(Compile/Observer Net Liu Chenghui)”China is back! The numbers will not lie.” In 2020, China’s GDP will buck the trend Leaping to a new level, with an increase of 2.3%, handed in a very extraordinary answer sheet. On the 18th, the US media”Supply Chain Management” magazine website published an article, marveling that China was able to resume production so quickly and once again become the”world factory”, and expressed optimism about China’s economic prospects.

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U.S.”Supply Chain Management” website:China is back

The”Supply Chain Management” website mainly publishes articles written by top experts in the supply chain industry, and the author of this article Stanley Stanley Chao is the general manager of All in Consulting, an American consulting company that is affiliated with Kingston Technology, one of the world’s largest memory manufacturers. Its main business is to assist Western companies in developing business in Asia, especially in China.

In the article, Chao made no secret of his admiration for China’s economic growth against the trend, calling it an”incredible achievement.””Due to the successful implementation of the new crown epidemic prevention and control policy, China has been relatively little hit by the epidemic. In the third and fourth quarters of last year, China’s consumer spending, infrastructure construction, factory production and private investment all experienced substantial increases.” Chao wrote Said,”Considering that the Chinese economy has been stagnant for nearly 6 months, this is almost an incredible achievement.

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Source of Stanley Chao:All in Consulting official website

Chao believes that China’s economy will look better in 2021. “Recently, China and Europe completed the investment agreement negotiations as scheduled. The World Bank predicts that China’s economic growth rate will reach 7.9%this year, and China will return to the level before the epidemic. The level of growth.”

“But China’s experience is not always so good.” Looking back at the time of the outbreak in China last year, Chao’s memory is still fresh.”When the Chinese government blocked Wuhan, China seemed to have fallen to the bottom.” Chao recalled that as a person who often does business in China, his business was greatly affected. He was unable to answer the customer’s question about the delivery time.

But soon after, China quickly recovered from the epidemic, factories resumed full-speed operation, and the strong demand erupted from the market surprised Chao.”Just after three to six months of closure during the epidemic, Chinese factories began to operate again. They produce bicycles, kitchen appliances and flooring products to meet domestic pent-up demand.” Chao said,”Today, China’s The factory is facing a 6-month backlog of orders and is busy meeting the needs of the world.”

In October last year, Chao’s relatives in China even witnessed the depression of China during the”National Day” Golden Week. How travel demand has exploded. Chao’s uncle said with emotion,”I can’t buy air tickets or train tickets to any place in the country. All the tickets are sold out.”

Chao described that with the surge in demand, he was already very It is difficult to place orders for laptops, baking utensils, webcams, baking equipment and even sewing machines. He used to wait only two weeks after placing an order, but now he is willing to wait two months.

“The factory is making every effort to meet demand, including adopting three shifts and increasing production equipment, but this is not enough.” Kingston Technology CEODu Jichuan (John Tu) said:“We went from a complete shutdown to 100%full production, and it only took a few weeks. It’s as if 1.4 billion Chinese suddenly decided to buy computer memory at the same time. It’s incredible!”

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In Wuhan, where the epidemic is under control, people celebrate the New Year’s Eve Source:ReutersScreenshot of the report

China’s economy is returning to the level before the epidemic, and many companies are also increasing their investment in China’s business. Economists predict that the Chinese economy will lead the world out of the epidemic.

Tom Ward, president of PIM China, a Shanghai-based market research company, believes that now is the best time to invest in China.”The current situation is almost the same as 20 years ago. If you have advanced technology and understand the Chinese market, I think there is no reason not to enter China now.

In Chao’s consulting business In China, more and more companies are demanding increased production capacity, hiring more employees and strengthening marketing activities. These needs are all over the fields of aviation logistics, retail, machinery and high technology.

Take Starbucks as an example. The company’s CEO and President Kevin Johnson (Kevin Johnson0 announced in October last year that in 2021 they will add 1,100 stores to the existing 4,700 stores in China. Stores.

In Chao’s view, although some hard-line people against China would argue that “China is still in the midst of the new crown epidemic and thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises continue to close down”, economic data shows Compared with six months ago, China’s consumer spending situation has improved significantly. Many think tanks predict that China’s economic growth rate this year will be close to double digits. At present, China’s foreign direct investment has also exceeded the level before the epidemic, and foreign companies are looking forward to it. China has achieved growth again.

Chao wrote excitedly at the end of the article,”China is indeed back! Do you understand what I mean.”

China’s economy is never a closed door. China’s economic development also affects the pulse of the global economy. At the press conference on the 19th, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Hua Chunying used one sentence The words were summarized:”A single flower does not mean spring, but a hundred flowers bloom in the spring.” Hua Chunying emphasized that China’s economic growth momentum will not only benefit China, but also the world. China’s economic development will continue. Create more needs for the world, share development opportunities with the world, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with other countries.

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