In ancient times, under Confucian ethics and moral constraints, women played and made contact with non-husband men Waiting too close will be regarded as disrespectful and a red line that women could not cross in ancient times. The woman who crossed over will be laughed at by the people of the world, and the people of this world include men and women.

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But under this strict constraint, there are such a group of women, who not only have close contact with men who are not husbands, but also cross men and women. Barrier, intercourse between men and women, and this is their way of survival.

In the face of this group of people, the world often treats them all The one who spurned is called”the brothel girl.”

The embroidered clothes are young and want to return, but the beauty is still in the brothel dream. The”bromish building” originally refers to the place where women live, but because”it” is related to the private affairs of the female surname, in order to satisfy some of the male desires, the world gradually refers to it as a place where money can be used for romantic affairs.

The person who becomes a woman in a brothel is from the source Very diversified, the earliest brothel women are often women from defeated countries captives and female slaves.

In the sequel of”Jian Hu Ji”:”Guanzi is governed, and seven hundred women’s rooms are set up, and the funds for the night cooperation are expropriated for national use. That is, the beginning of spending money.”

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Guan Zhong enters official career

During the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States PeriodQi Guo politician Guan Zhong, in the struggle between the life and death of the country, the captured female prisoners are sent to a fixed place, as long as someone gives money, you can enjoy the spring night. Therefore, Guan Zhong was also enshrined in some ancient brothels as his Grand Master.

In addition to prisoners of war, another important source of brothel women is During the Taiping period, the male owner of the family committed a serious crime. After the house was ransacked, the female relatives became prostitutes, which was regarded as a humiliating punishment for officials who violated the law.

South Song Dynasty Anti-Golden General and HeroineLiang Hongyu, originally a lady of the general’s family, but because both grandfather and father missed the opportunity in the fight against Fangla, Lost in the war, convicted and killed. Liang Hongyu was once implicated and was once reduced to a brothel woman.

The above two types are lost due to war and crime, Some of the brooch were abducted and sold to brothels, or they were sold to brothels by their family members. The exchange of brothels for money is regarded as a commodity transaction.

doing something to make the whole world laugh, but This group of hard-working women still have expectations for the future in life, and they have not completely given up on life.

As for why I say that? We see the ancients saying”Tie a red rope to the sea to break the green silk”. After the ancient women were reduced to women of the wind and dust, they would often very deliberately tie a red rope around their waists.

A Dream of Red Mansions“:If it is The Old Man in the MoonIf you don’t need a red thread, you can’t go anywhere.

The meaning of the red line in ancient times is very big The ins and outs. It does not mean insurmountable boundaries, but marriage, the love between men and women. In ancient mythology, Yue Lao uses a red thread to secretly link the love between men and women.

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The red line is a symbol of love and marriage. Brothel women put the red line around the waist. It can be said that, to a large extent, even though the world has been ridiculed They are not respected by the ethics of the world, and the women in the brothel are not completely disappointed in the matter of men and women. They are eager to find a man who can be trusted for life-the red line is the external manifestation of their unwillingness to give up on love.

Big husband is on the battlefield, An inside and outside , how can you miss your time when you are so dirty and stuck in the pen and inkstone for a long time?

According to legend, Yuan Shikai failed in the imperial examination and was living in the fireworks and willow alleys. After being persuaded and subsidized by the famous prostitute Shen Yuying in Suzhou, he stood up again and became the Republic of China. A generation of heroes.

Although we often complain about”businessmen do not know how to perish the country” , But from the example of Yuan Shikai, it can be seen that some brothel women may not know what family feud, but they are eager to find a worthy The man who has entrusted his whole life has never given up on this matter.

A red line is the last dream of the brothel girl.