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In June, the market has been volatile and adjusted. It has been a long time for adjustment. Why can’t it rise?

Everyone knows that the market will have major gains at the end of June, so many people believe that the market will rise. There is no problem with this logic. However, the other side is discussing interest rate hikes recently. Success is a major negative (very important). Therefore, the funds are hesitant to enter the market blindly. Everyone is waiting and watching. Therefore, the rotation between the sections has been very strong recently. The decline of some sections has not been small, but the fluctuation range of the market is very narrow.

Recent countermeasures, I have said many times, don’t chase hot spots, don’t make full positions, hold the individual stocks, lighten up on rallies, increase positions on dips, and hold your own Position. The possibility of the market falling in this position is very small, and unless there are major interests, there is no possibility of skyrocketing.

The same sentence must be folded when the flowers are worthy of being broken, don’t wait for the branches to be broken without flowers.

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