There are two mysterious institutions in modern times. Both sides have ties to the Soviet Union.

   because of the spy films in recent years , So that the secret service agencies have no secrets. Even children know about the KMT secret agents, such as beauty tricks, developing potions, blasting experts, sharpshooters, and so on.

   As for the Central Special Branch, Zhou Enlai himself Presiding over the work of Teco is still hazy, and many secrets are estimated to be hundreds of years before they can be known to the world.

This article will be decrypted gradually, some Of course, Teko’s working method is only part of it (not to mention that the author has leaked secrets, they are all Teko’s working methods after the police announced it).

getUrls?link=16fd249672f5034933b1deb4b6113963 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

(Tec Office Building)

   A senior in the academic world has concluded that Teke has three major characteristics, one is technology, and the other is Money and the third is bravery.

   The old man’s summary, It is indeed in place. Among these three characteristics, which one is the most important? It is undoubtedly money!

   In 1931, Shanghai was a secret front The place to be contended, originally our party developed very smoothly in Shanghai. For example, within the Kuomintang, every piece of their confidential information will be sent to Mao Zedong in the Soviet area when it reaches Chiang Kai-shek.

   can see the technical talents of the underground party, the end It completely penetrated into the Kuomintang intelligence agency. One of the underground parties was the well-known general Li Kenong. At the time, within the Kuomintang, he was a well-known telecommunications genius.

   The Kuomintang thought it had picked up a treasure, Regarding Li Kenong as a telecommunications expert, he is a member of my underground party.

   can be everything, because the traitor betrays The underground party in the south suffered serious losses. Zhou Enlai and Chen Geng were arrested and imprisoned within five minutes.

  1931, an underground party organization in Shanghai , Has fallen into the most difficult moment, whether it is rescue agents or underground activities, a lot of money is needed.

   For example, Zhou Enlai went to find Du Yuesheng, hoping that the other party would help save people, so he gave an activity fee of 5000 Dayang.

   is the moment of life and death in the spy war in Shanghai , Another 120 taels of gold were robbed, which is undoubtedly worse.

These 120 taels of gold, for a country It may be nothing, but for key organizations at critical moments, the loss is huge when they are short of money.

getUrls?link=f4bbaa563b8bc46c55cff602e258f033 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

   was in troubled times, and the money was gone.

   because the Shanghai underground party did not get this Money prevented the nine comrades from being rescued, and they were eventually killed by the enemy’s butcher.

   originally the money was to match The demonstration of the”December 28 Songhu Anti-Japanese War” turned out to be no money available, and the parade aborted. In addition, many underground party members were carried out by the hospital because they had no money to see a doctor, and their whereabouts were eventually unknown…

   Until October 1, 1949, New China was founded Later, the central leadership ordered the East China Public Security Bureau to immediately investigate the gold robbery and be sure to catch the robber.

   East China Public Security Bureau received the order, Send the central government’s documents to Shanghai, asking for an investigation 18 years ago, who actually robbed my Chinese Communist Party of gold?

  Shanghai Public Security Bureau received from East China Public Security Department The confidential document sent was called:the disappearance of the special funds of the Shanghai Provisional Central Committee.

getUrls?link=421532bef517f46172051213111d152f - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

   time is pushed back to 1931, The Soviet area allocated 12 gold bars, according to the old scale at the time, a total of 120 taels.

  The reason for the transfer of gold from the Soviet area is Because Shanghai is an underground activity, it is not possible to raise funds publicly; after the international remittance channel is blocked by the KMT, it can only be transferred from the Soviet area.

  All the gold bars, put a bite of white copper The small box is then sealed with solder to avoid being dropped.

  The only receipt is a The Chinese character”kuai” was split into seven strokes, and the master who engraved the seal would cook the hardwood several times and then engrave it into a seal.

   then remove the engraved chapter Divide into seven pieces and leave them in the hands of seven trafficmen, in a different order, lurking along the way.

   must be First, take out the proof of the strokes, and then the gold can be transferred smoothly. After the online mission is completed, the strokes will also be handed over to the offline, and then seven people will make seven strokes one by one to form a”fast” character.

   Once the handwriting is found to be incorrect, the arrangement is Wrong, it proves that the gold has been swapped.

A traffic man was in November 1931 Departing from Ruijin on the 6th, according to the scheduled route, it should look like this:Ruijin——Nanping-Fuzhou-Wenzhou-Jinhua-Hangzhou-Songjiang-Shanghai.

   Although it seems a bit detour The main reason is to increase the safety factor. It is estimated that it can be delivered to Shanghai in one month.

The Shanghai underground party at that time kept saying”Wait for the rice to be cooked, wait for the rice to be cooked”, the result was five consecutive urges, and only then did the Soviet District realize that there was a big problem with the money.

getUrls?link=eebfd72b285051869dd8d9f8f9432128 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

(picture from the web)

“Quick” only made up 6 strokes, lacking a single stroke-Na, the one responsible for this Lin Boqu, who personally wrote the word”fast” is also Lin Boqu. After he personally verified, the seal and handwriting are indeed the original, which proves that there is no problem at the first six stations. The problem lies in the”Songjiang” to Shanghai.

   Security Bureau immediately investigated the matter, this The Security Bureau was the predecessor of today’s National Security Bureau. However, it was too difficult to investigate this matter. Not only had to enter the white area, but also the seven traffic men.

   The traffic man was confidential at the time, three The investigator came back a month later and asked the central government to give the names and identities of the seven traffic men.

   As a result of this tossing, it also delays The case was settled, so the matter was put on hold.

getUrls?link=9b29534b0fa0f5bca5ede797daf6b867 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

(Lin Boqu)

December 6, 1949, Shanghai Public Security The four staff members of the bureau went to Beijing and met Lin Boqu. They only gave the task force 20 minutes to inquire about the case at that time.

   is the 20-minute inquiry , We were able to know the above working methods of Teco.

   Lin said regretfully:”If Comrade Deng Fa is still there, he may have said clearly.”

The only clue I got was that the first trafficman was surnamed Qin, who had been a highly independent security guard. So the task force went to Shenyang and met Gao Zili who was recuperating in a military hospital. Gao Zili said that Xiao Qin is now in Nanning.

   then the task force rushed to Nanning , The traffic officer in Nanning, named Qin Pu, was already the deputy commander at this time.

  Qin Pu listened to the description of the task force After that, the first sentence was:”Oh! No wonder, that thing is heavy, it turned out to be gold, what am I supposed to be!”

Qin Pu recalled that after riding a horse for 250 kilometers in 6 days, he was on a route prescribed by the organization. He arrived at Nanping at 2 pm and went After the Guandi Temple, the off-line is the temple wish of Guandi Temple.

getUrls?link=c40c6fba67349c9b4be2f2618e157b22 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

   The so-called temple blessing is the person who manages the temple. As long as they can clean the Guandi Temple, they can have two rooms in the temple. , And 4 acres of land to cultivate, and it is inherited from generation to generation.

  Qin Pu is the first traffic person He only knew that the second person was Miaozhu, and he didn’t know the rest. The other party took out the key and opened the lock in his hand. After confirming that it was his own, Qin Pu accepted the other party’s strokes.

   did not say a word , Qin Pu turned around and rode back to Ruijin.

Qin Pu looked at the task force and gave The word”quick” said:”No wonder it is so small, there are seven. What am I supposed to be? I was the first painting I started.”

   Qin Pu’s memories of temple celebrations have only the following characteristics:they are in their 30s, not high or low, The skin is slightly darker and the eyes are not small.

  The task force immediately reported the clues to The Shanghai Public Security Bureau immediately sent someone from Shanghai to find the temple in Nanping. He was the second traffic officer.

   The key point here is not even Lin Boqu I know who the seven trafficmen are.

It’s easy to find this temple in Nanping , Has now become the deputy secretary of the county; following this temple celebration, I found a few trafficmen, and then I found Hangzhou.

getUrls?link=77406d4f5763bf94bfcadb2383ecaeed - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

(Guandi Temple in the old society, need temple cleaning)

 The traffic officer in Hangzhou is named Liu Zhichun, because he is During the war, I lost contact with the party organization, so I am now a common man.

   Liu Zhichun said:”This matter, I remember clearly! That was the first time I worked for our Communist Party…”

  At that time, I often read the”Republic of China”, so I was paid attention to by the nearby underground party and became an underground traffic man.

   The result is a whole year and a half. I was not contacted by the party organization, but suddenly, a woman dressed in a very western style said a few words to Liu Zhichun.

   then gave Liu Zhichun, a new code word With the new contact method, he thought it was a simple task.

   One month later, there was a Kuomintang officer I found him and gave him the strokes, vouchers, locks, and keys.

   Three days later, the transfer of gold will come online When Liu Zhichun opened the lock first, then took away the strokes, the two did not say a word. After the other party finished everything, he waved his hand and disappeared into the dark night.

As a result, the talent has just left for five or six minutes , Liu Zhichun heard the shouts of yelling and killing, presumably he had been arrested on the line, painful screams, yelling, and dog barking one after another.

getUrls?link=89a503b01d0eb1c51ae353ca513507eb - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

   Liu Zhichun carrying the box, left the residence without saying a word, and then went to Songjiang.

   turned around and didn’t find it The person who joined, then returned to Hangzhou. Five days later, a customer came to the store to discuss business. The boss said:”Liu Zhichun, pick up the customer.”

Liu Zhichun took the guests to the backyard, but the other party said a code word, then unlocked, vouchers, strokes, and then delivered the goods by himself, and the other party received the goods.

getUrls?link=d38a4293576a646ce2789ea4d7f28147 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

(Old Shanghai)

He became a civilian because he lost contact with the organization for a long time (the organization went to the Long March) Later, when Hangzhou was liberated, he went to the government to talk about this matter, and the government said that it needed to be investigated. Therefore, Liu Zhichun is still a common man.

  The clue given by Liu Zhichun is:take The man of goods, wearing a black robe and a black hat, the problem lies with this man in black!

   In desperation, the task force can only Go to Songjiang and find a middle-aged man in a black robe, who wore a black robe 18 years ago.

   Anyway, after looking for a few months , And found nothing, so I could only look back to Liu Zhichun, only to get new clues.

   That is when Liu Zhichun delivered the goods , The other party opened the wallet. Because he was a novice, he was curious about everything. He stretched his head and looked into the other party’s wallet, and saw that there was a piece of paper in the other party’s wallet that was similar to an”Inn Accountant Advance Payment Receipt”.

   The meaning of this piece of paper is probably When I used to stay at the inn, if a regular customer came, give a piece of paper with the room number on it. The color is blue, small and thin.

   the task force set off again, guessing this black Yiren, it must take several days to find Liu Zhichun. Where do you live these days?
   So I investigated the hotel in Songjiang, the city where Liu Zhichun delivered the goods. One of the members of the task force said with a wry smile:”It is difficult and difficult. This job is not easy to do. Let alone the 18th year of the war, it is the 18th year of Taiping. I followed the blue paper and went to live with the man in black. Place where hope is slim.

   in general After more than half a month, it was found that a person named Zhou De, the treasurer of the rich cake dumpling shop, had booked the room in that inn.

  得, and found the owner of the pastry shop, Zhou De recalled that the room was set by me, but not for me It was made for Liu Yu, my in-laws. And this in-law passed away a few years ago.

   the clue is completely broken! The only hope is that the task force has found the wrong person, and that relative’s family is not a traffic officer. After having this guess, I started searching again.

Go on, mobilize the masses and call on the whole Songjiang , And ask if there was a middle-aged man with a”black cotton robe and black woolen cap” that day.

getUrls?link=646edaedc7547d5227b9e41732b39a29 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

(Reconstructed old Shanghai, filming location)

After the city’s participation, the whole city said that they did not find it the next day.

A member of the    task force said that he wanted to go home to visit relatives, so the leader approved it. As a result, he had new clues when visiting relatives.

   I never expected that when visiting relatives I was eating at the restaurant and talked about the case of the year. The owner of the restaurant heard about it. The owner said,”I know there is still a place to stay in Songjiang that year. I wonder if you have investigated it? ”

   roughly means that the Kuomintang’s The officers drank together, and missed the car and boat after it was too late, and could not stay in the hotel for confidentiality, so there was a guest house in the headquarters with more than 50 beds.

  The boss knew about this because he was a chef in the headquarters.

   investigate again the guest house of the Kuomintang Security Corps headquarters, this time The task force clearly knows that as long as it finds out who is not a soldier who lives in the guest house that night, it will know the identity of the trafficman.

   found out that the trafficman was named Liang Bichun, but found a drugstore, and went to the drugstore owner. The owner said:” Liang Bichun is our buddy, and one of his relatives is the company commander of the Kuomintang Security Corps; but one day he didn’t know what was going on, Liang Bichun suddenly disappeared. ”

The clue is interrupted again! Just know Liang Bichun has a very good character, but he is not talkative, and the craftsmanship in making medicinal materials is very good. Everyone treats Liang Bichun as a relative.

getUrls?link=6152a53a83e4f1d61095839985c178df - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

However, during the investigation, a group photo was found. It was a big group photo at the pharmacy at that time, and it was a group photo taken during the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion dinner.

   In desperation, I went to Beijing again, passed various approvals, gathered Liang Bichun’s information, and gave instructions for half a month before I knew the leadership When confessing to Liang Bichun, he said:”People are in things! Lost things, head off! ”

   found in December 1931 At 7 o’clock in the morning on the 9th, Liang Bichun took a boat to cross the river, and then took a rickshaw to find the underground party.

When    crossed the bridge, because the Caojiadu Bridge was high, there were two people pushing the cart. As a result, the person pushing the cart used a bunch of medicinal gauze and was confused by Liang Bichun.

   Liang Bichun woke up in the hospital , Slept for a whole day and two nights, yelled;”Oh! My luggage! ”

  Everything is there, only small The suitcase is gone, Liang Bi is purely an old party member, knowing that there must be gold in it, and he must take responsibility if he loses it.

   reported the case to the Kuomintang. After reporting the case, he wandered around the rivers and lakes by himself. I didn’t dare to be found out. I only said that I lost a hundred taels of gold.

   but narcotic robbery was very common at that time, the Kuomintang police, as it is Liang Bichun lied, and it is estimated that there is no gold or two.

   So the task force was in trouble again. What they didn’t know was that someone in the prison pulled the guard and asked:”Frankly and leniently, make meritorious deeds, merit awards, is it true or false? If you report the Caojiadu case, is it considered a meritorious service? ”

As a result, the prisoner is After retiring, an old detective who came to radiate the residual heat again, when he heard this, hey, it’s okay?
   Then he said,”Making meritorious service, great merit!” ”

   The other party said immediately:”My name is Feng Anbao, thirty-four years old, I am a capitalist. My father Feng Dingfei started the repair factory, mainly repairing automobiles, motorcycles and other motor vehicles. ”

  His cousin is named Ji Jiagui is 25 years old. Ji Jiagui likes to drink, practice exercises, and make friends. He was originally the internal security guard of the dance hall. After resigning, he said that he would go out to investigate and do business.

   Feng Anbao was bullied, so he made Ji Jiagui a little bit ahead. Ji Jiagui often spent time at his cousin’s house, so Fight against the bully cousin.

   Feng Anbao celebrated his birthday on October 16, 1931, and his cousin Ji Jiagui went to celebrate, but he stopped leaving and stayed at his cousin’s house for two months.

   their favorite toy is a rickshaw, which is paid off by others The Feng family’s wealth is good, so they made money and bought a brand new imported rickshaw.

I originally wanted to give away old cars, that is, to sell them to coachmen. Because the children like to play, I asked Ji Jiagui to play with his cousin. But two months later, Ji Jiagui played with his cousin. The expensive one is just like a real coachman.

getUrls?link=046f78fcbb1d1d7a285361061d122913 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

   After Feng Shaoye gets tired of playing, Ji Jiagui pulls out for business, but One day in December, Ji Jiagui sent the car back and washed it cleanly. Since then, he will never pull the car again.

   Young Master Feng hopes that his cousin Ji Jiagui will come to play, but Ji Jiagui will not only come to play During the New Year’s greetings, there is basically not much contact.

   Ji Jiagui started his business in the concession Opened a”Jijiahuan Nanhuo Store” business was particularly good, and later opened a branch.

   Feng’s family has a very large business, so During the Anti-Japanese War, being blackmailed by the Kuomintang and not giving money was a traitor. Young Master Feng betrayed a ten-year imprisonment because he was defiled and tainted the innocence of a woman.

and said the above , That is, the one who accuses Ji Jiagui is Feng Feng Shaoye Feng Anbao. He said to the old policeman:”Does it count as meritorious service? Does it count?”

   It turns out that Feng Anbao learned of the Caojiadu gold robbery, and in order to”confess to be lenient and confess merits””That’s why it was reported.

   he said to the old detective:” I thought, the rickshaw you are talking about is exactly the same as the one in my house? You said that three people commit crimes, one pulling the cart and two carts, will it be my cousin, Agu and Xiaoke, three of them? What?”

   the old detective listened to this Then, the case is particularly involved, so I quickly reported it to the Public Security Bureau. The public security task force has stayed up all night.

The task force is investigating the Dossier, after checking the underground party’s report, did the patrol house investigate the case and whether there is any clue.

getUrls?link=623bc65858f7bfc834c525990a40e768 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

(Old Shanghai Patrol)

After suddenly learning about the news, everyone immediately became energetic, so they went to ask Feng Anbao. Said:”What is the license plate of your rickshaw?”

   Feng Anbao said:”I remember the large license issued by the Public Concession Ministry of Industry, and the number is 300196.”

  ”It’s him!”

The    task force suddenly stood up. The brand investigated before was. It seems that the teahouse buddy who provided the brand regarded 96 as 69, which must be the case. !

   dispatched overnight and detained”Ji Jiahuan” Ji Jiagui, the owner of the Nanhuo Store, found a copper-nickel box in the shop, which was the same box used to hold gold.

   For this big robbery case, Jijia Gui confessed and said:“It’s been 19 years. I didn’t expect you to find me for a year. I planned the robbery and wanted to open a shop. Liu Agu and Zhuang Ke participated. Let’s think about it. Wash your hands, who knows that we robbed twelve large yellow croakers, we divided into four by ourselves.”

   large yellow croaker, which means gold bars.

After    commits the crime, return the rickshaw The Feng family was gone, and in order to guard against being arrested, the three principal offenders never contacted again. After the Japanese were beaten away, Ji Jiagui happened to ran into Liu Agu by the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Upon asking, he knew that Zhuang Ke was dead, and Liu Agu opened a hardware firm on Beijing Road.

   the morning of May 12, 1950 At 7 o’clock, Liu Agu was arrested by the public security department. The hardware store and residence were searched again. No gold bars were found, but there were 14 gold earrings and necklaces. They were suspected to be made from robbed gold bars, so they were all confiscated.

   As for Zhuang Ke, in 1934 At that time, I asked a friend to introduce him to Du Yuesheng as his master. In 1937, the war of resistance had just broken out, and he was dispatched by Du Yuesheng to join the Kuomintang’s”Anti-Japanese Army”. In 1939, he died on the battlefield while fighting the Japanese. It is said that he was blown through his thigh by a shell.

   After the Anti-Japanese War, China won , So Zhuang Ke was ratified as a martyr.

Then, the task force came to Zhuang In Ke’s house, his parents handed over two gold bars, which they said were kept by Zhuang Ke after joining the army.

getUrls?link=359bf628a8700f43bfa4f13c567fa2c5 - Who robbed the party of gold in 1931? After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the central government requested a thorough investigation. What was the outcome?

   Then, a goldsmith from Ruijinsu District was invited, and after identification, it was confirmed that it was indeed in his hands and made by him. Become.

   a case 18 years ago, after一年半的破获,也就是19年之后破获。