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Xiliang Lake scenery. Photo by Huang Yongxun

Xiliang Lake is located in the northeast corner of Hubei ProvinceChibi City Xian’an, XitongJiayu, connected to Chibi in the south, is shaped like a huge”person”, written in capitals between the three counties (cities, districts). Xiliang Lake is a seasonal lake that was born when the Yangtze River rushed eastward for thousands of miles. It directly leads to the Yangtze River through the Jinshui River in Jiayu County. The winding waterway, like an umbilical cord, shows the world the blood and flesh relationship between the Yangtze River and Xiliang Lake. .

Historical Records, the second year of Huangwu in Dongwu of the Three Kingdoms (AD 223 years),Sun Quan is on a small mouth on the bank of the East Lake of Xiliang Lake, facing the green water of a lake and a lake. The reed grass swaying by the shore, the scene chanted”Pulpa is thousands of miles away, and is on the old base. Ulva May is in May, and the valleys of rivers are mingled in the verse, and the ancient town of Shaxian is named”Puqi County“. Since then,”Puqi”, the county name derived from a stalk of reed grass beside Xiliang Lake, has been in use for more than 1700 years. On June 11, 1998, with the approval of the State Council, Puqi City was renamed Chibi City.

Ming Dynasty Ministry of Households principal Liao Jun, walked west along Sun Quan’s back then The land and water path of Lianghu came to the side of Xiliang Lake on Liuanfangdi in wind and rain. With a giant pen like a rafter, he wrote in one go,”The relics of Lampang are in Xiliang, and the geese are still full of stone beams. I am going to Futaizhou. Standing up, I feel melancholy towards the setting sun…” The beautiful words made this vast lake become famous.

Blue waves are the true color of Xiliang Lake, Spring rises Autumn falls is west The character of Lianghu. Xiliang Lake is the world of water, the ocean of lotus, the hometown of fish and the paradise of birds. One bank of weeping willows stands as a picturesque barrier a few hundred feet deep with silk ribbons; one by one, the fishing boats sway into a scene of a water village like a horse and a horse. Green Artemisia wormwood in the sky in May, sweet water chestnut shines in the sun in September ——The composition of the waterfowls playing and the fishermen’s songs is a unique craftsmanship that is suitable for the movement and the quiet, which makes people suddenly return to the original state when they are breathless; the silver-covered, silent and silent tranquility makes people realize the richness of life Connotation.

Xiliang Lake has a low and flat terrain, dense water network, and connected rivers. The 82 square kilometers of vast water area is covered with haze and mist. Xiliang Lake is rich in aquatic products, not only lotus root, gorgon, artemisia bamboo shoots, water chestnut, water chestnut, etc., but also span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”16363248″ qid=”6539054584600466702″>Herring, Carp, grass carp, Crucian carp, Bream, Mandarin fish Span> and other freshwater fish, here is also a favorite habitat for wild ducks, egrets and other birds.

Since 2016, the three counties (cities, districts) of Jiayu, Chibi, and Xian’an have “conducted major protection and no major development” and “ten years of Prohibition of fishing” The spirit of instruction was launched in Xiliang Lake to remove all”nan bamboo (bamboo piles) and nets in the lake area” (Cages), ground cages, ecstasy formations, and”fishermen going ashore” as the main content of the”ban on fishing and catching” concentrated tackling operations. With the removal of bamboo stakes and the full implementation of the”Ten-Year Ban on Fishing”, Xiliang Lake’s clear waters share the same blue sky, presenting a beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains and water, hundreds of thousands of times.

Today’s Xiliang Lake is like a pearl of southern Hubei that has been lightly polished by the hands of the years. The amber glows with blue light. It has become a place for people to indulge in the countryside and vacation, leisure and entertainment. Ideal place. After a walk on Xiliang Lake, you will feel its beauty, taste its fun, and deeply realize that a good ecology is the most precious treasure of the local area.