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The picture shows the Lidu Jialing River Bridge. Photo by Li Xiangyu (People’s Picture)

The Jialing River, which originated from the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains, flows into the Nanchong, Sichuan border, and rushes all the way Winding, in the open plain 20 kilometers south of the city, it gradually eased, leaving its most beautiful figure here-Lidu Town, Jialing District, Nanchong City. One afternoon at the beginning of the light rain, we departed from the city and drove along the 212 National Highway for about half an hour, and then we were in this small riverside town far from the hustle and bustle and famous for its ferry.

The yin and yang poles resembling a Tai Chi picture, Li Du have clear boundaries between old and new streets. They seem to be winding and have different styles, but in fact they depend on each other and have the same breath. The old street turned a corner to the new street, and the new street Zhuantiaoxiang entered the old street again. We went straight to the famous Lidu Old Street and the pier.

Lidu Old Street stands next to the river. The buildings here have the typical flying eaves and bucket arches in northern Sichuan, and the sound of the gurgling river drifts into your ears from time to time. The entire old block takes the Wenfeng Street that runs through it as the axis, extending vertically and horizontally in all directions, and the loop coupling is self-contained. All-in-one blue-tile house, mottled wooden doors, exquisite and elegant window lattice, outdated plaque, reluctantly discarded windmill, old long streamer, all Rendering with Nostalgia Breath. Wandering in the streets of the old streets, the melody of old songs, bicycle bells,”sharpening-sharpening scissors” ——” The yelling from far and near, kind and heart-warming, led us to knock through the dusty memories together.

Although there is no prosperous businessmen gathering in the past, the tailor shops on the old street still keep on opening; the gray-haired old people are still trimming the flat heads they have loved for a long time for customers; the time-honored handmade oil tea is still Floating with the attractive pure fragrance of Spicy oil. After smelling the fragrance and entering the store, the lady boss got up with a smile, dragged the crisp Chuanbei accent, and made a long cry to the store:”Come—guest—Hello—”

There are streets in the old streets. There are alleys, and alleys are intertwined with each other. The few unfamiliar alleys that lead directly to the river’s edge, although cramped, are quiet and clean. The smooth stone road is glowing with the cold light of the years, a rose and two plantains playfully hide the loneliness of the alley. Passing through an alley, to the end, suddenly another alley floated in front of my eyes. At this time, if there is rain in the sky like weaving, walking through it will definitely pop out of Dai Wangshu’s”Rain Lane“. It seems that as soon as looks back, there will be a girl holding an oiled paper umbrella. Come.

In the afternoon, Xiahe Street Tea House is the best place to go. In the big arbor in front of the tea house, bowls of tea, a plate of peanuts, three or five old friends, caressed by the river breeze, watching the golden sunset evacuate inch by inch. A group of tea guests left, and a group of tea guests came again. Sitting in this way, drinking tea, chatting, dazing, and taking a nap, the idle time flows quietly like a river. At this time, everything seemed to slow down, and my heart suddenly calmed down.

Across Xiahe Street, our feet are on Sichuan Province On the largest inland passenger terminal. This was once the largest and busiest ferry in the Nanchong section of the Jialing River, with an annual passenger flow of up to 1 million passengers. On the opposite side of the rippling Jialing River are towns and villages such as Tumen and Xinchang. In the past, Li Du, who had lived by the river for generations, crossed the river by ferry. In flood seasons, foggy days or floods, the people on both sides of the strait can only look at the river and sigh. Today, the Lidushui Wharf, which has a history of more than 600 years, has quietly withdrawn from the stage of history. After three years of hard work, we have successively overcome the difficulties of the huge floods in 2018, the long rainy season in 2019, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020. On December 23, 2020, Lidu Jialing River Bridge was officially opened to traffic amid the cheers of people on both sides of the strait.

Rainbow generally hangs over the Lidu Jialing River Bridge over the river, and you can see beaming smiling faces and cars heading for a new life. I can’t help but burst into warmth and emotion in my heart. The spring sunshine is just right, the breeze is slowly coming, and there is a high-pitched, soft and affectionate singing in my ears!