Many people think that since After Chinese technology companies were frantically suppressed and inhibited their development by the United States, the country paid more and more attention to the development direction of their companies. Many companies continued to have”problems” and were punished by the country. Or investigate.

Since Alibaba was fined due to monopoly, more and more companies have been filed for investigation. In fact, it is the state attaches great importance to enterprises, rather than pure fines.

It can be said that Alibaba has been investigated for suspected monopoly. This is only the Chinese InternetPlatform economy the beginning of antitrust.

On April 13, the State Administration for Market Regulation, together with the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office and the State Administration of Taxation, held an Internet platform enterprise administrative guidance meeting. The meeting emphasized the issue of”choose one” in the platform economy, and pointed out that the forced implementation of”choose one” behavior restricts market competition, curbs innovation and development, harms the interests of operators and consumers on the platform, and is extremely harmful, and must be resolutely eradicated.

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In the future, China will pay more attention to the development of physical manufacturing industry.True scientific and technological innovation, instead of selling dog meat with sheep’s head”, under the banner of”technological innovation”, circle money on various occasions. Enterprises should focus their development on technological innovation, not pure model innovation, let alone through the platform Subsidies and price concessions (squeezing merchants, riders, etc.) disrupt normal market order, disrupt market development, and even rob farmersThe”vegetable money” of the common people.

The sea of ​​stars and stars of technological innovation is even more impressive The heart is surging!

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It’s strange, most of China Enterprises wear the cloak of technology and make money without technology content. Why on earth?

In my opinion, making money is easy, and making money is also fast.High-tech products R&D investment is huge, the rate of return is low, and many companies are controlled by capital.

The trick that domestic Internet giants basically like to use:first use capital to seize the market, and then through various subsidies and Price war in exchange for the favor of users, so as to seize user resources, and then can dominate the market, then continue to Exploitation or even enslaving merchants, riders, and users.

Finally, Meituan was investigated for monopoly. Meituan is a outsourcing rider, big data”Killing familiar“, many people dislike Meituan.

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There are also more and more enterprises being punished by the state for rectification.

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In fact, we need more and more images like Enterprises like Huawei need some real high-tech companies, not these pseudo-tech companies.

Chinese giants should Take the initiative to assume social responsibilities, promote social development, and create a good platform for the people, rather than relying on capital and forming a strong monopoly.

Sigh , It is said that getting rich first leads to getting rich later. As a result, those who get rich first get richer and richer, and the family is the one!