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The bright sun lights up the mood of the day, and the warm spring breeze blows away the sorrows. In March of Yangchun, everything has begun to glow with vitality and full of vitality. This is the unique charm of spring. All things in nature gather in this season, and it is very lively. In this lively season, there are unavoidable outing people. There has been a custom of outing since ancient times, and poets have also left many verses singing the praises of nature and life. We will launch”outing destinations” from time to time, ranging from scenic spots to small parks around us. We hope that whether it is the splendid spring or the”weird and cute” flowers can bring you happiness.

In ancient times, Jingdezhen porcelain made Jiangxi famous for a while; many years ago, Wuyuan, the”hometown of rape blossoms”,”brought fire” to Jiangxi; in 2011, Haihunhou Tomb pushed Jiangxi to a popular tourist destination again. This province that has always been”labeled” has also been repeatedly explored by travel enthusiasts. What else is interesting in Jiangxi? Jiangxi, which has become popular as a”rural tour”, actually has many”niche” ancient villages, And the World Heritage Natural Scenic Area. If you are outing in the spring, you might as well take a look at this city in Jiangxi. It’s okay to go on the May Day holiday, or leave it for the annual holiday.

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Entrance of Gexian Village

The Gexian Village at the foot of Xianshan Mountain in Shangrao, Jiangxi is based on Ge Xuan was able to become immortal as the background of the story, TaoismWonderland” is the positioning theme, integrating the cultural core and elements of Taoism, reappears the immortal Weng Ge Xuan at the end of the Han Dynastycultivation A scene of a small fairy village at the time of span>. Gexian Village uses water, bamboo and village as the three creative elements to create a”fairy” paradise, allowing visitors to followGe Xian Weng together, planting flowers and grass, picking medicine to refine alchemy, practicing health preservation, making tea and wine, reading and martial arts, and experience the Taoist Happy , a comfortable attitude towards life, and the aesthetic thought of the unity of nature and man, and the natural principles of Taoism.

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Gexian Village Resort

May 1st holiday, Gexian Village Resort officially opened the starry night tour season, majestic water screen movie, cool light show projection, Hanfu Lantern garden tour and romantic starry sky dinner are the highlights of this night tour season. The scenic spot uses dreamlike modern light and shadow technology to innovatively interpret traditional culture, creating a splendid audio-visual feast.

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Gexian Village Resort

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Gexian Village Resort

Night is falling, the long street is dazzling, and the ancient charm is full. Wearing Hanfu and lanterns in Xiancun Park tour activities, travel through thousands of years between small bridges and flowing water, and relive the charm of Han and Tang Dynasties. The water curtain movie”Return to the True Story”, a real-life interpretation, reproduces the story of the fairy Ge Xuan’s life. Through the application of new stage technology and equipment such as sound and light, water mist and fire, holographic projection, laser, special effects, etc., it will bring visitors a wonderful experience An unparalleled immersive sensory experience. Under the bright starry sky, in the candlelight, you can taste delicious and exquisite dishes, admire the colorful night view, enjoy the quiet and good time, and feel the unique romance.

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World Natural HeritageGuifeng Scenic Spots

The Guifeng Scenic Area is a World Natural Heritage Site. The mountains here are typical Danxia landforms. Due to the influence of natural weathering, there are many tortoise-shaped rocks in this area, hence the name Guifeng.

Guifeng is located in Yiyang County, Jiangxi Province, the hometown of the great proletarian revolutionary Fang Zhimin. Integrating five thousand years of history, religion, folklore, and health-preserving culture in one furnace, it is known as”the turtle on the river is rare in the world”.

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Nanyan Temple Scenic Area

Nanyan Temple Scenic Area is located in Guifeng Second Scenic Area. It is surrounded by red rocks on three sides. The temple is erected on the rock, without tiles, but without eaves. . Nanyan Temple was built in the Jin Dynasty. There are more than 40 exquisite stone niches in the temple. It is the largest grotto excavated in a natural cave in China. It is known as”China The First Buddha Cave” and”South Dunhuang”; Guifeng Reclining Buddha is 416 meters long and 68 meters high at the shoulder.”The mountain is a Buddha, and the Buddha is a mountain.”It is the largest natural mountain reclining Buddha discovered in the world so far, showing people a lifelike”Tathagata Nirvana”. Therefore, Guifeng is known for its”the wonder of the mountains and mountains, the landscape, the majesty of the Buddhist caves, and the outstanding people.”Soul” and well-known at home and abroad.

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Li Hang Scenic Spot

Li Hang is a The ancient village mainly inhabited by the surname Li is a famous Huizhou architecture with Wuzhen architecture The landscape also has the strange rock landscape of Tu’erling.

The village is surrounded by mountains, beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. The village is full of ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and houses and courtyards are built along the river, standing on the mountain, with white walls and tiles, streets and lanes running through, nine bends and ten bends, bluestone slab roads crisscross, dozens of stone, wood, and brick bridges. The building connects the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, and there are two streams of Qingliu, Liu Jie Feiqiong, Shuangqiao Dingsuo, Jiaoquan soaking in the moon, DaoyuanZhong Ming , Xianqiao Yuxiu and other scenic spots are among them, constructing a beautiful picture of small bridges, flowing water, and other people. It is a shining pearl on the Wuyuan boutique line.

Nuo dance is a dance that is very popular in Likeng Village. It was originally a popular dance in the Yangtze River valley in ancient my country. The dancers wore various simple and exaggerated masks with a distinctive witchcraft color. It was originally a ritual of blessing and prayer, and then gradually developed into a folk dance.

Likeng glutinous rice wine is rich and sweet, simple and unpretentious. It is the most simple and rustic wine among the wine family. The wine brewing process is also quite ceremonial. First, wash the wine tank, measure out good glutinous rice, choose good firewood, and go to the market to buy backRed yeast rice, solemnly choose a good day, soak the glutinous rice in a bucket for three or two hours, then pour it into the rice retort, put it on the heat, steam the glutinous rice, and pour it on the sieve When it cools down, mix with koji and pour it into the wine vat, let it heat up and ferment until it is exposedwine ferment , Plus cool boiled water, that is the rice wine full of fragrance.

Li Keng must have wine during the holidays. There is a rumor from Likeng people:men drink in the first month, women drink confinement (giving birth). That is to say, during the first month, men can drink happily and soak in wine throughout the first month, while women who seldom drink alcohol usually use rice wine to nourish their bodies and regulate blood vessels when they have children.

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