Here, there is a beautiful view of green and mountains and rivers when you push the window, and you can send homesickness.
  Here, there are also construction scenes in full swing and industry clusters that accelerate development, and the future can be expected.

   is located in Wudang District in the northeast of Guiyang City. In the”Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” test, handed in high scores——

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  The average annual growth rate of regional GDP is 9.4%, and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reaches 40286 yuan and 20495 yuan respectively Yuan; the district’s filed and registered poor households will achieve the goal of “clearing zero” in 2019; urban and rural infrastructure will be more balanced, the integrated transportation system will be optimized and upgraded, the natural gas rural-to-country connection project is progressing in an orderly manner, and the 5G network construction continues to accelerate; It was approved as a practical innovation base of”Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”; it was successfully selected as the second batch of national tourism demonstration areas; social governance has achieved positive results, and the people’s livelihood”three senses” are rising…
  During the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, Wudang District will dominate the overall situation with high-quality development, take the”strong provincial capital” as the main line, seize opportunities, take advantage of the trend, focus on the construction of traditional Chinese medicine and medical equipment industrial parks, and build urban and rural areas. A new model for social governance, a new highland for the development of a large health industry, and a new benchmark for rural revitalization are the starting points to lead the high-quality development of the entire region, and strive to build a”beautiful Wudang·Garden City” and double the regional GDP to 325 100 million yuan; the population size has doubled to 500,000; the built-up area of ​​the city has doubled and expanded to 45 square kilometers, allowing the beautiful brand of”Beautiful Wudang·Garden City” to gain popularity.
  The struggle horn of the”14th Five-Year Plan” has been sounded. Udang gathers the strengths of all parties, sets sail to pursue dreams, strives to write a new chapter of high-quality development in the new era from a new starting point, and strives to achieve the transition from making due contributions to making greater contributions in the five-year action of”Strengthening the Provincial Capital”.
  Four-wheel drive rises from a higher level of industrial clusters
  Udang The Eleventh Plenary Session of the Tenth District Party Committee proposed that it is necessary to go all out to promote the”four wheels” of new industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, and tourism industrialization to promote high-quality and rapid development and make major breakthroughs in the”strong provincial capital”.”Strengthen Wudang” in”Strengthen Wudang” and contribute to”Strengthen the Provincial Capital” in”Strengthen Wudang”
   Persevering in turning the”four wheels” together is an important instruction from General Secretary Xi Jinping to the work of Guizhou, and a clear major strategy for the Eighth Plenary Session of the Twelfth Provincial Party Committee. It is Wudang District’s resource endowment and comparative advantages. The fundamental path to promote high-quality development.

  During the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, Wudang District will build a modern industrial system with modern service industries as the mainstay, strategic emerging industries as the leader, and advanced equipment manufacturing as the support, to create a whole province”Four-wheel drive” high-quality development demonstration zone, the core function clustering area of ​​the eastern new industrial zone in Guiyang, and the core undertaking area for the manufacturing of high-end consumer goods.

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 Accelerate the development of new industrialization and high-quality construction of the big health industry New Heights——
   Adhere to the strategy of”strong entity”, build a modern industrial system led by the health and medicine industry, optimize the industrial layout supported by the Chinese medicine and medical device manufacturing industrial park, and expand the dominant industry led by advantages The main body of the market, promote high-end industrialization and green intensification, undertake more high-quality industries in the five-year action of”Strong Provincial Capital”, and promote industrial breakthroughs and development.
  Accelerate the promotion of new urbanization, and build a new pattern of high-quality urban-rural coordinated development——
  Scientific layout of production and living ecological space, build a new model of integrated development of industry, city and people, and fully integrate into the Guizhou city group, Guiyang, Gui’an, Da Neng Level metropolitan area development; revitalize the city’s stock space and low-efficiency space, improve the overall quality of infrastructure supply and operation efficiency, increase the overall access rate of the city, promote the standardized and orderly property management, strengthen the normal governance of the city, and vigorously promote the accumulation of production, A new type of urbanization that rejuvenates the city by industry, the integration of industry and city, and the interaction between urban and rural areas, improves the new system of urban-rural integrated development, explores new ways of urban-rural integrated development, promotes the two-way flow and equal exchange of talents and capital between urban and rural areas, and promotes urban space expansion , Improve development advantages.
  Accelerate the modernization of agriculture and build a new benchmark for high-quality rural revitalization——
  Resolutely defend the achievements of poverty alleviation, do a good job in consolidating and expanding the effective connection of the achievements of poverty alleviation with rural revitalization, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of poverty return; support by industry Promote the overall revitalization of the countryside, accelerate the continuous advancement of agriculture, focusing on solving the problem of land fragmentation, combining Chinese medicinal materials planting and”vegetables, fruits, flowers, tea” characteristic agriculture, and building a certain number and scale of modern high-efficiency characteristic agricultural industry demonstrations Belt; vigorously implement rural construction activities, continue to improve the rural living environment, improve rural infrastructure, and build beautiful rural areas with a pleasant environment and ecological livability, so that the rich and beautiful villages can truly become the beautiful scenery of the garden city.
  Accelerate the promotion of tourism industrialization, high-quality radiate new vitality of global tourism demonstration——
  Take the national global tourism demonstration zone as a new starting point, accelerate the transformation of industrial development concepts, improve the soft and hard basic conditions, and explore the construction of joint construction and joint A new model of integrated and shared global tourism development; around the construction of a new pattern of global tourism”one heart, three districts”, enrich the global tourism supply, promote the linkage of urban areas, parks, and scenic spots, and promote the urbanization of urban areas, urbanization of parks, and high-quality scenic spots. Supply of high-quality tourism products and services; strengthen the momentum of tourism in the whole world, accelerate the promotion of”tourism + health”,”tourism + big data”,”tourism + agriculture”, explore”hot springs + medical treatment + elderly care”, and strive to realize the transition from ticket economy to industrial economy change.
  Three arrows together seek high-quality development from a broader perspective

  Opening a new game and looking for a new chapter, Wudang District insists on reform, innovation, and opening as the”three engines” for high-quality leap-forward development.

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   Need motivation for reform. During the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, Wudang District will fully implement the various decisions and deployments of deepening reforms, focus on reforms in key areas and key links, and strive to solve the”medium obstruction” that restricts high-quality development; continue to deepen the”decentralization, management and service” Reform, firmly establish the concept of”platform is more important than region, service is more important than policy”, continue to improve government services, vigorously optimize the business environment, use the environment to win investment, and use services to promote industries; continue to deepen rural reforms and further promote rural collectives The reform of the property rights system, the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives, and the reform of the”three changes” in rural areas have focused on stimulating the vitality of agriculture and rural areas.
  To open up potential. Wudang District will deepen its opening up and development, build a strong open platform, highlight “outside Udang is outside”, implement wider, broader and deeper opening up; deepen regional cooperation and strengthen cooperation with neighboring counties, especially Yun The cooperation and interaction between Yan and Nanming promote the complementation of resources, complementary advantages, and win-win development; take advantage of the unique organizational zone, actively integrate into the construction of the eastern industrial new zone, deepen the integrated development of the airport, comprehensive insurance zone, and economic development zone, and accelerate the formation of functions Agglomeration effect; centering on strengthening the construction of open carriers and open channels, focusing on the goal of building tens of billions of industrial parks and innovation-driven demonstration platforms, and using the power of the whole region to promote the construction of industrial parks of traditional Chinese medicine and medical devices; adopting group investment promotion and investment promotion , Internet investment and industrial chain investment, etc., for domestic and foreign strong enterprises, multinational companies and even the world’s top 500, targeted implementation of precision investment, grafting and introducing modern service industries, strategic emerging industries, advanced equipment manufacturing and other high-end Resources promote high-quality development.
  To be vital to innovation. Wudang District will implement in-depth science and technology development activities, build more technological innovation platforms, technology research and development platforms, and achievement transformation bases, and provide enterprises with intensive services such as research and development, design, and testing; highlight the main position of enterprise innovation, strengthen government guidance, and encourage And support enterprises to improve the creation, protection and use of intellectual property rights, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements into actual productivity; implement innovation and entrepreneurship support and incentive policies, small and micro enterprise support policies, increase financial support for scientific and technological innovation, establish industrial development funds, and encourage the public Entrepreneurship and innovation; innovative mechanisms for attracting talents, innovative provision of supporting life services such as education, medical care, business and leisure, and platform provision that meet the needs of high-end talents, platform provision, capital investment, technological support, assessment and evaluation and other government services, attracting and retaining talents, Educate talents.
  ”To drive reforms, open up potentials, and innovations to vitality”, standing at the new starting point of the new era, Wudang District will launch three arrows, with firmer confidence and more powerful measures, and comprehensively strengthen the guarantee of factors , Provide strong support for high-quality development.
  Understanding Minsheng’s service efficiency is reflected in a more subtle way
  Minsheng Lian People’s hearts, people’s hearts gather confidence.

   Adhere to the people-centered development concept. During the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, Wudang District insisted on ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, insisting on comprehensively improving governance efficiency, and building a new model of urban and rural social governance with high quality. Let the people have more sense of gain, happiness and security——

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  Promote basic public services to achieve a balanced and universal benefit. Implement the employment priority policy, expand the placement of public welfare jobs, improve the lifelong vocational skills training system, improve the unemployment monitoring and early warning mechanism, guarantee the treatment and rights of laborers, do everything possible to stabilize employment, expand employment, and continuously improve the income level of urban and rural residents; make people satisfied Intensify the implementation of education district actions, further optimize the allocation of urban and rural education resources, improve inclusive education and special education systems, and strive to introduce more high-quality education resources; improve the medical and health service system, and consolidate the medical consortium and medical community Construction results, improve public health incident early warning and monitoring and emergency response capabilities, and strive to provide higher-level medical and health services; give full play to the advantages of distinctive cultural resources such as red culture, Shuidong culture, ethnic culture, and”third-line” culture, and accelerate cultural undertakings The development of the cultural industry, the improvement of the public cultural service system, and the deepening and expansion of mass spiritual civilization creation activities; focus on ensuring employment and stable employment, strengthen employment skills training, encourage entrepreneurship to bring employment, multi-channel flexible employment, precise policies, and do everything possible to help employment and entrepreneurship.
  Promote the construction of ecological civilization in depth. Deepen the implementation of the grand ecological strategy, deepen the practice and innovation of the”two mountains”, consolidate and enhance the advantages of the natural ecological foundation, and make the beautiful Wudang more harmonious and natural; fight for the fight against pollution, strengthen the ecological environment management and protection and restoration, and continue to protect the blue sky.”Five battles” of clear water protection, pure land protection, solid waste treatment, and rural environmental improvement; improve the level of green economy development, and strive to explore more and better ways to transform”green water and green mountains” into”golden mountains and silver mountains”, and accelerate the formation Green production methods; promote the new trend of ecological civilization, accelerate the classification of urban domestic waste, accelerate the construction of”One River, Hundred Mountains, and Thousand Parks”, coordinate the promotion of urban greening, icing, and colorful actions, advocate green lifestyles, and promote ecological civilization Build, govern and share.
  Co-ordinate development and safety”two major events”. Integrate security development through all fields and the entire process of economic and social development, and build a social governance and safety guarantee system that is compatible with the promotion of modernization and the realization of high-quality development; resolutely ensure economic security, and improve debt risk, financial risk prevention, early warning, disposal, and Accountability system, targeted safety work in industries, energy resources, infrastructure, ecological and environmental protection, etc., to ensure that key industries, infrastructure and other key areas are safe and controllable; resolutely guarantee the safety of people’s lives and strictly implement the responsibility for safe production Improve the emergency management system and natural disaster prevention system, and continuously improve the ability of public security; resolutely maintain social stability and safety, accelerate the popularization and establishment of the”three-sense community”, strengthen social governance in the city, and further promote the construction of safe Wudang and the rule of law. Focus on comprehensive management and joint debugging and joint departments, eliminate contradictions and disputes from the source, and build a”safe dang”.