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Chairman Mao andChen YiComrade in Beijing( 1958)

September 29, 1965, the international situation was unpredictable, flying sands and rocks, Marshal Chen Yi, then China’s Vice Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs, was entrusted by Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou. Chinese and foreign press conferences were held, and targeted, stern and straightforward speeches were delivered on the foreign policy of the Chinese government and the international situation.

[Precious image:Marshal Chen Yi angrily rebuked foreign reporters in 1965]

When a foreign reporter asked about Chen Yi When”China is militant” and whether Chen Yi himself is a”militant”, Chen Yi patted the microphone, cleared his throat, raised his voice, and said awe-inspiringly:“Lao Tzu is a militant! Lao Tzu is a militant!” And righteously pointed out:“We Chinese people originally I don’t want to fight, but if someone wants to fight, then fight! Lao Tzu’s hair is all white. Fight early. If you don’t fight now, Lao Tzu can’t wait. Lao Tzu still has sons, so Lao Tzu’s sons must follow them. Fight!” A speech shocked everyone, and immediately spread far and wide.

Chen Yi’s”statement” without any drafts fully demonstrated the Chinese people’s national ambition and national prestige not afraid of any enemy provoking war threats. At the same time, it fully demonstrated and greatly encouraged the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to defend the motherland. Active preparations and determination and morale; and for all true militants in the world, it has played a considerable deterrent and actual deterrent effect. Let the imperialists who are just about to be frightened and frightened.

When Chairman Mao heard the recording of Chen Yi’s answer to a reporter’s question in Zhongnanhai, he happily praised:“Good job! Mr. Chen, the foreign minister, is a real foreign minister; this time Foreigners also know that our Minister of Foreign Affairs is not very annoying!” 

The next day, Chairman Mao was in The Great Hall of the People once again praised Chen Yi when he met the Indonesian delegation visiting China, saying:”We have a foreign minister who is not very easy to mess with…he is a great marshal in our army!” p>

A conversation shocked the world

——Remember a Chinese and foreign press conference held by Comrade Chen Yi

Hu Sisheng

1965, for the Chinese nation, was a time of disaster. Three years of natural disasters have afflicted the land of China, the Soviet social-imperialists have pressed for debts, and Chen has tens of millions on the northern border of China, and the Indian red-headed Ah San is also ready to move. Taiwan’s Kuomintang troops, supported by US imperialists, The second time they sent troops to land on the southeast coast and clamored to invade the mainland. It can be said that there are gusts of gloom on all sides and gunfire. World imperialism wants to crush socialist China!

The following is an article written by Comrade Hu Sisheng introducing the Chinese and foreign press conference held by Comrade Chen Yi.

I miss our”President Chen” and recall his various achievements in diplomatic work after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. There was a sensation and shocking world public opinion at that time, which deserves to be written solemnly. This is the only Chinese and foreign press conference held in Beijing by Comrade Chen Yi as Vice Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State Council. I was assigned by the”People’s Daily” to attend this press conference with several colleagues from the newspaper. I heard Witnessed the grand occasion of the reception. Comrade Chen Yi firmly and flexibly understands and implements the boldness and superb level of our party and country’s diplomatic line. His unique principled stand and straightforward style as a proletarian diplomat, in particular, he embodies the 600 million Chinese people who have stood up. The heroic spirit of”Leng Zhiqian Fu Zhi” is still vivid and unforgettable.

It was a refreshing autumn afternoon on September 29, 1965. Beijing has put on festive costumes to welcome the 16th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Friends from various countries, as well as journalists from some countries, gathered in Beijing. Many of them are old friends of New China, and some are not familiar with this young country. The changes in the international situation have caused many international people to pay attention to China’s position, attitude and policy. Comrade Chen YiCatchAt this time, it was decided to hold a large-scale Chinese and foreign The press conference broke our precedent for not holding such events and immediately attracted the attention of the press in Beijing. At around two o’clock in the afternoon, we hurried to the Great Hall of the People. We saw the north gate of the Great Hall, there were busy traffic, except for the Chinese journalists in Zhongshan suits, but also people of different colors and colors. Reporters are coming in an endless stream.

The venue of the press conference is in the East Hall of the Great Hall of the People. In the rectangular hall, apart from the position of the rostrum, there are newly furnished long rows of press seats, arranged in a long serpentine shape, arranged in several rows, roughly five to six hundred seats. . At that time, I heard that nearly 300 Chinese and foreign reporters attended this press conference held by our party and state leaders for the first time since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Among them were Chinese reporters from the capital’s news agency, reporters from various countries who came to visit my country and attended the National Day ceremony, including Chinese and foreign reporters from Hong Kong and Macao, and press officials from various embassies in China.

In the past three o’clock, the dazzling spotlight suddenly shined brightly. Chinese and foreign photojournalists rushed forward to seize a favorable angle of photography. Comrade Chen Yi was in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee, and the head of the press unit. With a smile on his face, he walked into the hall slowly. He was wearing a light-colored Zhongshan suit, sunglasses, and walking briskly. The reporters all stood up and applauded warmly. Comrade Chen Yi’s brief opening remarks are not fresh. After welcoming journalists from various countries to come to China for news interviews, he changed the subject and said with a smile:“You journalists from various countries can Be vigilant! When you come to China, there is a danger of being brainwashed.”

Everyone laughed and the atmosphere of the venue suddenly became active. Because”brainwashing” is a common term used by Western newspapers and periodicals to slander New China’s ideological reforms. Mr. Chen took it and responded humorously and gave new meanings. The technique is really different.

When the meeting was quiet, Comrade Gong Peng, Director of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who presided over the press conference announced that journalists could ask questions on the spot, and Vice Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Chen Yi would like to reply.

I remember that the first question was raised by a reporter from the Vietnam news agency in Beijing. The US war of aggression against Vietnam is escalating. He asked:“The United States has increased its military strength in southern Vietnam to 130,000. It has used various new weapons on the battlefield, and it has been escalating. You are like the United States PracticeAny comment?”

To this question, Comrade Chen Yi replied impromptuly:”Comrade Vietnamese journalists want me to comment on the US government’s practices.I think the Vietnamese people have already made the best comments on the battlefield in southern Vietnam and in air combat in northern Vietnam. The Vietnamese people have defeated The special war of US imperialism, this is the best answer and the best comment.

Comrade Chen Yi pointedly said:”The Vietnamese people can defeat the US empire Ism, some people believe, some people don’t.The problem is that the United States is an aggressor, although it has a lot of The military power is distributed all over the world and scattered in many places it occupies. Therefore, the force that can be used in Vietnam is limited in any case. In this way, it is at a disadvantage in Vietnam. Vietnam is a small country, only There are more than 30 million people, but they are engaged in a just war against aggression, and the whole people are united as a whole, resolutely resisting U.S. imperialism. Therefore, it has an advantage.

Speaking of this, I can’t help but remind me of the philosophy of”ten fingers press ten fleas” that Mr. Chen often likes to quote. It vividly illustrates that the American invaders are scattered and divided, and the result is that a”flea” also presses. Can’t stay. Finally, Comrade Chen Yi waved a powerful arm and strengthened his tone and said:“Some people say that the strength of the United States has not been used up. I said that the strength of the Vietnamese people has not yet been used up. The whole world supports the Vietnamese people. It’s not used up yet. How can we only see the power of the United States!”

Today, when we quoted Comrade Chen Yi’s eloquent words, the American invaders have been completely driven out. The territory of Vietnam and the war of aggression by the United States have become another page of failed records in the history of imperialist aggression. However, the development of history is often unpredictable, and the invaders in those years have become a vain attempt to dominate after a few years. Invaders of Indochina. Nevertheless, the basic principles expounded by Foreign Minister Chen are still applicable, especially for the forces that only saw the rising Soviet social imperialism, suffered from Soviet panic, and regarded themselves as the”third military power in the world” and could not see it. The power of the Cambodian people’s regional hegemonists is still a sobering agent.

In 1964, a red nuclear cloud rose in the sky, and our country exploded the first atomic bomb. Then a second atomic bomb was tested. China’s becoming a nuclear power has naturally attracted the attention of the world. When a Japanese reporter asked about China’s development of nuclear weapons, and specifically asked when the third atomic bomb would explode?

Comrade Chen Yi replied with his unique wit:“China has exploded twice. An atomic bomb, I know, and you also know. The third atomic bomb may also explode. When will it explode, please wait and see the bulletin.” The whole hall burst into laughter. Then, Comrade Chen Yi elaborated on my country’s policy on nuclear weapons:“China does not decide its foreign policy based on whether or not there is an atomic bomb.” “We reiterate that countries large and small will come to a joint agreement to destroy atomic bombs and prohibit the use or Manufacture, store, and test nuclear weapons. China manufactures atomic bombs for the purpose of destroying atomic bombs and for self-defense. China pledges not to use atomic bombs first at any time.” This is undoubtedly a policy statement of our party and country on nuclear weapons.

The British”Times” reporter asked a question:Is China ready to share nuclear knowledge with any developing country? Regarding this question, Comrade Chen Yi’s answer is:“Atomic technology, delivery technology, of course, are more complicated technologies. Chinese, Asians, and Africans, as long as they work hard, they can master it.” Opportunity, Comrade Chen Yi used Comrade Mao Zedong’s point of view:“China hopes that Asian and African countries can make atomic bombs by themselves. It’s better for a country to have an atomic bomb.” This is a speech that has inspired the people of the third world countries. No one knows that the one or two nuclear superpowers think that everything is inferior, except that nuclear weapons are high, and they wield nuclear weapons to blackmail small and medium-sized countries, and when more and more small and medium-sized countries break their nuclear monopoly and control their own atomic weapons , The nuclear overlord can only cry to Yu.

The Japanese reporter asked about China’s domestic issues. What aroused everyone’s interest was the issue of cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party and China’s third five-year plan.

Just three days before Comrade Chen Yi’s press conference (September 26), Mr. Li Zongren also held a Chinese and foreign press conference in Beijing. He talked about Mr. Li’s feelings of being treated with courtesy and openness from Chairman Mao, the Party Central Committee and the people of the motherland after he returned to China. He advised Taiwan and overseas to be patriotic. The people recognize the general trend and contribute to the final reunification of the motherland.

So, when a Japanese reporter asked about the possibility of cooperation between the KMT and the Communist Party, Comrade Chen Yi said:”Now there is a Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang in Beijing and various provinces and cities, and it cooperates very well with the Communist Party. The new China is based on the Communist Party. The leading ones include the cooperation of eight democratic parties.We welcome Mr. Li Zongren to participate in this cooperation. We also welcome Chiang Jieshi and Jiang Jingguo CanLikeMr. Li Zongren participates in this cooperation like this, and welcomes any individuals and groups in Taiwan Province and Taiwan to return to the embrace of the motherland and participate in this cooperation. There is only one condition:Get rid of the control of the U.S. and be loyal to your motherland. Other conditions are gone.” Although Later facts proved that Chiang Kai-shek was stubborn to the end, but the united front policy of our party became more and more popular and its influence expanded day by day. ……

1965 was the last year of China’s second five-year plan to develop the national economy. When answering questions, Comrade Chen Yi looked forward to the third five-year plan and realized The long-term view of economic modernization pointed out:”Next year, our country will start the third five-year plan. During the second five-year plan, our country will encounter natural disasters. U.S. imperialism imposed a blockade on our country, and Khrushchev has absolutely no aid to our country. China’s construction has encountered great difficulties. After three years of adjustments, the situation has improved in an all-round way, and industrial and agricultural production has entered a new stage of development with an all-round upsurge…. China must manage industry, agriculture, and national defense well. , It will take decades to reach a higher level, and it will take 30 to 50 years of hard work.”Writing here, I can’t help but make people think about it…

The climax of the press conference was Comrade Chen Yi’s impromptu remarks in response to the reality of the international struggle at the time, answering the challenges of the international reactionaries with heroism, and quoting a famous quote that was later quoted repeatedly:“Good is rewarded for good, evil is rewarded for evil; it is not that it is not reported, the time is not yet; when the time comes, everything is reported!”

This is how the issue was raised. Reporters from Hong Kong’s”Noonday News”,”Hong Kong Evening News”, and”International Digest” raised questions about the use of Hong Kong as a stronghold by the United States in the war of aggression against Vietnam. After answering this question, Vice Premier Chen Yi addressed the reactionary propaganda that Khrushchev said at the time that China did not liberate Hong Kong and Macau, but that Asians and Africans opposed imperialism and colonialism, and that they were able to win the fire for China. Declared,”This is a malicious provocation. Khrushchev wants to direct China’s policy. We replied that China’s policy must be decided by China, not by Khrushchev revisionists.”

Then Comrade Chen Yi said passionately:”If US imperialism is determined to impose a war of aggression on us, then they are welcome Come early and welcome them tomorrow. Let the Indian reactionaries, the US imperialists, and the Japanese militarists join them.Let the modern revisionists cooperate with them in the north, and finally We will still be victorious. The great Soviet people and the Soviet Communist Party will not allow their leaders to make such a sinful decision.”

This announcement is based on Chairman Mao’s thinking and puts the matter on the worst estimate. In the extreme, reactionaries from all directions are attacking China, and the Chinese people have the ambition and courage to deal with it. When Comrade Chen Yi said in a sonorous and powerful tone:”We have been waiting for U.S. imperialism to enter. We have waited for 16 years. My hair is all white. Maybe I don’t have the luck to see U.S. imperialism fight. When entering China, my son will see that, and they will be determined to fight.” As soon as the voice fell, the audience responded with thunderous applause. Some foreign reporters hurriedly walked out of the venue to preemptively broadcast Comrade Chen Yi’s majestic announcement on behalf of the Chinese people to the world.

For the announcement made by Vice Premier Chen, some short-sighted people abroad thought it was”belligerent” and slandered China for starting a war. In the foreign public opinion circles, there are indeed no lack of insights. But not always. Hong Kong’s”Sing Pao” comment has another insight:”Chen Yi’s remarks obviously directly challenge the United States. Chen Yi is emphasizing that even the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain, and India are attacking mainland China, and the CCP is not afraid. Such talks, It is unprecedented. Chen Yi’s talk will not provoke a war. He just shows that the CCP has the courage to face a multifaceted enemy.”

Comrade Chen Yi also discussed the Sino-Indian border issue at the press conference. , India-Pakistan conflict, the second Asian-African Conference, restoration of China’s legal rights in the United Nations, Sino-Japanese relations, Sino-Mongolian demarcation issues.

Vice Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Chen Yi’s answers to reporters’ questions quickly spread throughout the world, attracting attention and research from all quarters, and becoming the headlines of many foreign newspapers. According to a foreign news agency at the time, “US government authorities are seriously studying the speeches of Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Yi at the press conference and are currently avoiding public comments.” On September 30, (the day after Vice Premier Chen Yi’s talk) issued an internal notification to collect responses to Chen Yi’s speech.

The major Japanese newspapers”Asahi Shimbun”,”Yomiuri Shimbun”, and”Tokyo Shimbun” all published Vice Premier Chen Yi’s answers to reporters’ questions in the headlines of the first page.”The Asahi Shimbun” commented:Chen Yi”explained China’s current foreign policy that the West wants to understand”,”what he said Every issue is important.” The”Yomiuri Shimbun” commented that Chen Yi’s speech”shows that China must resolutely go its own way”; and the”Yomiuri Shimbun” in Beijing wrote:“Chen Yi is a reporter Resolutely and completely anti-US and anti-Soviet were made at the reception. During this year, the international situation surrounding China has constantly changed. Khrushchev stepped down, China’s atomic bomb test was successful, the Vietnam War intensified, and Sino-Soviet confrontation again , The Asian-African Conference was postponed and India-Pakistan disputes”,”China has enhanced its importance in the international arena. The anti-imperialist and anti-revisionist line is based on the experience of this year and the future prospects.”The Japanese reporter’s vision and writing skills are quite good. It is precisely because Vice Premier Chen Yi’s questions and answers reflect the diplomatic line of our party and country. Based on a specific analysis of the international situation at that time, our anti-hegemony foreign policy has actually begun to take shape.

Comrade Chen Yi’s Chinese and foreign press conference did not prepare a speech in advance, and it was impossible to prepare a speech, so he answered reporters’ questions impromptu.

Comrade Chen Yi mastered the basic views of Mao Zedong Thought and the development of the international situation, coupled with his unique frank and lively style, he cannot but have special appeal. The proletariat will never deny the personal style, just like growing different leaves on a big tree. Rooted in the people, on behalf of the people, believe in the power of the people, you can play a brilliant and colorful role in the historical dance drama.

Mr. Chen is an important role that people admire and miss forever. In the past, on the military stage, he was a military strategist who was proficient in the art of war and was able to attack and defend. Then on the diplomatic stage, he was a diplomat who covered the international situation and was able to attack and defend well. Because of this, the international press at the time believed that Comrade Chen Yi’s Chinese and foreign press conference was”quite a sensation in the world.” (Japan Broadcasting Association Radio ), it was a”passionate interview” (Associated Press reporter Roderick), yes Pointed out that Chen Yi was “outrageously frank”(UK”every Daily Express“),”has a huge pressing power” (Japan”Asahi Shimbun”),”Reflects China’s national pride” (Former French Prime Minister Fuhr). Foreign reporters in Beijing”unanimously believe that Chen Yi’s speech is the most exciting speech they have experienced in their professional lives.”

Yes! 1965 is the nineteenth year of the birth of New China. This young country that has emerged in Asia with Comrade Mao Zedong as its standard bearer should have its rightful place in the forest of international nations, and be worthy of its own status. The strongest sound.