Speaking of which, we have been using smart phones for ten years.

Looking back over the past so many years, the design of smart phones has really not changed at all.

Take the back cover of the mobile phone as an example. In the beginning, we all used plastic, which is light and durable.

Later, in order to pursue texture, many manufacturers have turned to metal back covers.

However, after the popularization of wireless charging, since metal will affect charging, many mobile phones now use glass back covers.

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Recently there are ceramics, leather, etc., so the machine Brother sometimes feels that the changes in the materials of the back cover of mobile phones are also a history of the evolution of smart phones~

So, has anyone thought about what other tricks can be played with the back cover of mobile phones in the future?

Some time ago, Brother Ji saw that a foreign team was researching new materials to see what else mobile phones could use in the future.

One of the more attractive ones is called “Superwood” (Superwood)


Maybe at this time there will be a chance for a friend to jump out and say:Isn’t it the back cover of a wooden phone? Back then, Motorola Moto X and OnePlus 2 have already been used~

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Hey, this wood is not the other wood. Since Brother Ji talked about”super wood” today, there are still many differences compared to traditional wood!

The so-called super wood is actually wood processed by special processing methods to achieve various improvements.

For example, researchers have removed the lignin of natural wood, so the wood can become” Soften down”.

Hey, sometimes too hard is not a good thing, because the”softer” wood is good for compression.

Ji Ge saw that as long as the wood is compressed at 65.5 degrees Celsius, the cellulose structure inside can be compressed.

Now, the left side of the picture below is the original wood interior, and the right side is compressed:

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The”super wood” obtained after processing is only one-fifth of the original volume.

In the memory of Brother Ji, wood is a relatively”strong” thing, but I didn’t expect it to be compressed.

So, what are scientists doing so hard to study”super wood”?

That’s right, the softened wood becomes hard again after being compressed.

Even,”super wood” is stronger than steel or even titanium alloy…

Super wood is 12 times harder than ordinary wood, and its durability is also improved 10 times, materials scientists believe that it can be used in construction and automobiles, and in the future this kind of reinforced wood can even be used in body armor.

It turns out that it can block bullets. Brother Ji thinks that Nokia next-generation mobile phones can be considered. Super wood made~

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(Nokia was really able to block bullets back then)

But, Brother Ji To say but.

Have Nokia considered using super wood for mobile phones? Brother Ji doesn’t know yet, but there is indeed another company that has already taken a fancy to this technology.

It is not a mobile phone company, but most of our mobile phones now use glass made from it.

Yes, Brother Ji is talking about Corning Gorilla Glass.

The glass on the front of the phone is about light transmittance.

As mentioned by Brother Ji above, the”lignin” extracted from the super wood is the reason for the color of the wood. Now that it is removed, the super wood can easily become transparent.

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(transparent wood on the right)

Some scientists say that the light transmittance of this “transparent wood”, It is taller than the glass currently used in mobile phones.

Moreover, it is light, easy to shape, and slip resistant…

It seems that our current pain points have been solved by it.

Maybe in a few years, we will have a chance to see it on mobile phones.

Did you not expect that wood, which was originally ordinary and ubiquitous, could become so magical through modern scientific treatment?

So, even for ordinary materials like wood, don’t underestimate others.

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Now it’s 2021, and new types of wood are used There are so many different scenarios, smart phones are just one of them.

Next, Brother Ji will count a few for everyone, let’s open our eyes together.


Yes, this satellite is the kind of artificial satellite that really flies into the sky.

But in the past, satellites gave us the impression of a pile of cold metal.

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Just last month, Kyoto University and Sumitomo Forestry Corporation announced the launch of ” Space Wood Project”.

The main content of the”Space Wood Project” is to develop a satellite made of wood.

Does it sound a bit weird?

But they are determined to do itthe world’s first wooden artificial satellite, The name is”LignoSat” and it is expected to launch in 2023.

Brother Ji went to study it, and they originally wanted to replace the satellite’s shell from composite materials such as titanium alloy with wood that has undergone special processing.

Now, the concept map of”LignoSat” looks like this:

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Now the problem is coming. It looks a bit”a lot of trouble”. What is the picture?

According to their official statement, compared to traditional satellites, wooden satellites have solved two major pain points.

First of all, wood is not only lightweight, but the most important thing is that it does not shield electromagnetic signals like metal.

As soon as a satellite flies into the sky, the connection with the earth is actually an electromagnetic signal. In order to optimize the signal of traditional satellites, the internal structure is extremely complicated, and some antennas are built outside.

The wooden satellite just solves this pain point. Many components including the antenna can be stuffed into the satellite, so Simplified the structure of the satellite.

Does it sound a bit like the current smart phone design? For mobile phones made of plastic and glass back then, the antennas are completely fine in the mobile phone.

But after it becomes an all-metal back cover, you have to make”ugly” antenna strips outside the phone. Brother Ji remembers the”leucorrhea” design of iPhone 6 back then, and it was sprayed…

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The second benefit of the wooden satellite is environmental protection.

After the artificial satellite is scrapped, it will fall into the atmosphere, and this process will burn because of the high temperature.

When traditional artificial satellites burn, they may produce alumina particles, which will have a certain impact on the earth’s environment.

The wooden satellite is different. The high temperature can burn it completely…and it will not produce waste that has a great impact on the environment. It is relatively more environmentally friendly.

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Technology is changing with each passing day, and I never thought that wood could Used as a satellite, maybe this is the charm of technology.

And Ji Ge discovered that the Japanese Sumitomo Forestry Company, in addition to wanting to be a wooden satellite, has another bolder plan:

Wooden skyscraper

Speaking of building a house with wood, it has been in human history for many, many years.

But now speaking of tall buildings, many people call it”reinforced forest” because most of them use Made of reinforced concrete.

Because the reinforced concrete is strong enough, the building can be built that high.

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If it was before, who told me to use wood to start For a building several hundred meters high, Brother Ji would probably look at him with a”caring for mentally retarded” eyes.

However, things seem to be a little different now.

As new wood materials are developed, humans seem to have the opportunity to re-use wood to build houses~

Sumitomo Forestry Company previously announced:It is planned to build a wood-based skyscraper in Tokyo before 2041. The height of the proposed building is 350 meters, with 70 floors above ground.

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(Conceptual drawing of wooden skyscraper)

It’s hard to imagine Brother Ji, a building of more than 300 meters Building, most of the main structure is wood.

When I first saw it, I was a little worried. What if there is a fire?

But they have revealed in previous news reports that they will use fire-proof certified wood and also have a series of fire-proof mechanisms.

Now 2041 is still 20 years away. Brother Ji is really looking forward to seeing how they built this building.

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After sorting out today, we may really underestimate it before This material is”wood”.

It can go into the sky and the ground. It can be made into a mobile phone back cover or a glass panel. Even after treatment, it can withstand high temperatures and is strong enough.

Sometimes Brother Ji is also emotional, many times we look at traditional things with a hardened perspective.

As everyone knows, we are changing, and they are also changing.

Things that I don’t care about today may really be too high tomorrow.

This feeling is really subtle~