According to the Tianjin Development Zone, a few days ago, at the 2nd China Semiconductor Investment Alliance Annual Conference and China IC Billboard hosted by China Semiconductor Investment Alliance and hosted by Jiwei At the ceremony, TEDA was selected as the sole winner of the”Annual Park with the Most Growth Potential Award” in the 2021 China IC Billboard.

China Semiconductor Investment Alliance Annual Conference is committed to creating the most high-end closed-door salon in the field of China’s semiconductor industry, the top-level network, and the most valuable industry closed-door salon. Hundreds of semiconductor industry CEOs jointly serve as judges for the 2021 China IC Billboard”Annual Park with the Most Potential Growth Award” won by TEDA. The selection targets are major industrial parks with specific functions in first-tier and new-tier cities. Positioning, policy strength, degree of export-oriented, comprehensive investment environment, construction of major projects and other dimensions are selected.

According to the introduction, in recent years, the design, manufacturing, packaging and testing of integrated circuits in TEDA have developed simultaneously, and a complete industrial chain has been initially formed. IC sales accounted for the city’s Nearly 40%, of which design, packaging and testing accounted for 69.2%and 99.53%of the city, respectively, and the number of enterprises accounted for nearly 60%of the city. At present, it has gathered representative companies such as NXP, VJC, North, National Core Technology, Vimicro, Philae Technology and so on. In the future, TEDA will continue to introduce enterprises through policies, branding, strong teams, and gathering spaces, and focus on building semiconductor equipment materials supporting projects, radio frequency chip jump projects, and leading projects in the chip design industry. By 2025, it will be built into an industrial structure with chip design as the leader, manufacturing, packaging and testing, and equipment and materials for the coordinated development of the industry, forming a group of products and key enterprises with strong core technologies and high market share, and creating a full range of integrated integrated circuit technology. Industrial chain base.

(Source:Tianjin Daily)