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Seeing that many people have upgraded version 128, mine is version 116. I tried to update the system several times, and it showed that it is the latest version. I heard that you can upgrade in the early adopters of the upgrade. Go in and try.

Advanced to my Huawei

getUrls?link=57c49277017d710a37a9b30e2ccb1c1b - Upgrade HarmonyOS128

Click to upgrade early adopters, select the blue below Check the font box now

getUrls?link=28c909ec62b7ea961d8b3baec5079d6d - Upgrade HarmonyOS128

Then it shows that there is an update, version 128, download one immediately

getUrls?link=7b327ee0fe363186071ec46942369697 - Upgrade HarmonyOS128

The new version optimizes some exceptions in the contact application. Mine is when using Huawei Changlian, the contact interface always flashes and updates. I feel a little uncomfortable. Check out this update. Will this problem be improved?

getUrls?link=15761ff2d6be496b358e24811e8f064b - Upgrade HarmonyOS128

And update power consumption I don’t feel much about this part, so I just brush my headlines if I don’t play games. I feel that the battery life of mate40Pro is slightly worse than my previous mate10Pro. Even before changing to 40, the battery life of mate10Pro can be used to brighten the screen for 7-8 hours a day. The 40Pro is at most this level. Sometimes it feels that it hasn’t been so long, but There is no abnormal heating or other problems, I think the screen is bigger, and 5G may consume a little power.

HarmonyOS I think it’s pretty good, early May It was updated, and there is no problem with it. The replacement system basically has no bugs. My wife’s 40Pro is also updated, and everything is normal. Huawei’s strength is indeed very strong, like it!