When everything is silent, a powerful new life must be conceived, which will lead the next round of recovery of everything, and great opportunities will inevitably be hidden in the Great Depression. In this era full of variables, various reversals will happen at any time. Although it was the golden age of e-commerce in the past, it is now the physical store that has ushered in its own”second spring”. For physical stores, As long as you seize the 5G outlet, you will seize the future.

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I. Opportunities in physical stores

Nowadays, the cost of e-commerce has become higher and higher, except for nearly 11%of In addition to labor costs, the e-commerce platform itself also deducts nearly 5.5%. In addition, promotion, Express delivery, after-sales taxation, etc., are a lot of expenses, so for e-commerce, if Not more than half of the gross margin is basically a loss.

Looking at the physical store, there is actually an opportunity. Of course, the physical store has also undergone some changes. If you use the previous set of Management method is probably not enough. Now is the era of mobile Internet, so we must combine online and offline The form, whether it is to open a physical store or an online store, is actually not that easy. The first wave of online stores has passed.

Why is it an opportunity for physical stores now? Mainly because of the popularization of mobile Internet. If there is only online, it becomes pure traffic and lacks the means of monetization. However, if there is only physical, it is easy to be unattended. Without customers, everything is useless. , Now the United States is getting weaker and weaker, an important reason is that virtual economy is too much, The real economy is too small, and once the physical store is down, it will affect many aspects such as employment.

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Now the bubble of virtual economy As the epidemic continues to grow bigger and bigger, securing employment is a very important thing, so the importance of physical stores is constantly being highlighted.

Second, to make a physical store, we must seize the Internet

In the past, it was very simple to open a physical store. As long as you buy a store, obtain a business license, purchase goods, and then you can basically open it, but now if you also open a physical store like this, losing money can be said to be an inevitable thing. Currently, it is the mobile Internet. In the era of the Internet, many policies regarding network governance have been published recently, network securityclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="1551924" qid="6527570321740928263">network securityclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="1551924" qid="6527570321740928263">network securityclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="1551924" qid="6527570321740928263"> Span>The promotion is a very high level, why do you want to do this? Because the country realizes that the role of the Internet is becoming more and more important.

For such an important thing, I believe no one will ignore it. Therefore, if you want to make a physical store, you must seize the advantage of the Internet and try to Use the Internet to expand your influence.

Three, online drainage, offline monetization

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I believe you must have seen many Internet celebrities who have earned millions in years, and have also tried self-media. , But why can’t you make money? It’s very simple. Nowadays, many self-media companies rely on advertising fees to make money, so in fact, their liquidity is very poor, basically there is only this way.

But if the online and offline methods are combined with each other, then the monetization ability can be increased in a straight line. The principle is simple:you get what you pay for, if there is no physical product. , is not easy to realize, and if the physical store is offline, then the realization is very easy.

Generally speaking, the 020 business model is divided into two parts. Online is mainly for precise drainage, while offline is mainly for monetization. I have a friend She is a mother and baby shop. She has adopted this method and established her own account online. Although there are only more than 80,000 fans, these 80,000 fans are all”live fans”, and they are basically mother and baby shops. The owner of, these are the precise users of my friend.

So how does she cash out? She provided purchase channels for these maternal and child shop owners, because she had also been operating a maternal and child shop for more than ten years, and her network was relatively wide. Because of her many fans, some big players in this industry also found her to cooperate. In this way, This friend became a drainage outlet. Those mothers and infants shopkeepers used her to purchase goods at designated places. These purchase points are cheaper, so the mothers and infants shopkeepers are naturally willing to go there to buy goods, and this friend takes Divided.

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in In the past year, this friend has achieved a net worth of more than 7 million yuan. The one thing she said the most is that in the past, the live broadcast rack accompanied her. This is what she does for an online account. Cost, but the results are also very large, you can use it as a reference.

Now the opportunity to make money in a physical store business is much greater than before, but it’s not that you can make money without doing anything. It still requires your own efforts and reasonable Marketing methods, understanding modern new business models, and taking advantage of the trend are what smart people should do. If they still only seize a physical store to operate there, they will only become the first to be eliminated by the tide of the times.

So it’s the same sentence” The idea decides the way out”. When you can’t find a way, you can take a look at what others think in the column. The experience of others is your ladder of success.