On January 21st, WeChat was updated to the new version 8.0. This version upgraded the small emoticons. When users send in chat Or receive a single small emoticon, it will play animation effects. Some small expression animation effects can be played in full screen.

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Send a single emoticon in the new version of WeChat. The emoticon will become larger and play dynamically. After about 2 seconds, the emoticon will return to static and shrink. Specific effects can be seen by long pressing a single emoticon. If the user sends a”bomb”, the other party will receive a realistic screen explosion special effect, and the”firework” can see huge fireworks scattered on the top of the screen.

getUrls?link=a096001f07e17cc25a5e7fd66193e57c - WeChat update version 8.0, sending a single emoticon has an animation effect

It is reported that in addition to emoticons, WeChat 8.0 is in grayscale. The new version optimizes the floating window style. Added support for historical browsing content, support for chat and text extraction of pictures in Moments.

In the WeChat Open Class Pro on January 19th, WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong stated that emoticons are expressions A basic element in the.”People’s expressions reflect emotions that are getting stronger and stronger. So that they have to be”cracked” often. My thoughts may be more violent than cracking. One day I told my development classmates to help me make a feature, and I threw A bomb cracks the other party’s screen. Of course, it’s the animation effect, but the requirement is very realistic. The realization is possible, but when it is really used as an expression function, there will still be many obstacles. I said Look for the basic elements, that is, this expression must be the underlying foundation, not a special one. In the end we did it.”