Since ancient times, people have liked to put the scapegoat on the heads of beauties. Emperor Xin of Shang Dynasty defeated the Yin Shang Foundation, and people blamed the fault on the beauty Da Ji. Since then, this kind of”disaster and the country” argument has been pioneered, and it is out of control.

Speaking of which, the beauties who accompany the king are really bitter. If the emperor is wise and diligent, it is okay. If the emperor is mediocre, corrupt, cruel and unprovoked, and if he comes into contact with beauties more frequently, the beauties will have to be labeled as”mistaking the country.”

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In ancient times, the most typical”beauty missed the country” When did it happen?

In the Kaiyuan year.

The protagonist of the story is the pilgrimage Li LongjiHeshou Princess Yang Yuhuan.

Before Li Longji became the throne, there were still two brushes. Although, Kaiyuan inherited Zhengguan and Wu Hui of Wu Zhou, but no one It cannot be denied that it was Li Longji’s good governance that brought the country back to its prosperous age. However, after the emperor Li Longji created a prosperous age, he began to become undisciplined, which means”floating” in a common saying. The emperor believed that he had worked hard enough for the first half of his life, and that he should enjoy the blessing in the second half of his life.

So, Xuanzong of Tang became a handyman and began to focus on enjoyment. Since it is a pleasure, it is natural to have a beauty to accompany him, but Yang Yuhuan walked into Li Longji’s inner world, so later generations planted all their mistakes on Yang Meiren:it’s you, a beauty who brings us our good emperor. broken!

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In all fairness, Li Longji is by no means a seed of infatuation.

In his life, there have been many”passengers”. Although there are many literary works in later generations praising the love between him and Concubine Yang, the authors have cleverly avoided Li Longji’s”love experience”.

Whether it is official history or unofficial history, we can find examples of Li Longji’s passion. For example, there is a Princess Mei next to Li Longji. After Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty dominated Yang Yuhuan, he still kept Have dealings with this concubine. In addition, Li Longji also likes a singer named”Niannu”.

It is said that every time Niannu performs in a performance, he will give a message to Long live Lord secretly sent Qiubo, and Li Longji was so obsessed with his eyes. The familiar song”Niannujiao is said to get its name.

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Many of my friends have been fictionalized by Li Longji in film and television works The image is confused, thinking that he is an old man who is loyal to love, which is not the case.

Before Li Longji became the emperor, he once served as the Luzhou post driver. At that time, he liked Li Fei Zhao. Later, Li Longji transferred to another love, and was fascinated by Concubine Qian. Later, Li Longji loved the Huangfu clan of Deyi, the talented Liu clan, and Concubine Wu Hui. The relationship between him and Concubine Wu Hui has a long shelf life, and it can even be said that Concubine Wu Hui is Li Longji’s favorite woman in this life. However, the confidante was disappointed, and Concubine Wu Hui went one step ahead of Li Longji. The fifty-two-year-old Li Longji was sad for a long time.

At that time, Li Longji missed his beautiful woman all the time, and he didn’t think about eating or drinking. Friends who are familiar with history know that there are many women in the harem of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, and the three thousand beauties are by no means an imaginary number. However, none of these thousands of concubines and maids could arouse the emperor’s interest. Originally, Li Longji was a sentimental emperor, and he endured torment all the time when his feelings had nowhere to rest. The gloomy Li Longji could only anger the courtiers and angered the the ministers when he was in court. .

So, during the period when Li Longji was in a bad mood, the minister of civil and military affairs became a hapless man. Tang Xuanzong was slightly uncomfortable, so he let the ministers anger. Over time, the ministers began to speculate:What happened to your majesty? After all, the Manchu dynasty civil and military are all human beings, and it didn’t take long for them to figure out Li Longji’s psychological problems. It seems that your majesty missed Concubine Wu Hui too much, and could not find an emotional substitute, which made the ministers angry.

Early this day, a courtier invited me to play, saying that Yang Xuanyan had a girl who was very beautiful. When Li Longji heard this, he almost pulled this person out and beheaded:Didn’t you mean Princess Shou? The minister hurriedly winked at Long live Lord, why don’t your Majesty look at it? Li Longji thinks about it, anyway, every sky is lonely, it is better to look at his daughter-in-law to solve the boredom. It doesn’t matter at this look, Li Longji’s eyes almost fell on Yang Yuhuan.

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When the princess lived and met, she was surrounded by Concubine Wu Hui , Inconvenience to watch carefully. Looking at it now, Yang Yuhuan’s beauty is indeed the best in the world! What’s more rare is that this woman is not only beautiful, but also clever and sensible, and can sing and dance.

Friends who are familiar with Tang history know that Tang Dynastyclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="331886" qid="6538716870483121422">Tang Dynasty

span>”Fat is beauty”, Yang Yuhuan is a beauty with a plump body. Li Longji’s favorite in this life is this kind of beauty. The beauty Yang Yuhuan was extremely lethal to him, and even made him forget Concubine Wu Hui, who had died recently. However, although Li Longji was hungry and thirsty, he did not immediately embrace the beauty in his arms.

After all, she is her own daughter-in-law in terms of identity, so cuddling will not affect her at this time. Therefore, after Li Longji returned to the palace, he issued a puzzling imperial decree:he ordered Yang Yuhuan to become a naturalized citizen, and gave the Taoist name too true. This imperial decree made Li Longji’s son, the Shouwang Li Hao, very confused. Dad, what is this going to do? Why should my wife be a monk?

However, it didn’t take long for Li Hao to figure out the truth. After Li Longji used the edict to dismantle the young couple forcibly, he invited the female crown Yang Taizhen into the palace. A discerning person knows at a glance that I robbed his son’s wife. This thing, no matter which man it happened to, must be more uncomfortable than killing him. Seeing that his father had done such a wicked thing, Li Hao did not dare to express his attitude, so he could only tolerate it silently.

Tang Xuanzong saw that his son was more”sensible”, and in order to make up for him, he named Wei Zhaoxun’s daughter as the new concubine of longevity and sought another marriage for his son. In fact, beautiful women like Yang Yuhuan appear every few hundred years. For example, Da Ji, Xi Shi, and the Zhao sisters. However, due to the low frequency of such stunning beauty, not every emperor has the opportunity to kiss Fangze.

Li Longji is a lucky man. He is very fortunate that he can meet such a beauty in his lifetime. Since then, Yang Yuhuan has become the most favored woman in the harem. Li Longji will affectionly call her the”maiden” in the harem. All the treatments and rituals that Yang Yuhuan enjoys are equivalent to the position of the harem.

In other words, in addition to the status of a queen, this woman already has everything that a harem woman desires.

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Speaking of this, many people have a question. What magical power does Yang Yuhuan have that can make Li Longji unable to control the countless Yuemei? Is it her”slimming” skin that can be broken by blowing a bomb? Or is she smiling like a flower?

There is a saying that Li Longji is a”artist young man” and his musical literacy is very high. When it comes to musical talent, none of the emperors of the Tang Dynasty can match him. Li Longji is not only good at musical instruments, but also knows how to compose. In the”Pear Garden” he set up, many composers were born. It is unbelievable that many singers from Liyuan are all disciples of Li Longji who have been educated by him himself.

Obviously, Yang Yuhuan and Li Longji, who are good at music and singing and dancing, have a lot of common topics.

It is said that Li Longji once asked Yang Yuhuan to play music with a pipa, and he and four other Musician accompaniment. Yang Yuhuan’s pipa sounded in harmony with Li Longji’s Jiegu, and he actually played a sound of heaven.

This statement is more reliable, because many couples come together because of a common hobby. If Yang Yuhuan was just an empty beauty, and accompanied by Li Longji all day long, he would inevitably be at a loss when appreciating the music. When Li Longji enthusiastically told Yang Yuhuan about music theory, if Yang Yuhuan behaved very confused, Tang Xuanzong would be disappointed.

However, there is another view that Yang Yuhuan is very understanding and knows how to act like a baby. What kind of woman do men like? The tall and cold beauty? Lack of fireworks; delicate and weak woman? Too nasty; perfectionist strong woman? Not feminine. Only those caring girls who know how to stop everything are most popular with men.

There is no doubt that Yang Yuhuan is such a woman. Whenever Li Longji slipped into the other concubine’s bedroom, Yang Yuhuan would always play a trick to return to her natal family, but as long as Li Longji sent someone to invite, she would return to the palace obediently and never make trivial matters bigger. Moreover, Yang Yuhuan always puts forward some strange little requests, such as eating lychees, washing hot springs, etc. These hobbies make her more prominent.

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Any concubine loves to make any request, as the emperor is capable Satisfy. However, the requirements of ordinary beauties are nothing more than gold and silver jewelry, beautiful clothes, or looking for an errand for a relative, etc. These requirements will only make the emperor feel that beauty is intolerable. In addition, Yang Yuhuan can still make Li Longji remember his life after his death, also because there was no more empathetic woman than her.

Let’s see Yang Yuhuan’s being Collis hanged At the time of death, she was very calm and without complaints. After decently saying goodbye to Li Longji, she went to Huangquan calmly. If she cried, made trouble, and hanged herself on her deathbed, destroying the beautiful image in Li Longji’s mind, how could she make the emperor be depressed for life,”this hatred lasts forever”?

Of course, Li Longji is obsessed with Yang Yuhuan, and his own mentality is also an important factor. Li Longji made many great achievements in the first half of his life, so he gradually lost his interest in politics. Yin Shang the last emperor Xin, also tried his best to govern when he succeeded, but it was precisely because of his politics He is very capable, and he feels that politics is no longer challenging in the middle of his ruling period, and he starts to slack in politics.

The emperor who achieved great success in the first half of his life will inevitably become extravagant and prosperous in the second half of his life. Looking at the emperors who have been”half of the Qingming and half a lifetime of fainting”, most of them are like this. After Li Longji handed over all government affairs to the prime minister and close ministers, he had a lot of time to enjoy his life. At this time, what he lacks is just a woman who is in sync with him.

Yang Yuhuan is the woman who can play the world with Li Longji.

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