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The place name El Salvador was known last time because of Brazil. Today we re-recognize El Salvador because of Bitcoin, and this is Safi Piisa.

Today, this remote country in Central America becomes the number one in the world A country that recognizes Bitcoin, which means that legal transactions in Bitcoin will no longer be hypothetical.

even if it is not an important financial market, even if it is not something Economically developed countries will not change the willingness of many institutions and individuals to have a relationship with them.

Because it recognizes Bitcoin, this reason is sufficient. The most important thing is not only legalization, El Salvador also announced that immigrants who invested 3 bitcoins You can get permanent residency.

For many people who do not intend to immigrate, half the investment Too much. But again, many people who want to obtain legal status will naturally rush to this virtual currency.

No matter how they looked at it in the past, now for the sake of identity,”virtual” It can also become a good investment method.

In this In the coastal countries of Central America where the per capita GDP is less than US$4,000, agriculture is the main economy, accounting for one third of the national economy.

And the amazing thing is that immigrant remittances are also a non-negligible economy in this country The source, a population of 6.7 million, the total foreign exchange inflow in 2019 alone exceeded 6 billion US dollars.

The per capita remittance of about $900 does not seem to be much, but if Tell you that 70%of the people there do not have a bank account, not to mention a credit card. It’s completely different!

For those who own Bitcoin For investors, channel Where is not the point, only legality is the key. As long as there is money in the Internet age, there is no place that cannot be covered.

Of course, a country label cannot be overwritten. Illegal positioning of virtual currencies in most regions, especially Bitcoin. But this will not affect its subsequent continuous appreciation. Appreciation will bring demand. If there is demand, there is no need to worry about not having a provider.

The market is fermented and spawned under such a logic . The original economy of El Salvador had few exports but many imports. Exports are mainly coffee beans, cotton and Sucrose, the vast majority of consumer products rely on imports, and there is almost no manufacturing of their own.

At the same time, it does not have its own independent currency. The main currency in circulation is The dollar, a country like this is simply a tax haven for the rich.

The existence of a projectile place may not and will not rewrite the world The economy is trending towards the sky, but the butterfly effect it produces has already begun to appear. In just one day, Bitcoin soared by more than 12%.

It can be imagined that an American Bitcoin holder can Obtain a Salvadorian transaction account from the Internet, and then deposit the bitcoin he wants to trade into it, Then tell the other party your card number, and the rest is just waiting for the money to be credited.

The magic of the digital world lies in the displacement corresponding to space It’s also a real transaction, no need to meet at both ends.

Comply with epidemic prevention requirements, and everyone can operate it. This is a huge challenge for legal currencies, and it is also unacceptable to sovereign states.

Existence is reasonable to be verified again, without shit analysis, that’s So capricious.