getUrls?link=d077ab7999f9ba587752f37c48270690 - Volkswagen CEO first posted a tweet:Musk, let’s take a look, I’m here to capture some of your market share

  Volkswagen GroupCEO Herbert Diess joined Twitter on Wednesday (47.6, 1.67, 3.64%), and the first tweet released without hesitation pointed to its electric car The biggest competitor in the field Tesla (850.45, 5.90, 0.70%) and the company’s CEO Musk.

   Diss wrote in a tweet:“Hello Twitter! I’m here to make Volkswagen Group has an impact, especially on political issues. Of course, but also to capture some of your market share, Elon Musk-after all, our ID.3 and e-tron have won Europe The first batch of markets. Looking forward to fruitful discussions!”

  Volkswagen and AudiThe brand’s first mass-produced electric vehicles performed well in Europe (especially Germany) in the first year of launch, causing Tesla to lose some market share in the European continent.

  Of course, Diss said in a joking tone and Musk These words. The two companies have been in a friendly relationship for many years. Musk tweeted in September 2019 that Diss “has done more to achieve electrification than any major automaker.”

   When Musk visited Tesla’s factory near Berlin last September, he paid a special visit to Diss. Diss also personally accompanied Musk on a test drive of Volkswagen’s id-3 electric car.

Source:Sina Finance