WeChat 8.0 Apple version has been officially launched, users who want to experience first can come to this site and click to download WeChat 8.0 official This time, WeChat version 8.0 will add dynamic emoticons and some functions for users. Let’s see how to update version 8.0!

Currently on the Apple terminal, I believe that the Android terminal will be updated soon. At most, it will only wait for a week. It will never be too long. You can rest assured.

This update is only for iOS system users. The Android version has not been followed up yet, so there is currently no way for Android Update, the update package of the Android version will be released in the future, please wait patiently for Android users!

Users of the ios system will receive the update prompt pushed by WeChat after opening WeChat, click on the update and it will be downloaded automatically The update package is 367MB. After the update is complete, restart WeChat to experience the new content! If you have not received the update push from WeChat, you can also check the version of WeChat in the settings and click Update!

List of updated content

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The WeChat team said that in order to enrich the way everyone expresses on WeChat, WeChat 8.0 has upgraded the small expressions. When users send or receive a single small expression in chat, an animation will be played. effect. Some small expression animation effects can be played in full screen.

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In WeChat version 8.0, some whimsical ideas have become reality, such as bombing each other with friends, setting up fireworks on the screen, and sending out celebration fireworks.

Currently, WeChat 8.0 is only released for the iOS platform, and the Android version has not yet followed up.

The following is the WeChat 8.0 update (incomplete) reported by netizens:

1. There are changes on the first screen.

2. A new floating window manager similar to”multitask manager” has been added, which can be entered by sliding right in the chat window.

3. Added”My Status”, you can choose the current personal status. You can also see people in the same state as you.

4. Added”WeChat Beans”. You can recharge in”Me-Avatar-WeChat Beans”. 1 yuan=7 WeChat beans, virtual goods can be purchased in the live video account.

5. Added full-screen animations of special expressions in the emoji package, such as”Celebration”, which will display fireworks on the screen.

6. The yellow face expression will move. By default, it will be larger than before, and animation will be displayed.

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The above is the dynamic expression of WeChat version 8.0, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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