Where can I set my status in WeChat version 8.0? My status is a new feature in the new version. Through the setting function, the other party can see what you are doing. This new feature makes many people feel special I’m curious about it, but many people don’t know where to set it. The editor of Game Bird will provide you with a detailed tutorial.

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WeChat My Status Setting Tutorial

There is an additional”My Status” on the personal homepage of WeChat 8.0, and the old emoticons have been updated. .

Click to enter the personal page, you can set your personal status.

Currently, the supported states in the menu are mood (beautiful, depressed, counting sheep, daze), work and study (busy, touch Fish, moving bricks, business trip), etc. When setting the status, you can also”say something”, attach a photo, and display the location.

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Click on the user’s profile picture in the dialog box to see the user’s Personal status. Users can also see friends who are in the same status as themselves. As for why the status function is added, Zhang Xiaolong on January 19 According to the Japanese WeChat Open Class Pro, now that everyone opens a friend’s WeChat business card, often they can’t see anything except the name and avatar. “But things shouldn’t be like this. Every business card should be alive. The business card is our online life, and it should reflect our true state.”

The essence of social interaction is to find the same kind. Status is for people to see, and it’s best to be seen by people of the same kind.

In this update, WeChat It is based on simple text to organize the status of such a function.

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