Those who get”lithium” win the world. Recently, the whole industry of new energy vehicles has exploded. The share price of the leading lithium battery 300750 Ningde Times has reached a record high, and the performance of the entire automobile 000625 Changan Automobile Also very strong.

As we all know, new energy vehicles will be the most certain investment opportunity. China is a policy country. If policies are in place, they will be implemented. The red-head documents have already made major plans for China’s new energy vehicle industry in the next 15 years. At least the proportion of new energy vehicles in the next 10 years will increase to 25%, that is, for every 4 cars sold, There must be a new energy vehicle. In terms of current car sales, this number is not a small number.

The core of new energy vehicles is lithium battery, and the core of lithium battery is lithium resource. Focusing on new energy vehicles must focus on lithium resource stocks. From the current technical trend, there are some concept stocks of lithium resources that have certain advantages.

002466days Qi Lithium :Deploy the world’s most high-quality resources and seize strategic highlands:The company is one of the few companies in the world that simultaneously deploys high-quality lithium mines and salt lake brine mines:In terms of ore, the Greenbush spodumene ore, which is owned by the company’s holding subsidiary, has a lithium oxide grade of 2.1%, and the mining cost is within the global cost curve. In terms of salt lakes, the company has invested a 20%stake in Xigaze Zabuye and a 25.85%stake in SQM to deploy the high-quality Atacama Salt Lake and China’s Zabuye Salt Lake.

300487 Lanxiao Technology:Lithium carbonate prices have risen sharply and downstream demand is strong, which is expected to drive a new round of project investment boom. The company’s technology is well-reserved, and the salt lake lithium extraction technology completely costs 30,000 to 40,000/ton, which has obvious cost advantages. The company and major domestic salt lake and ore lithium-related companies have various degrees of cooperation, and the recognition is high. It is expected to continue to win domestic and foreign salt lake lithium-related orders, and the Jintai project has a profit share, and can enjoy price elasticity.

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