Recently, a report that “only 2 cents left in 12 years after depositing 722 yuan in the bank” attracted the attention of netizens.

According to the report, Ms. Li from Anyang in Henan stated that she had deposited more than 700 yuan in ICBC 12 years ago , And later forgot the passbook and never took it. Until this year when I remembered to take it, I found that there was only 2 cents left in the account. In response, the bank staff told Ms. Li that it had deducted various management expenses.

In this regard, the ICBC Anyang branch said after verification that the above is false information.

ICBC stated that the customer’s deposits fund expenditures were all withholding pension insurance premiums in batches, and ICBC did not deduct any fees.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

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Extended reading:

What is basic pension Are insurance premiums withheld in bulk?

1. What is the batch deduction of basic pension insurance premiums?

Answer:The batch deduction of basic old-age insurance premiums refers to a way that banks directly deduct basic old-age insurance premiums from the bank account signed by the payer on a monthly basis and pay them into a special fiscal account.

2. The purpose of batch deduction of basic pension insurance premiums?

Answer:The implementation of batch deduction is necessary to facilitate payers, avoid queuing, and improve service efficiency. The payer only needs to have enough funds in the bank account and does not need to pay the fees at the bank window.

3. Who is the scope of bulk deduction?

Answer:flexible employment personnel who implement batch deductions are those who have been registered as natural persons in the Social Insurance Administration Insured individual industrial and commercial households without employees, part-time employees who are not participating in the basic pension insurance in the employer, and other flexible employment personnel.

4. How to apply for batch deduction of basic pension insurance premiums?

Answer:The payer must present his ID card, personal social security code and his bank card (passbook) to the bank’s business outlets to go through the procedures for signing the batch deduction agreement for basic pension insurance premiums.

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Source:Beiwan New Vision Comprehensive Hangzhou Net Jixi Social Insurance Business Administration

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