Source:Economic Daily

Speaking of”net celebrity” local specialties, GuangxiLiuzhou snails Fan can definitely be counted as one. The bagged snail powder, priced at 10 yuan per pack, will generate 10.994 billion yuan in sales in 2020.

There are hundreds of rice noodle brands and varieties all over the country. Why are snail noodles made into phenomenal products?

Of course because it is delicious and distinctive, smells really stinky, and eats really fragrant-soft rice noodles with Sour bamboo shoots, peanuts, yuba, fungus, capers, topped with snails and bone broth, a bowl of sour and delicious noodles, people want to eat again.

There are many”fans” of snail noodles, and because of its innovation, it meets the needs of”foodies” who can easily taste authentic specialties at home.

“The local delicacies left the place, it is like losing the soul. It always owes a bit of taste.””Din-in food is only delicious, but the cost of opening a store is too high and the number of guests is limited.” This is a lot A threshold that must be crossed for local specialties to enter the country. The people of Liuzhou used industrial thinking to solve the problem, and made snail powder into a bag of instant products, and realized large-scale and standardized production on the basis of retaining its original flavor.

There is no ready-made template for success, we must continue to innovate and seek breakthroughs. In terms of taste, relying on technological improvements, the bagged snail powder can replace powdered ingredients with soup and other ingredients to maximize the taste of snail powder; in the consumption time limit, through physical sterilization, Vacuum packaging and other technologies have increased the shelf life from 10 days to 180 days, so that it has enough time to enter various markets and waitConsumer inspection; in terms of quality, use The standardization operation is fixed to ensure that every bowl of snail noodles has the same quality… After solving these problems, the bagged snail noodles already have the basic conditions to catch the Internet Express and become popular.

The success of bagged snail noodles is the choice of consumers, but it is also inseparable from the promotion of the local government. When the bagged snail noodles were introduced to the market, the locals stood in creating local business cards, developing local characteristic industries, and promoting regions Economic development, from the perspective of meeting the higher and more diversified consumer needs of the masses, and clarifying the development ideas of industrialization, standardization, branding, and scale. They adopted snail powder standards, applied for geographical indication products, strengthened quality control, and strengthened brand protection, etc. Measures to standardize and guide the development and growth of the industry.

Although a bowl of noodles is small, it can become the business card of a city. Chongqing Hot Pot, Wuhan Hot dry noodles are all precedents; a bowl of noodles is not expensive, but it can make a big difference Industry, while satisfying consumers’ increasingly diversified consumption needs, promote local economic prosperity. The success of bagged snail noodles may not be fully replicated, but it is worth learning from. (Zhang Xue Source:Economic Daily-China Economic Net)