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The short-term Bitcoin and Ethereum are coming as scheduled, and Bitcoin has begun to vigorously and drastically in the afternoon The falling diving market caught investors by surprise again, but the low-sucking army was able to do so well in today’s diving market! Because ken posted in the afternoon saying that there are still short-term venture capitalists who need to avoid the current short-term risks!

Why can Ken predict that there will be short-term risks today? First of all, the first point, technical analysis, short-term Bitcoin and Ethereum are in a downward trend, and second point, the news is that today’s market is cautious, and today’s A-shares are the first to panic and plummet! Today’s A-share investors should be mourned. Why did it cause a general decline in the investment market today? Because there is an important meeting tonight that the market and investors are more concerned about, and that is the Federal Reserve interest rate determination meeting.

The Federal Reserve will announce the interest rate decision at 2:00 AM on June 17th, Beijing time, and then Fed Chairman Powell will hold it at 02:30Press conference market. Under the dual pressures of employment and inflation, the Fed’s policy turning point has become the focus of the market’s most concern. Global capital markets will pay close attention to changes in the Fed’s wording on issues such as inflation, QE reduction, and interest rate hikes.

Maybe many investors don’t know what Fed rate hike is? ken is a simple popularization. Does the Federal Reserve raise interest rates equivalent to an increase in bank deposit rates? Because of the huge influence of the United States, when the deposit interest rate increases, funds in the market will flow into U.S. banks, so the indirect investment in US dollars in the market will be Will decrease!

At this time, stocks and other investment markets will fall in response, because there is no financial performance and promotion. And because there is an expectation of interest rate hikes, stocks and other market stable funds will be withdrawn in advance, waiting for the interest rate hike boots to land. It means that when the market and investors don’t know whether they will raise interest rates, some investors sell their stocks ahead of time for safety reasons. Let’s take cash and wait for whether to raise interest rates before investing. In this process, a large number of stocks and bitcoins will be sold off, which will cause a substantial decline in stocks and bitcoin, so if the Fed raises interest rates, it will cause bitcoin to fall!

But in Ken’s view, although the Fed’s interest rate hike expectations are constantly strengthening, from the performance of the US stock market, it may still be in line with market expectations, and even after the interest rate hike, there may be a short-term price drop. Adjust, but it is also when the boots are on the ground, the market will not be burdened, and it will be able to move up better!

Long term, after the interest rate hike, the interest rate will also be cut. It will return and further promote the price increase, so if the price drops further, it is also to create a gold pit and consolidate the gold pit!

At that time, the low-spirited army will carry on with the past and win a comprehensive victory again! Ken will also continue to remain obscure, study market trends with great concentration, and provide timely market analysis and sharing.

Risk Warning

The above is only for personal market analysis and sharing, not as investment guidance suggestions!

Investment is risky. Be cautious when entering the market!

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