On May 31st, I registered the Today’s Toutiao Express Edition, and on June 1st, I registered for the Today’s Toutiao. Both apps have their own merits. Just stay. Under actual operation, look at their functions and differences.

Today’s Toutiao Express Edition homepage has a red envelope logo on the top, and a treasure box task at the bottom. Clicking in there will have various tasks. You get gold coins for walking, gold coins for sleeping, gold coins for watching videos and articles, and gold coins for completing various game tasks. Withdraw on the second day.

The icons of the two App. are not the same. Today’s Toutiao Express Edition gets more cash.

The size is also different:Today’s headlines are 40 megabytes

Today’s headlines are 11 megabytes.

The publishing function is different:Today’s Toutiao speed version can only publish micro headlines, articles, Q&A, and small videos Horizontal frequency, vertical screen have no gains, and horizontal screens have gains.

Today’s Toutiao can not only publish micro-headlines, articles, Q&A, and videos, but also include small videos, horizontal and vertical screens, and live broadcasts.

The biggest difference between the two apps:Today’s Toutiao Express Edition readers and viewers can watch videos and articles.Make money. Today’s headlines can meet the needs of watching videos and articles, as well as the need for original to write articles to make money.

If you just want to read the article, watch the video, complete the task by the way, and earn a gold coin withdraw. Just download the fast version of Toutiao, if you want to be like me. Start to do From the media, then you can download today’s headlines, write articles and micro headlines, well Take a video.

I just started self-media, so I keep both.

At this stage, I’m earning a little bit more for the Toutiao Express Edition. I’m still not earning any money on Toutiao. I hope that through my own efforts, I will make a good original. In the future, Toutiao will definitely earn more than the Toutiao Express Edition. Much.

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