HKUST iFLYTEK’s stock price crashed and evaporated 13 billion

On June 11, the stock price of HKUST IFLYTEK crashed during the intraday session. The stock price plummeted at 10:50, only It fell 9.58%in 15 minutes and approached the limit, and then rebounded slightly. As of noon closing, the stock reported 57.18 yuan, down 6.86%, and the market value had evaporated by more than 13 billion yuan. 3.598 billion yuan, the latest market value of 127.2 billion yuan.

getUrls?link=49c7e174c8b6a32f6bf78f07b717f79f - what happened? HKUST iFLYTEK’s share price crashed and its market value evaporated by 13 billion! The company responds urgently

As of press time, HKUST iFLYTEK has not been significantly negative recently. On June 9, iFLYTEK and JAC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Hefei. According to the agreement, the two parties will cooperate in business areas such as smart cockpits, smart car networking, smart driving, and smart sales services to promote mutual benefit and win-win results and achieve common development.

Previously Xunfei input method was Major App Stores are offline, and a screenshot of a document titled”Notice on the Punishment of Xunfei Input Method App being Removed by Major App Markets” has been circulating on the Internet, pointing out that Xunfei input method business has violated this incident.”Personal Information Protection Management Regulations”, and punished the relevant responsible persons and the senior leaders in charge of the Group At present, searching for the iFLYTEK input method in app stores such as Apple and Huawei shows that it has been removed.

getUrls?link=078f5965e3286b56d94ea20b1c381bb7 - what happened? HKUST iFLYTEK’s share price crashed and its market value evaporated by 13 billion! The company responds urgently

The company’s emergency response:operation is normal, and rectification has been completed

The company’s sources said that the company’s operations are normal at present, and the stock price crash and the delisting of the input method are not related. At present, production and operation are normal.

For the specific business situation of the input method, HKUST Xunfei responded that recently, the Xunfei input method App was not fully satisfied On May 1, the rectification requirements of the State Cyberspace Administration Office on the notification of violations of personal information collection were removed from the app store. The specific reason was:iFLYTEK’s input Pharaoh version was upgraded to the latest version 10.0.20, and the old version of Pinyin cloud input settings were used. Option, no pop-up window prompts the user to choose whether to open or not; after the user selects the close function in the pinyin cloud input pop-up prompt in the Xunfei input method version 10.0.20, a second pop-up window appears asking the user to confirm.

Currently, iFLYTEK’s Input Method App has been rectified and is currently cooperating with relevant departments to check to ensure re-listed after compliance. In the follow-up work, iFLYTEK’s Input Method App will try its best to ensure the security of users’ personal information from management mechanisms, technical means, self-correction and self-inspection, and to better serve the majority of users.

Except for”Xunfei Input Method”, High market share“QQ input method”,”“Sogou Input Method” is also removed from Apple and Android app stores or cannot be downloaded. The reason for the removal is not clear yet. (Comprehensive Beijing News, China Securities News)