult. Almost all lived a life without food, sometimes even a stable foothold. No, we must always guard against the Kuomintang reactionaries’ search and raids. Life can be described as intense and intense.

Under such difficult living conditions, the boy grew up slowly. War and the brutality of reactionaries, The people‘s life is deeply engraved in his heart. Because he is both a witness and a witness.

The boy’s father is constantly looking for his wife and children during the successive South and North wars. But the current situation is chaotic, and there has been no news. The war has caused too many tragedies of family destruction, and at that moment no one knows whether each other is okay.

In a blink of an eye, more than a dozen springs and autumns have passed, and the boy has grown up, but he has never seen his father since he was separated. His face and voice are right. To him it is vague and unrealistic. At that time, he didn’t know if he could meet again in this life. The same is true for his father.

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After the national liberation, this Young people who have grown up finally no longer have to hide. It was also at this time that his grandmother saw his father’s name in the newspaper.

His father is Xu Shiyou, one of the founding generals of our country.

This young man is named Xu Guang, the eldest son of General Xu Shiyou.

In 1948, Xu Guang’s grandmother took Xu Guang to Macheng and found General Wang Shusheng who was in Macheng at that time. I hope that General Wang Shusheng can send Xu Guang to his father’s Around. Let this pair of father and son reunite after a long absence.

But things are not all smooth sailing. At that time, General Xu Shiyou was commanding operations on the front line, and he did not know when it would end. Therefore, Xu Guang could only temporarily live in the house of General Wang Shusheng, which lasted for half a year.

The war ahead slowed down a bit, and Xu Guangcai was sent to Shandong to his father’s side. This is the first time he has seen his father. It is the first time to meet this great father of for the country and the people.

General Xu Shiyou also had mixed feelings when he saw Xu Guang, but what made him regretted was his son, who was handsome but didn’t know a word. Later, in order to let his son learn to read, he sent Xu Guang to the Fifth Air Force school and Dalian Navy class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”11513425″ qid=”6595512497527084302″>Ship academy for learning.

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Xu Guang is also extremely hardworking Learned from 1951 to 1958, from literacy to proficiency in naval knowledge. Over the years, Xu Guang has made thousands of times more effort than others. It was this kind of effort that made him stand out from the school, and not only became the first batch of navy with a bachelor degree in the Republic, but also the first batch of outstanding captains of the North Sea Fleet in our country. For Xu Guang at this time, the future is bright, and the future is unlimited. But in life more or less things will backfire.

At this time, Xu Guang’s grandmother was seriously ill. General Xu Shiyou has always put filial piety as the most important thing, and this is also true for Xu Guang’s education. The grandmother refused to come here to live with her father, and Xu Guang had to return to her hometown to take care of her grandmother.

This is a turning point in Xu Guang’s life. He has been in the Navy for 13 years, with excellent results and should have a promising future. At this time, he has to return to his hometown—Henan Xin County.

This trip was a lifetime, and never returned to the navy, but took root in Xinxian County and worked hard to benefit the people.

After the death of his grandmother, Xu Guang still chose to stay in his hometown, continue to benefit his hometown and contribute his own strength to the construction of his hometown.

In the more than 40 years since he returned to Xinxian County, Xu Guang first worked in the Armed Forces Department of Xinxian County. This work lasted 20 years, from staff officer to deputy minister. Although Xu Guang was behind the gate, he never asked his father for help because of his own difficulties or the affairs of his children. Instead, he wrote to his father many times for the construction of water conservancy, education and other infrastructure in his hometown. General Xu Shiyou also took it very seriously. Even every time Xu Guang went to see General Xu Shiyou, the father and son would discuss with each other about the construction of the new county.

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His feelings are not only because this is their hometown, but also because this is the revolutionary base area of ​​Hubei, Henan and Anhui, where several main forces of the Red Army have gone out successively, and they have contributed countlessly to the revolution.Martyrs. As one of the generals of the Red Army, General Xu Shiyou expressed his gratitude for the great sacrifices made by the villagers for the revolution. As a person who has personally experienced the cruelty of war since childhood, and the people are not easy to deeply understand them, Xu Guang is even more concerned about these The martyrs of China are full of respect.

During his tenure in Xinxian County, Xu Guang always cared for the old Red Army who had difficulties in life, and even spent most of his personal salary on caring for and subsidizing those in difficulties. The Red Army and the descendants of the Red Army have accumulated a total of nearly 100,000 yuan. He also sent the end of the retirement for 9 widows of the old Red Army. He paid the highest respect to these people’s fighters who defended their homeland.

At the same time, Xu Guang always regards himself as the most common person in the countyThe cadres, diligently and conscientiously for people do practical things, never extravagant or even say Never want to cause trouble to anyone. When solving the problem of”talking” and”powering on” for the county, Xu Guang ran around for this, constantly responding to his superiors, and wrote to his father many times to communicate related matters. However, after the popularization of the telephone, the county installed a fixed telephone for Xu Guang’s family, but this telephone was only used for answering and hardly making outgoing calls, because Xu Guang did not want the county to reimburse the telephone bill for his family.

No matter how much Xu Guang pays for the people, he thinks it is right, but he is unwilling to use A cent from a public house. Xu Guang has always maintained a clean and honest style of two sleeves and fresh air. Xu Guang’s wife once said that during Xu Guang’s years of work, no matter how small the work is at home, every time Going to the countryside to support agriculture, not far from home. But he often does not go home for more than a month, just to be able to help farmers in need in time. The unit is normally equipped with a special car. As long as you apply for the inspection work in the countryside, you can take the car down to the grassroots level, but he has never done it before. He always squeezed a shuttle bus with the staff. Xu Guang smokes, but he never smokes public cigarettes. He smokes cheap cigarettes. He even instituted the”three noes” regulations for going to the countryside:no smoking, no drinking, no meat. Xu Guang has always asked himself to do things like Strictly discipline oneself, and put himself among the people for a long time. Understand the demands of the people and solve the needs of the people.

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Xu Guang has always Extremely advocating thrift, implement diligence and thrift into every detail of life. In the early stage, due to the large number of children in the family, Xu Guang only bought a sewing machine for a large price to make clothes for the children. And myself is a piece of clothing and a pair of shoes that can be worn for decades. In the later period, the county wanted to solve the housing problem for Xu Guang, but Xu Guang refused. Xu Guang has always lived in a 70-square-meter apartment house, which is neatly arranged with old-year furniture. The children once mentioned that they had to replace LCD TVs and install air conditioners in their homes, but Xu Guang refused, and even lost their temper. Xu Guang taught the children to use their energy for army building, to work hard, to do things steadily, and not to be greedy for pleasure.

Xu Guang’s hard and simple life style stems from the family style education of General Xu Shiyou. General Xu Shiyou has been telling his children personally that he is just an ordinary person. He has never been particular about clothes. He wore an old military uniform for many years, which was torn and sewn. wear. There are no requirements for daily necessities, what is it for. The team once wanted to change the car for General Xu Shiyou, but he refused. In terms of life style, it can be said that Xu Guang is comparable to his father. Both of them have always maintained their simple qualities.

Even when Xu Guang found out that he was suffering from cancer He was also very unwilling to accept too much treatment. His daughter specially invited an expert to consult for Xu Guang, but Xu Guang refused. Xu Guang also spoke earnestly and sincerely told the expert that he should care more about the poor people. Even in this case, Xu Guang still attached his mind to the people. After repeated persuasion by the children, Xu Guang finally agreed to be admitted to the hospital. He was worried that his medical treatment would exceed normal standards, and proposed the”three noes” principle:no imported drugs, no over-treatment, and no trouble for his children. Xu Guang also told the doctor that he was just an ordinary cadre with a small income and there were many poor people in his hometown. He didn’t want to bring financial burdens to the public because he would feel uneasy.

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Xu Guang is such a People always think more for the people than for themselves. In his heart, the people are the top priority. He does not want to bring any unnecessary expenditure to the public. He hopes that these can be used on the people he loves to improve their lives and enable them to live a prosperous life. , No longer worry about livelihood.

On January 10, 2013, this people’s cadre who has always cared about the people left us forever. Before he died, he would give up all the 200,000All savings were donated to the hometown, and at that moment Xu Guang stillconcerned his people, bent on sharing some for the country, even if the comparison is extremely insignificant. In the deep winter, the weather is cold, and the simple and simple farewell ceremony for the remains, people come from all directions to see off. There are working partners of Xu Guang’s father before his death, children of Red Army martyrs, army chiefs and comrades-in-arms, his relatives and friends, and the people he deeply misses. With a deep heart, everyone paid the highest respect and deepest memory to Comrade Xu Guang. The wreaths presented stretched for a hundred meters.

Xu Guang is an ordinary cadre. He said that he was just an ordinary person all his life, and that such an ordinary person was shining with great light. The light came from his heart, his heart firmly followed the party, his heart was on the people, and his heart was always for the country and the people.

Xu Guang’s life reminds me of the poet Zang Kejia

Span>’s poem”Some people are alive, he is dead; some people are dead, he is still alive.” Xu Guang is such an ordinary and great people’s grassroots cadre, he has an extraordinary background, but he I am willing to devote myself to the grassroots and do something practical for the people.

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He uses hard-working The sense of work has created prosperity for the local area; he used a strict self-discipline style of life to bring the people to rely on; he has become a great man in the hearts of everyone in the local people with his two-sleeved clean air. He is not high and powerful, but he does shocking things. He never thought about what he did, he just thought about what he needed to do. He left an indelible mark on everyone’s heart with bit by bit.

In our country, there are too many such grassroots cadres who work hard and hard to do their part for the country and the people. They never covet anything, and the best reward for them is the smiles of the people they help. They have a great sense of responsibility and mission in their hearts. They understand:to be in their place, to seek their duties, to take their responsibilities, and to do their best. It is precisely because of their unremitting efforts that our country is steadily prospering.

Looking at the tall buildings towering outside the window, I couldn’t help thinking about the good life now. Who gave me it? And what can I give them back? Maybe they never thought of asking for it, so they paid and dedicated silently. Then all we can do is to cherish, cherish the bits and pieces in our lives, because all these are hard-won.

If we don’t have them, we might not have our current stable life; if we don’t have them, we might not have the convenient living conditions we are now; if we don’t have them, we might not be us The tall buildings now stand upright; without them, maybe we would not have the clean and tidy living environment; without them, maybe there would be no us……

They are not A specific individual, they are not a specific group, they are not a single event, they are a kind of spirit, a kind of spirit deeply engraved in the mind and thought. They are worth remembering, learning and respecting.

This spirit will be passed on from generation to generation. It is a national spirit, imprinted in the blood of everyone.