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Following Gree Electric (000651.SZ) ChairmanDong Mingzhu announced that Gree will connect to the Hongmeng system in the future, Midea Group (000333. SZ) was not to be outdone. On June 10, it responded on the interactive platform that Midea and Hongmeng had already cooperated by the end of 2020.

On June 10, on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Trading Platform, in response to investors’ questions about “Whether Midea considers accessing the Hongmeng system”, Midea Group responded that Midea and Hongmeng have already cooperated . As of the end of December 2020, Midea has provided users with more value-added services and cross-scenario experiences through ecological cooperation. Midea home appliances equipped with the Hongmeng system have been launched in 7 categories and 12 products.

Since Huawei released the HarmonyOS 2 (Hongmeng) operating system on June 2, many industries have announced to join the queue for cooperation. Among them, the home appliance industry moved the fastest.

It can be seen in the public information of Huawei, including Midea, Joysun shares

span> (002242.SZ), Supor (002032.SZ), Boss Electric (002508.SZ) , Shuaikang, Fangtai, Skyworth Digital (000810.SZ) and other home appliance companies have reached a strategic partnership with Hongmeng. Midea air conditioners, refrigerators, water purifiers, electric water heaters equipped with Hongmeng system, Jiuyang Soymilk Maker, Fangtai Products such as electric steamers have been launched.

In fact, Midea Group is the first to release a home appliance brand equipped with Huawei Hongmeng .

Interface news reporters learned from Midea Group that “the newly launched products equipped with the Hongmeng system are a long-term cooperation with Huawei Hongmeng. In addition to the current 7 categories and 12 products, the follow-up will More categories are equipped with the Hongmeng system, including kitchen scenes, living room scenes, bedroom scenes, etc.”

Compared with Midea Group, Joyoung shares are currently cautious in cooperating with Huawei Hongmeng.

Joyyoung Electric told the interface news reporter, “Joyyoung and Huawei Hongmeng System’s cooperation conforms to the industry trend, but at present Joyoung only has The wall breaker and the soymilk machine are just an attempt.”

In fact, home appliance companies have joined the Hongmeng system. The logic is not difficult to understand.

Currently, the home appliance industry is ushering in great changes in the industry. Home appliances become the new industry’s intelligence Development trend. Hongmeng operating system is regarded as the new selling point of writer’s electronic products.

However, Liang Zhenpeng, an analyst in the home appliance industry, told the interface news reporter, “Hongmeng operating system is more meaningful in the field of smart phones, and it has not brought much change to the field of home appliances. It can provide hardware products. The solution is a problem of interconnection between smart home devices.”

By comparing home appliances equipped with Hongmeng system and those without Hongmeng system, interface news reporters found that the two are almost the same in product functions. But there is a big difference in prices. Take Midea air conditioners for example, the energy efficiency, rated cooling capacity, cooling power, energy efficiency ratio of the two air conditioners , The circulating air volume and even the noise of the indoor unit are almost the same. However, the Midea inverter air conditioner equipped with the Hongmeng system is priced at 10,999 yuan, while another model is on sale The air conditioner without Hongmeng system is priced at 7,999 yuan, and the price difference is 3,000 yuan.

getUrls?link=3e76eaef394b782a3b04580db6db44ea - These home appliance giants all announced to be equipped with Huawei Hongmeng, why don't the secondary market buy it?

Interface news reporters learned from Midea Group, “Currently, the Hongmeng system is open, and there is no need to pay. Products equipped with the Hongmeng system do not require any adjustments in models and functions, more just software Adaptation at the level.”

Joyyoung also said,”Compared with the previous product, the basic function of the new product is still the same.”

In other words, in On the basis of almost the same product functions, product prices have risen sharply. Regarding the performance of the consumer end, Midea Group said that the Hongmeng system has just been launched and is still in the testing phase. The coverage is limited to Huawei phones, so it has not been rolled out so quickly.

In fact, the home appliance industry has launched multiple rounds of price increases since the end of last year.

As the price of raw materials in the manufacturing industry has continued to rise since the second half of 2020, home appliance companies have shifted costs for Pressure has increased product prices one after another. According to data, from December 2020, many home appliance companies including Gree have issued price increase notices. After that, Midea Group, Haier Zhijia, TCL Technology and other companies announced that they would increase product prices by 4%-20%.

From the perspective of gross profit margin, the three major home appliance giants Midea Group, Gree Electric, and Haier Zhijia will be in 2020Sales gross profit margin was 25.11%, 26.14%, 29.68%, respectively, down 3.75, 1.44, 0.15 Percentage Points.

With the increase in raw material prices, the home appliance industry stock market also fell.

The deployment of the Huawei system this time may be an opportunity for home appliance companies, but it is not without worries.

Liang Zhenpeng told the interface news reporter, “For home appliance companies, the use of Hongmeng system is a high-risk thing. Huawei’s product line in the field of smart home is constantly improving. Midea and other home appliance companies use it. Huawei’s operating system means that all product features, user data, and other privacy are disclosed to competitors. At the same time, after the price of new products increases, market acceptance remains to be seen. Compared to operating systems, consumers still value more The actual function of the product.”

On the same day, the interface news reporter learned from Haier Intelligent, one of the three giants of home appliances,”The cooperation between Haier Intelligent and Huawei Hongmeng has not been officially announced, but Haier has its own advantages. Home system, products can be interconnected. Haier will access Huawei’s system in the future, but will continue to invest in the construction of Youjia system.”

Since the release of Hongmeng system, Huawei Hongmeng concept stocks have achieved great rise. However, after home appliance companies have expressed their cooperation, the market has shown mediocre performance.

As of June 11, closes, Midea GroupThe stock price was 74 yuan/share, down 1.86%; Gree Electric’s stock price was 54.62 yuan/share, down 0.71%; Haier Zhijia’s stock price 27.84 yuan/share, down 1.45%.