I remember about eight or nine years ago, some people of insight suggested:Ali and other online platforms would close physical stores and business It’s getting harder and harder to do! ! Harm to the development of China’s manufacturing industry. So at that time, Ma Yun was criticized by some corporate bosses such as Ms. Dong for a while.

But it did not attract attention, Jack Ma came out and said:The world cannot be separated from physical stores, and the combination of online and offline stores is the way out! ! Also put forward the platform to accept orders, the development prospects of the factory’s private customization! ! ! In the past few years, more and more physical stores have been unable to mix, and many jobs have been lost. In the past three years, more people have realized that e-commerce has finally made it difficult for physical stores!

Nowadays, e-shop owners are also reduced to the point where it is difficult to do business, because when customers want to find something, the platform decides through some unfair rules:who should be shown to you. . What can be shown in front of you is because they pay more advertising and traffic costs. . Opportunities for display are limited, so competition keeps the cost high. The 28th principle Many stores are destined to accompany Play with. .

b to b, b to c in Europe and America, they have not been vigorously applied For development, I still like to stick to the traditional distribution model. In fact, some people put forward these points in the early years, and some people focused on:Why did Germany not make efforts to develop e-commerce, finance and real estate, but focus on the development of manufacturing! !

Should we reflect:Is it really good for us to continue the e-commerce model? Is it better for our economic development?

Does e-commerce really make the world free from difficult business? ? ?

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