A large-scale peasant uprising broke out in the late Qing Dynasty. Initially, Hong Xiuquan and others initiated an armed uprising in Jintian Village, Guangxi. After development, it gradually became strong, which shaken the century-old foundation of Daqing.

The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement was able to shake the foundation of the Great Cleanup, thanks to the correct guidance of peasant leaders and the concerted efforts of all generals. Among them, Chen Yucheng was a very important military general in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Because of his fierce fighting, he was made the King of England by Hong Xiuquan.

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According to legend, the name”Chen Yucheng” was actually named by Hong Xiuquan and it was taken from the Song Dynasty. The philosopher Zhang Zai said,”Prosperity and prosperity will make my life better; the poor and the poor will make you happy.” Chen Yucheng was able to win this honor, naturally because of his strength.

This person once said:”The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom If I lose me, I’m afraid this Taiping Heavenly Kingdom will also be difficult. Saved”. It can be seen that Chen Yucheng’s words are arrogant, so does what he said come true?

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Chen Yucheng was originally named Chen Picheng, and has lost his parents since childhood. At the age of fourteen, he joined the uprising team with his uncle Chen Chengrong and became a member of the Taiping Army. Chen Yucheng is still young, so he joined the”Boy Scouts”, consisting of children from 12 to 15 years old.

According to the rumor, this alternative team is not in the formal establishment of the Taiping Army, but in modern terms it is a reserve team. However, this reserve team has played a major role and has repeatedly made great contributions in the battle. Although this boy scout is composed of teenagers, it is extremely brave and has no fear of death.

Therefore, some people call this boy scout”death squad.” These teenagers have undergone cruel training and have no concept of life and death. They only know to obey orders and move forward bravely, even if they step on the corpse of their companions, they still have no emotion.

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Picture:Stills of the Taiping Army uprising team

At that time, the Taiping Army was gaining momentum and marched forward all the way. First, the Taiping Army officially fought against the Qing Army. The Qing Army was defeated, and the Boy Scouts would catch up to clear the remaining troops. For the Qing army, this boy scout is also a nightmare existence, and thinks this team is a big deal for the Qing Dynasty.

Chen Yu succeeded in this team, fought everywhere and made a lot of credit. Later, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom laid down Jinling, and the capital was set here, known as”Tianjing” (now Nanjing area). At this time, Chen Yucheng was promoted to the general responsible for managing the rations.

During the Battle of Wuchang, Chen Yucheng made another contribution and was also promoted. After that, Chen Yucheng led the army all the way to great success and made countless military exploits. His official position was rising all the way, and finally he was promoted to the prime minister of Dong Guan.

In 1856 AD, the Great Qing Jiangnan and Jiangbei Daying were also under the joint efforts of Chen Yucheng and Qin Rigang Defeated.

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However, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in its heyday ushered in great changes, that is,”Tianjing Incident“. Yang Xiuqing was killed, and more than 20,000 members of his tribe were implicated and all were punishable. Subsequently, Wei Changhui was punished and executed, and more than a thousand members of his tribe were also killed. Shi Dakai led his army to flee.

This time, the internal events have caused heavy damage to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. For a long time, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom did not take large-scale military operations. During this period, the main thing is to”preserve strength.”

However, Chen Yucheng and Li Xiucheng were given a arduous counter-offensive task because of their deep trust. The counterattack in Anhui. In 1858, Chen Yucheng and Li Xiucheng fought jointly and defeated the Qing army in the Pukou area, which greatly reduced the Qing army’s threat to Tianjing.

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Picture:Stills of the Great Changes of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

Later, the two led their troops to participate in the”Three Rivers War”, and they also achieved a lot of results. The Hunan Army more than 6,000 people were killed. , The Hunan army commanded suicide. Because of the high merits, Chen Yucheng was made the King of England at the age of 23, which was greatly appreciated by Hong Xiuquan.

At this time, although the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom took a breath, it was then besieged by the Qing army. Anqing was besieged by the Qing army. Chen Yucheng’s decision-making mistakes delayed his fighter opportunities and eventually led to Anqing being attacked by the Qing army. Subsequently, the Taiping Army retreated to Luzhou.

In 1862, the Qing army launched an attack on this area. Chen Yucheng did not fight head-on, but chose to escape secretly. After that, Chen Yucheng joined forces with the Northwest Taiping Army. What Chen Yucheng did not expect was that the danger was getting closer and closer to him. The warlord Miao Peilin had returned to the Qing army and was planning To catch Chen Yucheng, use him to receive the reward.

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Picture:Stills under siege by the Qing army

The warlordMiao Peilin envisioned Chen Yucheng to lure Chen Yucheng to Shouzhou and then arrest him. In order to lure Chen Yucheng, Miao Peilin promised to help him seize Kaifeng. Faced with this bait, the unsuspecting Chen Yucheng was fooled. As a result, as soon as Chen Yucheng and his party arrived in Shouzhou, they were surrounded.

After that, Miao Peilin pressed the leader of the Taiping Army to receive the reward. It can be said that Chen Yucheng is the number one enemy of the Qing army, and his arrest has come to an end. In 1862, outside the Yushi Guandi Temple in Yanjin West Campus, Henan, Chen Yucheng was chained to a pillar.

Although Chen Yucheng was in a dilemma, Chen Yucheng never gave in, and there was still a handsome air between his brows. This handsome man was born to him.”Extremely beautiful, not more than the middle-aged man” was the evaluation of him at that time.

In addition, a foreign observer also praised Chen Yucheng’s appearance highly, saying that he was the most handsome Chinese man he had ever seen. It is a pity that the handsome face can’t help Chen Yucheng out of suffering. He was still betrayed by the”Ling Chi” punishment.

“Ling Chi” is a cruel method that cuts off the skin and flesh with one knife, causing the prisoner to suffer great pain.

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Picture:Stills of being executed by Ling Chi

Chen Yucheng was tortured for three days before he was brutally killed. However, Chen Yucheng didn’t show a trace of fear until he died, and he didn’t even hum. He was indeed a man worthy of admiration. It was only three years from being named the King of England to being killed. At this time, he was twenty-six years old.

Before dying, Chen Yucheng once shouted aloud:”If I go, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom may not be there soon!” Although it was dying, it was full of arrogance. Without him, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom could not establish a nation. I believe many people do not believe it. But in fact, his expectation has become a reality.

Two years after his death, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom also completely perished. After all, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom has also reached the moment of severance. Perhaps Chen Yucheng’s departure was the last straw that crushed the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.

Although the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement was huge, it also shaken the foundation of the Qing Dynasty. However, the ruling class of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom did not have a correct leadership program, and after Hong Xiuquan set the capital, they were also busy enjoying themselves.

With the bloody battles of the generals from all walks of life, how long can such a Taiping Heavenly Kingdom stand upright?

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