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Trump has lost the trust of many countries in the traditional pro-American camp during his four-year term. At the same time, he initiated a relationship with China. span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”15816389″>Trade war, there is news that Biden is expected to end the trade war with China after he takes office. A major international person has spoken out on this matter. The world will usher in a major turning point.

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The former prime minister from Malaysia is optimistic

According to a recent report by the World Wide Web, Malaysia former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that he had been Lampe has dealt with for four years, and he also knows Trump’s behavior better. In fact, Trump’s so-called U.S. priority policy has caused many countries in the pro-U.S. camp to become hostile to the U.S., especially in This area of ​​Southeast Asia. Mahathir Mohamad believes that the appointment of the new US President Biden will alleviate this situation. He said in the program that &34; Lampe used to oppose almost every country, but now I think Biden hopes to reverse this policy, and will be more than many countries. Some understand or establish friendly relations. In addition, the former prime minister of Malaysia also believes that the United States will end the”stupid trade war” with China.

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Biden may repair the traditional American camp Inter-relationships

Trump’s tenure of American priority has damaged many countries that once stood in the American camp. For example, they openly open up to the Japanese and South Korean lions to pay sky-high military expenses. Such high-level and disregarding practices abound. Trump’s essential purpose is still to win more benefits for the United States and consolidate its international presence. At the same time, status can limit the unstoppable development speed of the great eastern powers, but the practice is unfair. There is an old Chinese saying that”the unjust and the few are helpless”. Such an approach will not allow Trump to get the results he expects. On the contrary, it has allowed more countries to see the United States under the mask, and even begin to re-examine whether they should continue to work with the United States.

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Unstoppable China speed

Even if Trump launched a trade war with China during his tenure in an attempt to slow down China’s development and reduce China’s threat to the US’s status, from the point of view of the results, this strategy did not work. In 2020, China not only responded well to the domestic epidemic situation, but also provided extensive assistance internationally, allowing more countries to see China’s will to build a human community. Because of its excellent response, China took the lead in getting rid of the development difficulties of the epidemic The economic development train that represents China’s speed is unstoppable. Biden is smart enough to know that the trade war will have little effect or even affect its own development. So sooner or later it will be a matter of ending the trade war, but it is a necessary task to maintain the world’s one superpower and multiple powers. Don’t let your guard down. No matter what tactics Biden will use after taking office, as long as we are firm in our faith, we will definitely be able to see the trick.

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