Source:Longdong Newspaper-Qingyang in the palm of your hand

The sunny summer is the time of outing. Starting from the downtown area of ​​Qingyang, heading south along Beijing Avenue, you will arrive at Xiaokongtong Scenic Area, a national 2A tourist attraction and a provincial scenic spot in Beimen Village, Dongzhi Town.

Walking into the gate of Xiaokongtong Scenic Area, you can see a schematic diagram of the scenic area tour. From north to south, the scenic area is Qibo Hall, Longdong Folk Museum, Manjianghong Patriotic Education Exhibition Hall, Sanqing Hall, and Foguang Temple. , Guanyin Pavilion and other 25 scenic spots. The Xiaokongtong Scenic Area has a unique mountain profile, surrounded by a ditch on three sides, a highland on one side, and a beam extending in the shape of a phoenix nest, also known as the”Phoenix Mountain”. Because it has a religious relationship with Pingliang Kongtong Mountain, it is also called Sister Mountain. Here, visitors can watch the kilns, temples and temples while admiring cultural relics and historical sites. They can cultivate their moral character and cultivate their sentiments in the magical natural scenery and the simple and exquisite humanistic environment.

It is understood that the scenic spot has many cultural elements, and is called the Xifeng District the largest integrated Buddhist and Taoist temple. East Holy Land. At the same time, it is also a comprehensive tourist attraction integrating loess landforms, farming folk customs, leisure and entertainment.

According to historical records, there was a prosperous scene of”the bullock cart stretches for miles, and tourists and pilgrims can count.” Nowadays, every year during the Lunar Calendar the third day of March and the”May Day” festivals, pilgrims and visitors flock to see Scenery prayers, leisure and entertainment. According to Wang Jianjun, a staff member of the Cultural Industry Park in Xifeng District, during the third day of the third month of the lunar calendar and the”May 1st” holiday this year, the Xiaokongtong Scenic Area not only attracted a large number of local tourists, but also some tourists from other places. More than 10,000 passengers.”Xiaokongtong has the beautiful natural scenery of Zhong Lingmin. Every March 3rd, my family and I come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery.” said Xu Lili, a tourist.

Xiaokongtong Scenic Area has four distinct seasons and pleasant scenery. In spring, Xiaokongtong is full of greenery, full of apricot blossoms like snowflakes like Pan Pian falls, as if you are in Wonderland; Summer’s Xiaokongtong Manshan Dicui, visitors walking in Mountain trails, worship kiln temples, appreciate cultural relics and historical sites, cultivate one’s morality; Xiaokongtong in autumn, full of yellow leaves swaying in the wind, like a flowing autumn landscape, let people linger; Xiaokongtong in winter, in the snow The decoration is patchy, giving a quiet and subtle beauty.”Mo Yan Plateau has no scenery, but Xiaokongtong hasn’t arrived yet.” Regardless of the season, Xiaokongtong Scenic Area is a good place for citizens to cultivate their moral character, relax and entertain.

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