While the mobile Internet has brought information fragmentation, short video content entrepreneurship has ushered in the spring, as one of the two ends of Shuangwei— Today’s Toutiao is also keeping up with the trend, laying out in the field of short video to seize the spotlight.

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The history and humanities micro-documentary”Kanjian” in the long tail video list this year It continued to top the list, harvesting traffic arbitrarily, and hitting 130 million on the topic of Song Dynasty, which attracted widespread attention. Up to now,”Kanjian” has published 2023 videos, 438 articles, and 3,530 Wei Toutiao on Toutiao.

, the cumulative reading/playing volume is 820 million.

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It is understood that the founder of”Kanjian” is the former CCTV senior documentary producer Li Feng, who has been focusing on producing high-quality historical and cultural documentaries for many years.”Kanjian” is the first column created by Li Feng after he left CCTV, determined to become the dominant player in the field of Internet history short video. As a regular CCTV army, Li Feng had little contact with the Internet before, nor did he understand business operations and investment. However, whether he is a senior documentary director or an entrepreneur, producing quality content has always been his creed.

At the beginning, the video produced by Kanjian was released on multiple platforms at the same time, but because historical audiences are not easy to gather, the promotion mechanism of each platform is also different, and it has not caused much in the current entertainment. attention. But it is such a historical and humanistic micro-documentary that has mediocre response on other platforms, but it has become popular on the headlines.

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The reason may be the following two points:

First of all, the founder Li Feng insists on”zero” promotion, and has high standards and strict requirements for content production. In order to insist on original and high-quality content, he even released a ruthless statement internally:”Whoever buys traffic will be fired.” He believes that whether it is a TV station or a mobile terminal, it is only a carrier of content. In other words, as long as it is high-quality content, there will be no market.

Secondly, the headline video recommendation mechanism is boosted. Adhering to content as king will indeed attract a part of the audience, but due to zero promotion, and historical and humanistic audiences are not easy to gather, it is not conducive to fans’ original Accumulate. The recommendation function of the headline video just makes up for this defect. Unlike other platforms that rely on readers to actively search for content, the Toutiao video recommendation mechanism can automatically recommend”Kanjian” to the mobile terminal of history and humanities fans based on the algorithm, and as the volume of broadcast increases, it will continue to expand the scope of the push.

At present, the best way to distribute long-tail videos is the headline video. The”popularity” of”Kanjian” in the headline video is just a microcosm of the long-tail video breakthrough, and it also proves that the recommendation function of the headline video helps to cold start, zero-promoted vertical content. With high-quality content, coupled with the boost of the headline video,”Kanjian” is inevitable.