Recently, in the lithium ion battery smart factory workshop of Tianjin Lishen Battery Company, Blocks of square lithium-ion power batteries are circulating rapidly on the production line. By building such a smart factory, Lishen Battery has gradually formed a production line with an annual output of 300 million Ah square lithium ion power battery, and was successfully selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Pilot demonstration projects for smart manufacturing.”From electrode production, battery cell assembly to module system assembly, we have introduced the design concept of intelligent manufacturing. Smart factories enable us The production efficiency of the company has increased by 20%, and the overall operating cost has been reduced by 20%.” said Fu Huiqun, the person in charge of the company’s passenger car division.

  The real economy based on manufacturing is the city’s advantage and the strategic support for the city’s future. Focusing on the functional positioning of building a national advanced manufacturing R&D base, the city continues to increase investment with the banner of the Xinchuang industry, led by intelligent technology, and formulates a series of policies and measures to support the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. effect. The intelligent technology industry has become an important engine for the city to accelerate the conversion of kinetic energy and achieve high-quality development. The three emerging industries of biomedicine, new energy and new materials have developed rapidly.

  As a traditional old industrial base in my country, in recent years, the city has been affected by factors such as the older and older industrial structure, and the economy has entered the difficult task of optimizing the economic structure and transforming the growth momentum. period. The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic last year is an unprecedented and severe challenge. The city maintains its strategic determination, abandons the speed complex, improves resilience, and unswervingly follows the path of high-quality development. At the 2020 annual statistical work press conference of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics held recently, Chu Liping, a member of the Party Group, Deputy Director, and Spokesperson of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, said:”From the perspective of production, facing the severe impact of the epidemic, the city’s manufacturing industry is showing a strong Withstand pressure, the city’s production quickly recovered last year and achieved steady growth. Among them, the equipment manufacturing industry and high-tech manufacturing industry developed better than the pre-epidemic level, and both the speed and the proportion increased compared with the previous year, becoming the ballast of industrial development. The latest data released by the Municipal Bureau of Statistics show that the added value of the city’s manufacturing industry grew at a rate of 7 consecutive months last year, with an increase of 1.5%throughout the year, 2.8 percentage points faster than the previous three quarters, and accounting for the proportion of the city’s industrial enterprises above designated size. 72.9%. The equipment manufacturing industry played a prominent role. The annual added value increased by 7.8%, which was 6.2%faster than that of the above-scale industries, and accounted for 38.3%of the city’s above-scale industries, an increase of 4.8%. The supporting role of the high-tech manufacturing industry was obvious, with the added value increasing by 4.6%, 3 percentage points faster than the city’s average.

   At the same time, the city continues to accelerate the construction of”Tianjin Smart Port”, forming an advanced manufacturing system with artificial intelligence industry as the core and intelligent manufacturing as the main direction. The city’s original four major traditional industries, including aerospace, high-end equipment, automobiles, and petroleum and petrochemicals, are also ushering in”new opportunities” for transformation and upgrading. In the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, the FAW Toyota New Energy Branch project launched last year has a planned production capacity of 200,000 vehicles, covering complete vehicles, batteries, etc. The complete production process included.”According to the plan, the project will be completed and put into production next year, and it is estimated that the annual industrial output value will be 50 billion yuan.” The relevant person in charge of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city Commercial Bureau introduced.

The latest data released by    City Statistics Bureau shows that from an investment perspective, driven by a series of large projects, the city’s manufacturing investment achieved positive growth at the end of last year. 0.6%, which strongly supports the improvement of manufacturing energy level. Among them, high-tech manufacturing investment accounted for more than a quarter. Last year, there were 226 projects under construction, and completed investment increased by 3.3%, accounting for 26.2%of manufacturing investment. Investment in smart manufacturing has grown rapidly, with 246 projects under construction throughout the year, and completed investment growth of 22.9%.”In general, the city’s manufacturing industry developed well last year with sufficient potential. In the next stage, the city will firmly adhere to the manufacturing industry, turn the main direction of the real economy, promote the rapid development of emerging industries, and promote the optimization of traditional manufacturing. The upgrade will lay a solid industrial foundation for the city’s high-quality development.” Chu Liping said. (Jinyun News Editor Liu Ying)

Source:Tonight News