Foreword:Liu Bei can be described as very inspirational throughout his life. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, he went from a small role to a monarch in the late Three Kingdoms. I believe that only Liu Bei can fully understand the hardship he experienced. Liu Bei has a characteristic, he has a will that is beyond ordinary people. In the first half of his life he has been defeated and defeated repeatedly. Later, after Cao Cao’s battle of Chibi suffered a great loss, Liu Bei seized the opportunity to quickly develop his influence, with the assistance of Zhuge Liang and others. , Liu Bei and Cao Cao Sun Quan formed a three-part world.

Originally, Liu Bei followed Zhuge Lianglong’s strategic line, insisting on the Northern Expedition, Cao Cao and Dongxiu Sun Quan. Work hard to help the big man. From Jingzhou, to Yizhou and then to Hanzhong, Liu Bei’s forces become more tired, and the possibility of realizing their dreams gradually rises. When Liu Bei’s power reached its peak, an accident occurred in Jingzhou. Sun Quan and Cao Cao worked together to kill Guan Yu and seize the Jingzhou area, allowing Liu Bei The sphere of influence suddenly weakened a lot.

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Liu Bei was naturally unwilling that Jingzhou was taken away by Soochow in this way. In the name of avenging Guan Yu, the army that had marched north to conquer Cao Wei turned to the southeast, even though Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun and other veterans’ advice could not stop Liu Bei’s determination to conquer Soochow. Persevering in leading the army to conquer the East Wu, intending to regain the”own” Jingzhou. However, under the planning of Soochow governor Lu Xun, Liu Bei made a tactical mistake, and finally Liu Bei was defeated by Lu Xun and consumed his troops. In the end, Liu Bei himself had nine deaths, and fled back to Baidi City under the cover of Zhao Yun and others.

Why did Liu Bei “dare” return to Chengdu after defeating Yiling, and only stayed in Baidi City, Until death? A year later, Zhuge Liang understood its intention.

First, Liu Bei has become too old after this fiasco.

Liu Bei began his army against Sun Quan in 221 AD, and was killed in 222 AD. Lu Xun was defeated and died in 223 AD, which was only one year. The defeated Liu Bei must be physically and mentally exhausted, exhausted, sick again, and his health is deteriorating. Coupled with the fact of being older, it must be impossible to run around and return to Chengdu, where the roads are rough.

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Secondly, Liu Bei is a deterrent to Soochow, so he cannot leave easily with his troops.

Liu Bei has fought many defeats, but he can survive every time. This is Liu Bei’s advantage. Although Liu Bei suffered a crushing defeat in the Battle of Yiling, he still had tens of thousands of soldiers and horses in his hand, and he was stationed in the border area of ​​Soochow. Shocked Soochow. In addition, after the Battle of Yiling, Cao Pi did not attack Hanzhong, but instead attacked Sun Quan. This put Sun Quan in a very disadvantaged position, even though I won a big victory in the battle of Yiling, but the price paid was also quite expensive, and there was no capital for two-line combat.

In the face of Liu Bei’s army displayed on the border of Soochow Wu, on the one hand, Cao Pi’s army was invading, and Sun Quan knew it When he couldn’t make peace with Cao Pi, he had to bow his head and beg for peace with Liu Bei, so that Liu Bei would take the initiative on the battlefield. It not only allowed Liu Bei and Shuhan to win a certain amount of face, but also played a role in deterring Soochow, let Soochow understand that even if I defeated the battle , I still have enough strength to deal with you.

Thirdly, Liu Bei, a veteran on the battlefield, lost to scholar Lu Xun, faceless facing the Shu Han subjects .

At the beginning, Liu Bei’s power to defeat Wu, the court was opposed by a blockbuster, Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun, etc. A group of veterans also advised Liu Bei’s decision, but Liu Bei insisted on going his own way, which caused many conflicts between Chuan and Shu officials and Liu Bei. Coupled with the fact that Liu Bei was not only defeated but also defeated in the battle of Yiling, a large number of Sichuan and Shu male soldiers died in the battle. People in Sichuan and Shu area naturally have opinions on Liu Bei.

Furthermore, Liu Bei, who has fought dozens of wars in his life as a military horse, never thought he would lose. It was given to the fledgling scholar Lu Xun, Liu Bei, who has always been very confident in himself, will lose his old reputation after a long battle, and will appear very shameless, so this is one of the reasons why Liu Bei did not return to Sichuan and Shu.

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Fourth, support Li Yan in preparation for Tuogu.

After Liu Bei’s defeat, Zhuge Liang asked him to go back to Chengdu but did not go. Over time, he promoted Li Yan, a local official in Sichuan and Sichuan. Liu Bei appointed Li Yan as the Shangshu Order, intended to give Li Yan the right to achieve a balance of power between the Jingzhou Sect and the Yizhou Sect in the Shu Han Dynasty after his death.

At this time, Zhuge Liang is already serving as the prime minister in Chengdu. If Liu Bei goes to Chengdu to share Zhuge Liang’s real power Given to Li Yan, Zhuge Liang and the Jingzhou faction will naturally have some ideas. Let Li Yan come to Yong’an Palace to manage this aspect of affairs, which can achieve The effect of mutual restraint between Li Yan and Zhuge Liang will not dominate each other.

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Total It is said that there are many reasons why Liu Bei did not choose to return to Chengdu after his defeat in the battle of Yiling. However, Liu Bei, as a hero, naturally had his considerations. At that time, the Shu Han was prosperous and defeated, and he was really not suitable to hide from the lair. Perhaps it would be more morale in the front. If the soldiers in front were unwilling to fight, then the Shu Han foundation he created May be dead.

the above four reasons, the most important is the fourth point, Liu Bei supports Li Yan in Baidi City , And let it be in charge of military power, check and balance Zhuge Liang, and stabilize the kingdom of Shuhan.

Liu Bei defeated Yiling and stationed in Baidi City for 1 year. He was critically ill and made Zhuge Liang from Chengdu Go to Baidi City and entrust the prince Liu Chan to Zhuge Liang and Li Yan. At this time, Zhuge Liang understood Liu Bei’s intention not to return to Chengdu.

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