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The post-96 who sells knives:I lose if I don’t lie down and earn a billion in a year!

After half a year of starting his business, Chen Yaohong made 20 million yuan. He was a little bit disappointed:according to the plan, his goal is to earn 40 million yuan in half a year.

Chen Yaohong said that he used to think that making 100 million yuan a year was out of reach. It’s not very difficult.

Like Hong Kong Star Wan Ziliang, Chen Yaohong likes to comb her oily head with a cigarette in his hand, In his company’s downstairs parking lot, there is that blue Alfa Romeo, which is his new year bought.

Chen Yaohong is a post-96, only 25 years old this year, at the same age as a flower, but found a broad intersection in the business battle ahead of time.

It’s hard to imagine that Chen Yaohong is in Shenzhen South China City Span>’s company was only established in January 2020.

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Although he is young, Hongqi Technology is Chen Yaohong’s second venture. Prior to this, he worked for a period of time at Alibaba International Station, and later went to a cross-border e-commerce company to”further study” Two years.

Hongqi Technology sells knives,In China, this is a saturated industry that no one cares about. But for cross-border e-commerce, this industry is still a blue ocean, because it is not facing one country, but so many countries in the world.

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In the beginning, his company didn’t go well. The company was just established. The epidemic came as scheduled, and all plans were beaten by wind and rain. The company did not officially start operations until June 2020.

In terms of strength, Hongqi Technology is a small company with only two or three people when it started, and it has been less than 10. personal. It was these guns that made 20 million in a few months by selling kitchen knives of original design brands to overseas users.

Moreover, this company’s business model is very different,It did not enter a third-party cross-border e-commerce platform, but instead set up an international station on its own, selling knives on its own strength.

The advantage of this is that you don’t need to pay extra fees for third-party cross-border platforms, and you can firmly control your destiny. The disadvantage is that if you don’t go the right way, you can easily become cannon fodder under the attack of the platform’s superior resources.

Chen Yaohong decided to do the international station himself because of his professional confidence:he has been interested in knives since he was a child and thinks he is in In this field, no one knows knives better than himself. And these experiences are impossible for the platform.

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How to make knives so profitable?

Some time ago, on Douyin, someone sang a song”Kill”Pig Knife”, this song has now become a must-do for the bosses to enter KTV after making a lot of money:

One ​​knife and one knife What kind of knife is it

One ​​knife, one knife, one knife, one pig knife

One ​​knife, one knife, one knife and one knife make people old

My youth bird has flown away

For Chen Yaohong, his knife is not a pig-killing knife , But a real weapon for making money.

He is still young, and he still makes a lot of money while he is young.

Some people may have said that Chen Yaohong’s company does not rely on third-party cross-border platforms, so how does he achieve cross-border e-commerce business? Overseas and earned tens of millions in half a year?

First of all, find your own traffic.

As a post-96 boss, Chen Yaohong and his generation have paid a lot of attention to overseas social media before starting their business. Compared with the older generation of entrepreneurs, they have a broader vision. Therefore, their company’s advertising mainly focused on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. On these platforms, they uploaded some creative videos about knives, and they were quickly welcomed by overseas users-take a look at Li Ziqi knows how much those foreigners who have never seen the world love Chinese culture and Chinese products, the knife video shoots a new Fancy tricks can bring a steady stream of traffic to the company.

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Secondly, the comprehensive strength of Chinese products.

Until now, price advantage is still the only way for Chinese products to open overseas markets, but not all. Take knives as an example. Domestic products have more exquisite designs, more complete functions, and a lot cheaper than foreign products. In terms of comprehensive strength, they can kill overseas products. Therefore, it is usually a product that has just been listed on platforms such as eBay and has been snatched wildly.

After only a few months, Chen Yaohong’s company’s business scale easily reached a scale of tens of millions, which also allowed He has greater expectations for future growth.

In fact, in today’s Shenzhen, Chen Yaohong’s growth story is not a special case:After the outbreak of the 2020 epidemic, many Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce companies have achieved growth against the trend, and many people have earned themselves and become trapped!

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This year’s house in Shenzhen Bay,

I was robbed by Amazon!

Two months ago, the average price of commercial housing in Shenzhen was more than 90,000 yuan, which once again broke through the imagination limit of many people; and the houses in Shenzhen Bay are particularly expensive, hundreds of thousands per square foot. , A set of more than 1 billion houses is the norm in Shenzhen Bay.

Nowadays, there is a saying:Everyone who is doing cross-border e-commerce in Shenzhen will buy a house in Shenzhen this year!

There is another sentence:”This year, the houses in Shenzhen Bay were robbed by Amazon!”

The above words are true. Chen Yaohong’s wealth growth is just one side of Shenzhen’s crazy development of cross-border e-commerce.

It seems that what Chen Yaohong and his company do is not complicated, that is, tapping into overseas markets with low-priced products and creative marketing, but Many people have overlooked the convenient conditions that Shenzhen has created for foreign trade.

After the epidemic, Shenzhen has quickly recovered from the stable supply chain system and preferential export policies, and has seen it The new business opportunities, the heavy news in the air, the taste of wealth.

Making masks in February and March, selling ventilators in May and June, and selling daily necessities in July and August. The establishment of the special zone has been celebrated. For the 40th anniversary, Shenzhen, which is not young, has been at the forefront every time.

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This is also understandable. After Shenzhen established a special economic zone in 1980, this old The border town has become an important town for foreign trade enterprises; since 1993, Shenzhen’s foreign trade exports have always ranked first among large and medium-sized inland cities.

Take cross-border e-commerce as an example,”Chinese cross-border e-commerce sees South China, and South China cross-border e-commerce sees Shenzhen” :Statistics show that 70%of cross-border e-commerce in China are concentrated in South China, and 80%of cross-border e-commerce in South China are concentrated in Shenzhen.

On Amazon, one third of third-party Chinese sellers are in Shenzhen, which is also the city with the largest number of Amazon sellers.

From the perspective of the total number of enterprises, there are currently more than 150,000 cross-border e-commerce small and medium-sized sellers in Shenzhen, accounting for cross-border sellers in Guangdong They opened stores on platforms such as Alibaba International Station, AliExpress, Lazada, Amazon, eBay, etc. (Guangdong is China’s largest cross-border service province), occupying half of China’s cross-border e-commerce.

On this basis, Shenzhen’s cross-border e-commerce pattern is clearly visible. In recent years,”South China CityFour Heavenly Kings,”Sakatian Five Tigers” and other cross-border e-commerce gathering places.

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“The Four Kings of South China City”:Appeared in Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce South China City, one of the settlements in China, is the same as the Huaqiangbei, where there is also a hidden dragon and a tiger. In recent years, Saiwei, Aoji, Tongtuo, and Youkeshu are the”four kings of South China City”, and Chen Yaohong’s Hongqi Technology is also South China City.

SakataFive Tigers”:appeared in Bantian, Longgang, another major cross-border e-commerce town in Shenzhen. People talked about Bantian before. It must be called Huawei. At present, the”Sakatian Five Tigers” composed of five companies:”Lance Networks, Zehui, Baoshijia, Gonglang, and Pickdan Networks” are well-known in the field of cross-border e-commerce, each with a net worth of more than 10 100 million or more.

Yes, some entrepreneurial myths can only happen in Shenzhen.

For example, Transsion, a company established in Shenzhen in 2006, has created the”Bird”-one of the earliest mobile phone brands in China-a fighter jet in mobile phones. In the beginning, Transsion was only one of many Huaqiangbei copycat mobile phones. Since 2008, when the financial crisis swept through the western world, Transsion responded to Shenzhen’s call to “go out” and aimed at the African market, according to the pain points of locals. Manufactured mobile phones with customized features such as ultra-long standby and black beauty, and defeated well-known mobile phone brands such as Samsung and Huawei. More than 50%market share!

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Transsion Holdings Building

If it weren’t in Shenzhen, Transsion’s mobile phone might not even go abroad, let alone become the boss of Africa.

Shenzhen has always been at the forefront of the country in terms of overseas export system, tax freedom, Internet foreign trade, etc. It has also created a role for enterprises to go overseas. The best conditions.

If you want to make money, do it early! Come to Shenzhen to do cross-border e-commerce!

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