Digital RMB is a digital legal currency issued by the People’s Bank of China. This month, Beijing and Shanghai simultaneously launched digital renminbi red envelope activities, and a total of hundreds of thousands of red envelopes worth tens of millions of yuan will be distributed. In addition to daily consumption scenarios, the digital renminbi has gradually penetrated into all aspects of currency use. Xiao Liu, an employee of a company in Beijing, said that he received the first batch of digital renminbi wages from the company on April 16, totaling 200 yuan. It is specially sent to a wallet account called the Digital RMB App, and it can also be recharged from a bank card and then consumed. This is the first time a company in Beijing has used digital renminbi to pay wages. In addition to employee salaries, companies that have opened public accounts can also use digital renminbi to pay accounts.

Source:CCTV Finance

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