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With the participation of major e-commerce platforms, it is called”the longest in history”The”618″ promotes the coming of Carnival. Not long ago, Tmall, JD, and Suning kicked off on the same day, and Pinduoduo unveiled the”Two Anniversary of Ten Billion Subsidy”. The subsidy activities are not only for Popular products such as Apple mobile phones, Moutai, and beauty products, as well as a large number of fresh agricultural products, driving farmers’ farmers Merchants participate in the consumption carnival together.

On June 6, the reporter learned from Dingdong Maicai Chongqing Company that it has covered more than 30 cities and opened a fresh food e-commerce platform with nearly 1,000 front warehouses, and officially entered Chongqing.

“Daily Fresh, Yipin Fresh, Baiguoyuan, Hema Fresh, Jingdong Daojia and other fresh food e-commerce platforms have settled in Chongqing.” The person in charge of Chongqing Retail Commodities Association said that these fresh food e-commerce platforms have their own advantages, and they will eventually be established in Chongqing. The development of China needs to be tested by consumers.

In fact, since the beginning of this year, the fresh food e-commerce sector has continuously attracted capital enthusiasm. First, Dingdong Maicai announced the completion of a $700 million Series D financing, and then daily fresh news about the upcoming US IPO News, plus, more points, Mother Qian and other top players are competing for the”first share of fresh food e-commerce”, and the ultimate decisive battle of the fresh food track has begun.

Under the epidemic, the”cow” is turning to the world

Wu Lei is the head of a community fresh food e-commerce company in Chongqing. He has been in business for more than 5 years, and it is difficult to attract new users of fresh food e-commerce , The number of orders is small and the growth is slow, leading to high costs. Unexpectedly, in an epidemic, people who were unable to go out at will have started an online grocery shopping model. Now, Wu Lei has broken through the growth bottleneck that has plagued him for many years.

Nowadays,”contactless delivery” and mobile phone orders to buy food have become more and more people’s choice. The convenient way of shopping for food has received a lot of consumption due to its novel transaction mode and high-quality service system. Recognition.

“I usually buy fruits and vegetables on e-commerce platforms at 10 a.m. on Saturdays. Anyway, they will be delivered before 11 a.m., so I can cook lunch. I place an order 2 to 3 times a week. The average order is 50-100 yuan.” Chongqing white-collar workers said Mr. Liao.

Iresearch Consulting released”China Fresh Food Industry Research Report 2020″ It is shown that before and after the epidemic, the number of fresh e-commerce users who purchased 2-3 times a week increased from 23.4%to 30.1%. Affected by the epidemic, consumers’ demand for fresh home delivery has increased rapidly. In 2020, the annual transaction volume of fresh food e-commerce will be approximately 364.13 billion yuan, Year-on-year growth 42.54%, and it is expected to exceed 800 billion yuan in 2023.

After the rapid rise of fresh food e-commerce in the epidemic, Ali and Tencent and other Internet giants have laid out one after another, DiDi test the water”Orange Heart Optimal”, Pinduoduo’s”Kai Tuan Tuan”, and Meituan’s”Meituan Optimal” are also expanding rapidly. According to the data from Tianyan Check, there are 78,000 fresh food e-commerce related enterprises in my country, and 82%of them were registered and established within 5 years. In 2020, my country will add 18,000 fresh food e-commerce companies, and the annual registration volume will reach the highest in history. Up to now, my country has added more than 3,300 enterprises this year.

The last piece of the trillion-dollar marketBlue Ocean

Although the industry There has been a wave of large-scale bankruptcies, and well-known brands Stay Carrot, Baby Elephant Fresh, Wonderful Life, etc. Falling into a money-burning predicament and exited sadly. However, because fresh food e-commerce has the characteristics of rigid demand, high consumption, and high repurchase rate, this piece of cake The appeal is still full.

There is a saying in the field of e-commerce that”the one who wins fresh food will win the world.” A large number of capital and giants have poured into this track, and the trend of the market leaning toward powerful players has become more and more obvious. At present, the market scale is approaching 6 trillion yuan, but the online penetration rate is only about 5%, far Lower than other consumer products, it can be called a new blue ocean in the field of e-commerce.

Recently, platforms such as Dingdong Maicai, Diandian DMALL, and have heard the voice of listing. And this seems to indicate that the war between fresh food platforms has spread from the subsidy war of community grabbing customers to the capital market, and it will finally usher in the”first share”.

According to incomplete statistics, a total of 14 platforms in China’s fresh food e-commerce sector will receive 13.65 billion yuan in financing in 2020. There have been 11 financing incidents this year, with a total financing of over 10 billion yuan. In the past ten years, nearly 300 fresh food e-commerce financing incidents have occurred, involving more than 160 projects, and the total amount of disclosed financing reached 50 billion yuan.

China food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng believes that through listed financing to get more With capital, relevant fresh food e-commerce companies can have the opportunity to further improve the supply chain, tap more sources of supply, cultivate more diversified brands, and improve service levels while improving Customer unit price to achieve a a virtuous circle, Promote the positive development of the platform.

The road ahead

According to the statistics released by the China Agricultural Fresh Food E-commerce Development Forum, only 1%of the more than 4000 fresh food e-commerce companies in the country are profitable, 4%Was flat, 88%loss, and the remaining 7%were huge losses.

On May 27, the State Administration for Market Regulation imposed a top fine of 1.5 million yuan on the community group-buying platform”Shihui Tuan”. This is after the bureau on March 3 for”low price dumping” and”price fraud” after penalizing five community group buying companies, Shihui Group was punished for the same reason for the second time .

Industry insiders admitted that due to the low per-customer price of fresh produce, low gross profit margin , Perishable loss, and high logistics cost, which has led to the problem of online penetration. cold chain logistics’s high cost, difficult quality control and other difficulties, make fresh food the highest threshold One of the categories, so there are very few profitable projects. Director Ou Houxi revealed:Director In 2009, Dingdong’s focus was on the semi-finished product market, focusing on the home-based service of a table of dishes in 30 minutes under the family scene. During the Spring Festival this year, the growth rate of semi-finished vegetables exceeded 400%, accounting for about 5%of the market; it is expected that by the end of this year, semi-finished vegetables will account for 10%of the market in Dingdong.

Researcher Mo Yuanming of Chongqing Jingyu Research Institute believes that, in the final analysis, the essence of fresh food e-commerce is a deep combination of”fresh food + fast delivery”, and what it needs to do is to achieve a continuous and stable supply of fresh food , The ability to attract users for a while depends on”fast”, and the ability to retain users for a long time depends on”fresh”.

“Create a full category with clean dishes as the barrierFresh prices may be a direction for fresh food e-commerce to break through the bottleneck of survival.” Lechu CEO Ren Lianhuan was interviewed by reporters Said that out of the strict requirements of Jingcai’s full-time preservation and distribution requirements, Lechu has built its own distribution team, third-party logistics and modern central processing plant in Chongqing. Place your order before 10:30 on the same day and it will be delivered home in the afternoon.

“For large-scale fresh food distribution with low profit margin, The cost of getting through the’last mile’ can still be reduced. I hope that in the future robots, automation, autonomous driving, manual Technologies such as intelligence can reduce costs and are extremely important for improving the profitability of retail companies.” Mo Yuanming told reporters that Internet giants and supply chain giants have deployed grocery shopping business. Who will belong to the future? Perhaps it ultimately depends on the supply chain and operational capabilities. For fresh food e-commerce companies, practicing internal skills and meeting the needs of the people will become the key to gaining a foothold in the industry.

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