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[Global Times Special Correspondent in Japan Xu Dairu Wenzhu] Prime Minister of Japan Suga Yoshihide recently apologized for visiting nightclubs in Tokyo in violation of emergency regulations by two lawmakers. If it were not for the epidemic, it would be normal and common for Japanese people to go to nightclubs to decompress after get off work. Tokyo’s Ginza, Shinjuku, Roppongi and other prosperous districts, only when night falls, can it really become lively. Bars, nightclubs, neon flashes, bright as day. The nightclubs with colorful themes make Japanese people linger. In addition, Japanese nightclubs also attract a large number of tourists from all over the world to experience. When traveling to Japan, in addition to viewing cherry blossoms, bathing in hot springs, savoring Japanese food and other items, drinking, listening to music, and dancing at nightclubs are also unique experiences.

Girls who accompany wine will not be underestimated

There are many shops in Japan that provide night entertainment. Custom shops with business licenses and special services. Japan’s strict hierarchical system, cumbersome work process, endless depression and tolerance in the daytime, strive to show the best service and perfect smile, all of which are stressful, so office workers have become the “main force of patrons of nightclubs” military”. Most office workers will choose to have a few drinks with colleagues or friends after get off work in bars and other nightclubs near the company to relieve the pressure and irritability at work.

You can often see the Shinjuku feasting Kabukicho in Japanese animation or film and television works, dressed in kimono, noble and elegant The Ginza club girls, as well as the dancing hot girls who step on high heels of more than ten centimeters, are exposed and shining all over, as well as young and handsome male publicists with different styles…Many film and television works also use accompany women or male public relations as their stories. protagonist.

In Japan, accompany women are generally not taken lightly. They are mostly female college students and white-collar women who are part-time workers. Because of their free time and high hourly wages, accompany women are popular among young women. Whether college students, office workers or middle-aged and elderly people, all have the experience of going to nightclubs to spend, many people also spend a lot of money for their favorite accompany girls or male public relations, spending money in private clubs.

Nightclubs are changing quickly

Those who live or travel in Tokyo, if they take the late-night subway, they will definitely find that they are different from the empty trains in the country. The last bus in the city was often overcrowded, with flushed, delirious, and drunk office workers everywhere. It is very different from the hurried, calm and rigorous way of doing things in the daytime, these people who have just returned home from izakayas, bars and other nightclubs are really”willful”.

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In Japan, it is normal and common to go to nightclubs to reduce stress.

With the development of the times, Japanese nightclubs have also changed rapidly. Nowadays, the combination of DJ music and fine wine is popular among young people, and some of them are carnival parties with thousands of people. Guests only need to bring their ID card and pay an entrance fee of about 1,000 yen to enjoy the night in the psychedelic lights and blasting music. The whole process is orderly and the guests are generally law-abiding. WOMB located in Shibuya is a world-renowned large-scale nightclub and once ranked second in the world nightclub rankings; Club Asia, also located in Shibuya, is an oriental-themed nightclub, and its bright red appearance is especially among the many nightclubs in Shibuya. Eye-catching, there are well-known DJ singers in Japan and abroad, and limited music events are often held here.

In addition, there are many themes of the bar. For example, wine bars, plum wine bars, shochu bars, etc. Soaking in music and savoring your favorite wine is a kind of enjoyment from body to heart. Some Japanese sake-themed bars have more than one hundred kinds of Japanese sake, which attract Japanese sake lovers from all over the world. In recent years, bars with specific interests such as sports and games have become popular in Japan. In bars with the theme of”encounter”, people mostly want to meet strangers of the opposite sex, because they don’t know each other and have a sense of mystery, but they can chat more freely. There are also many bars that attract attention with peculiar themes, such as the monk bar, which aims to allow guests to experience cleanliness after drinking and be influenced by the Dharma. An oiran-themed bar opened in Osaka. The decoration of the shop is modeled after the Edo period style, allowing guests to experience the richness Japanese traditional features.

Membership premium clubs

In addition to affordable nightclubs, there are also many premium clubs in Japan, such as Tokyo’s Ginza, Akasaka, Roppongi and other prosperous areas, Osaka There are in Beixindi and other areas. This is a social place for adults. Membership is often implemented. If you visit for the first time without the introduction of an”old driver”, you are likely to be closed doors. When I first arrived in Tokyo, I often saw large publicity vehicles on commercial streets such as Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, with pictures of handsome beautiful guys on them. Of huge banners. This is the advertising vehicle for bars, nightclubs and other nightclubs. The colors are mostly gold and pink. The person in the photo is the highest ranked and the most fans of the store. The nightclub website also has detailed information about the accompany women, male public relations, and honors received. They mainly rely on the sale of drinks and tips as their source of income. The income of the”popular king” is so high that one night’s income is even equivalent to a month’s salary of an office worker.

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There are many themed bars in Japan.

It is not easy to become the”popular king” of a high-level club. In addition to having an outstanding figure and appearance, you must also have a variety of advantages and blessings. They have strong self-awareness and self-discipline, and they have to continuously improve their business capabilities. For example:take time every day to read and read newspapers, learn English, understand financial knowledge, etc. The more value-added, the more you can become a leader in the industry and be widely sought after by customers. High-level clubs all adopt a”nomination system”. The more guests named, the more popular the staff is. In addition to achieving the dream of making a fortune, the industry leaders can also join the entertainment circle, participate in various variety shows, and even publish books.

Due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, all walks of life in Japan have been hit hard, and the nightclub industry, which features services, has been hit hard. Many practitioners have lost their jobs and income, and the bustling and noisy nightclubs in Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ginza that”I don’t know the East is white” have also lost their former glory.