Although in the field of historiography in China, generally do not pay much attention to the records of women, there are still many famous women who have left a strong mark in history, the most well-known of them In addition to political strongmen like Wu Zetian, I am afraid it will be counted as four beauties.

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Above-Statues of Wu Zetian and Li Zhi

Among the stories of these four beauties, the love story of Yang Yuhuan and Tang Xuanzong is the most legendary.

Tang Xuanzong, who created the prosperous era of Kaiyuan, had a sharp decline in political performance after marrying Concubine Yang in his later years, even because of Concubine Yang and An Lushan had a close relationship and ignored the minister’s warning, which eventually led to the Anshi Rebellion and ruined the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.

And Concubine Yang and his brother Yang Guozhong became victims together. In the end, she lost her jade in Maweipo, and became a sadness that many writers competed to recite. scene.

In fact, before marrying Tang Xuanzong, Concubine Yang was already the concubine of Tang Xuanzong’s son, the longevity Wang Li Hao. Later, Tang Xuanzong was greedy for her beauty. He took it from his own son.

So what has changed in Li Hao’s life after the loss of Concubine Yang, and what is the outcome?

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Above-Stills of Concubine Yang

1. The young age of the longevity king Li Xuan

Tang Xuanzong as the The most effective emperor in the mid-Tang Dynasty, he soon resolved the political problems left by the previous dynasties after he ascended to the throne, and held power in In his own hands, the prestige of the imperial power was re-established.

After that, it started using Zhang Jiuling Other famous ministers implemented many political reforms to restore the economic development of the Li and Tang dynasty and reach its heyday. This is what we often refer to today as the”Kaiyuan Prosperity”.

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Above-Portrait of Tang Xuanzong

Tang Xuanzong, who was politically smooth sailing, also accepted many concubines. Among them, the one he loved most was Wu Huifeiclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="10325453" qid="6548021529840456967"> span>, this concubine comes from a very unusual background. She is the grand niece of Empress Wu Zetian and the daughter of Wang Wu Youzhi.

Because his father died young, he was taken to the imperial palace by Wu Zetian very early.

After Wu Zetian abdicated, she still stayed in the palace to live. After she grew up, Concubine Wu Hui was born as beautiful as the young Wu Zetian. This attracted the attention of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. Accept it as a concubine.

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Above-Picture of Concubine Wu Hui

Concubine Wu Hui, who had lived in the palace since childhood, was very good at welcoming the emperor, which quickly won the favor of Tang Xuanzong and favored the harem.

But although she gave birth to several princes one after another, they all died soon, which became the heart disease of Tang Xuanzong and Concubine Wu Hui. Later, Concubine Wu Hui became pregnant again and gave birth to a son, and was named Li Qing.

Tang Xuanzong thought that the prince’s early death might be related to the Feng Shui of the palace, so he sent it to his brother, King Ning.Li Xian was raised in Fuzhong, and his concubine Yuanshi regarded this little prince as her own, which made Li Qing’s childhood very happy.

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Above-Li Wei stills

When Li Qing was seven or eight years old, he once visited his elder brother Yongwang Li Lin’s mansion. His decent behavior during this trip attracted the attention of Tang Xuanzong.

Soon after that, he was named the king of life by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. Later, he led the governor of Yizhou, Jiedu of Jiannan, and added the three divisions of the official house. He entered the political circles of the Tang Dynasty and changed his name to Li Hao. It was also in December of the year that he changed his name, he named Yang as his concubine, and this was later Yang Yuhuan.

Second, the death of Concubine Wu Hui and Concubine Yang’s seizure

Accordingly It is said that Shou Wang Li Wei was very young, only the eighteenth son of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, and mother Not a queen, there should be no connection with the throne.

But his mother, Concubine Wu Hui, was favored by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty at this time, in Harem is extremely high.

In addition, she lived with Wu Zetian since she was a child, and was influenced by a generation of empresses. For There is an inexplicable enthusiasm for power, so she plots to get Li Hao to board the Prince .

Before Tang Xuanzong ascended the throne, there were three concubines in the hidden mansion, namely Zhao Lifei, Huangfu Deyi and Liu Cairen, their son is Prince Li Ying, Ewang Liyao, Guangwang Li Ju.

They were originally the favorite concubines of Tang Xuanzong, but now Tang Xuanzong seems to have only Concubine Wu Hui, which makes them depressed.

The three princes knew that their mother’s degree of favor would affect their political career, so they were worried about their mother’s state and often complained together.

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Above-Zhang Jiuling, a famous photo in the Tang Dynasty

At that time, WuHui Fei daughter Xianyi’s horse Yang Wei knew she wanted to help Li Hao To seize the crown prince, he collected the questions of the three princes privately and passed the information to Concubine Wu Hui.

Concubine Hui often cried to Tang Xuanzong that the prince and two other princes had formed a party and wanted to get rid of their mother and son.

After hearing this, Tang Xuanzong was furious and almost made the decision to abolish the prince. It was because of Zhang Jiuling’s persuasion that he finally gave up. However, the image of Li Ying in Tang Xuanzong’s mind is already big Discounted.

Soon after Zhang Jiuling returned to his hometown, Li Linfu Being the prime minister, he is different from Zhang Jiuling, and turned a blind eye to Huifei’s ambitions.

So Hui Fei designed to call the three kings into the palace and let them wear armor.

At the same time, she told Tang Xuanzong and the others to plot a rebellion. Tang Xuanzong saw them wearing iron armor and entered the palace, so he arrested them and asked Li Linfu what he should do When dealing with them, Li Linfu said that this was Tang Xuanzong’s housework, and he stopped expressing opinions because he should not interfere.

So Tang Xuanzong abolished them as common people.

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Above-Li Linfu stills

The three princes were killed shortly after the abolition of the prince. At that time, it was rumored that this was written by Concubine Wu Hui.

It stands to reason that she should operate Li Hao to climb outside the prince, but she suffers from suspicion and often sees the ghosts of Li Ying and others walking in front of her , Which made her sick, and soon passed away.

After Concubine Wu Hui passed away, naturally no one cared whether Li Hao could be crown prince, so the third son of the emperorLi Heng became the new prince.

Although the ruling and the opposition have complained about Concubine Wu Hui’s disorderly politics, Li Hao is a low-key person, so he has not received too many accusations, and his life is leisurely and contented.

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Above-Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei

However, Tang Xuanzong, who lost his favored concubine at this time, was not happy because the concubines in the harem at the time were not satisfactory to him.

At this time, the attendant beside him told him that Li Hao’s concubine Yang was beautiful, which aroused the interest of Tang Xuanzong. After seeing Yang Yuhuan, he really fell in love at first sight. This incident is recorded in the”New Tang Book” as follows:

In the twenty-fourth year of Kaiyuan, Concubine Wu Hui, the Hou court had no intention to be an emperor. Or the concubine’s aptitude is strong, and it is appropriate to fill Ye Ting, and then call for internal ban, which is different.

But Yang Yuhuan is his own daughter-in-law after all. If she is forced into the harem, she will undoubtedly bear great moral pressure.

For this reason, Tang Xuanzong thought of another way. He first made Yang Yuhuan a monk and became a female nun, so that his marriage with Li Hao would be automatically dissolved.

After completing this operation, Tang Xuanzong became a new princess for Li Hao and married the daughter of Wei Zhaoxun. After that, he accepted Yang Yuhuan as a concubine and soon named her a noble concubine.

Three, Li Hao’s final ending

After being robbed of his wife by his father, Li Hao Naturally, he did not dare to express his imperial prestige. He was still very respectful to his father. He also strictly followed the etiquette of mother and child when he saw Concubine Yang. This made Tang Xuanzong very satisfied with him, so his prince career I didn’t become embarrassed by this unusual relationship, but became more at ease.

After the death of his mother, Li Hao gradually moved away from political disputes and focused on his own life.

He and Fei Wei had a very good relationship. They gave birth to many children in the later period and enjoyed the last grand event of the Tang Dynasty together.

During the Tianbao period, the Jiedu of the three northern towns caused Anlu Mountain to launch a rebellion, which completely destroyed the Tang Dynasty event.

Under the leadership of An Lushan and others, the rebels quickly approachedChang’an City, with the fall of Tongguan, Tang Xuanzong knew that Tang Army was unable to defend Chang’an , He led his cronies to flee the land of Shu, and Li Hao was also in the accompanying team.

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Above-Tang Xuanzong bestows the death of Yang Guifei

A mutiny occurred when the group walked to Maweipo. Yang Yuhuan’s elder brother Yang Guozhong was executed by soldiers under Chen Xuanli’s command. After that, they forced Tang Xuanzong to grant Concubine Yang to death.

Tang Xuanzong had no choice but to obey their request, and Yang Guifei’s former husband Li Hao witnessed all this with his own eyes.

With the death of Yang Yuhuan, Tang XuanzongThe awkward relationship with Li Hao finally came to an end. For a period of time afterwards, he lived in Sichuan with Tang Xuanzong.

During this period, his elder brother Li Heng made himself emperor, that is, Tang Suzong and led the Tang army to fight against the rebels. After Tang Jun regained Chang’an, he and Tang Xuanzong returned to live in Chang’an together.

Because the relationship between Tang Suzong and Tang Xuanzong is also very delicate, most of Xuanzong’s relatives are alienated by Li Heng.

However, Li Hao has always shown himself in the face of ignoring political affairs. Li Heng has always had a good impression of his younger brother. Therefore, he has not been excluded and monitored. He has been living in the capital until the cause He died of illness and got a good death in turbulent times.

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Above-Stills of Tang Suzong and Li Heng

Four. Conclusion

As one of the four great beauties in ancient China, the story of Concubine Yang has always been discussed Focus.

Most of us know that Concubine Yang had a marriage before marrying Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. Her husband was the king of life, Li Hao, but he was not familiar with Li Hao’s life. In fact, Li Hao can be called a wise man in the troubled times.

When he was young, he was involved in the fierce court struggle due to the influence of his mother, which directly led to the death of Prince Li Ying, which greatly affected the court order. Turbulence.

It is reasonable to say that as a vested interest, Li Wei should have been cultivated with a strong desire for power, but the reality is just the opposite, and he has since become ignorant of political affairs.

The author believes that this is because Li Hao clearly sees the price to be paid in order to gain power, which makes him take the initiative to alienate power, but is willing to accept the domination of power.

So after his father fell in love with his wife, he almost followed all the arrangements without hesitation, and did not show any reluctance afterwards.

When the elder brother and his father had a power conflict, he did not help each other and stayed out of the matter. This allowed him to save his life in the troubled times and be able to enjoy his old age. I’m afraid this It is the great wisdom of his life.

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