“WeChat Security Center” WeChat official account news. On June 9, WeChat issued an announcement to further strengthen the ecological governance of the platform.

The full text is as follows:

WeChat has always been committed to providing users with a green and healthy online ecological environment, and resolutely combating various violations of laws and regulations on the platform. In order to further optimize the user experience and better protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, in accordance with the requirements of the”Regulations on the Ecological Governance of Network Information Content”,”Regulations on the Management of Internet User Public Account Information Services” and other requirements, based on the relevant service agreements and operating specifications of the WeChat platform, the Clean up the following behaviors:

1. Spread historical nihilism, maliciously distorting, slandering, denying party history, national history, military history, etc.;

2, making and disseminating obscene pornography Harmful information or publications such as vulgar, bloody, violent, terror and superstition, as well as illegal online publications such as infringement and piracy;

3. Publish and spread violate public order and morals, pollute social customs, vulgar,”soft pornography”, and hype Scandals, scandals, misdeeds, and entertainment of serious themes are content that violates the core values ​​of socialism.

For accounts (including but not limited to official accounts, small Program, video number, etc.), the platform will implement corresponding ability penalties after verification, and delete relevant content. For accounts that continue to post illegal content after multiple treatments, or deliberately use various means to maliciously confront the accounts, the platform will permanently suspend the accounts. WeChat will continue to clean up bad information on the platform, actively guide accounts to publish content that conforms to mainstream social values, and further strengthen the effectiveness of platform content ecological governance through user reports, technical reviews, and manual inspections. Welcome everyone to provide more clues. We will also strengthen cooperation with relevant departments to jointly create a healthy and good network ecology.

WeChat team June 9, 2021

Source:WeChat Security Center